Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Trying to Tread Water

I have spent the last two months securing a new job, within my company, amid layoffs. Even this is not a solid, certain strategy for the future. Those of us in the private sector, who produce all the real wealth in the country, are the first to be exposed to the consequences of hideously poor leadership and knee-jerk attempts at social engineering from Washington. On top of this, we must suffer the complete absence of journalism and truth. Surely we live in times that will stir the wrath of the people.

That being said, here's a wonderful nugget of real 'Hope and Change', from a personality you will see a lot more of, if we can manage to stay off the road to serfdom.


Anonymous said...

Thank God you're back, dude, I was starting worry that I may be emulsified.

kateykakes said...

Good stuff. I swiped it from both you and Peakah and put it on my blog (with credit where it's due).


Peakah said...

You beat me to it... It's almost too heartbreaking to watch/comment on the news... makes me too nauseous to even try anymore.

What's the point. Hence the enthusiasm of Miseur Macho and to love of his passion.

...I remember those days...

Anonymous said...

I think that y'all might try reading Ringo's "The Last Centurion" to cheer you up.

Anonymous said...

Missed your posts! :)

To have employment right now is something worth gratitude. I have been thanking God a lot, lately. I've been through two lay-offs in the past and it is not something I'd like to experience again. Ever.

Dr. Phat Tony said...

Whenever you are ready to leave the communist states of the Eastern seaboard and move to the South, let me know. I know lots of places that are looking for double Es.

Insolublog said...

JumpOut - I am still here.

kateykakes - Keep spreading the love.

Peakah - At this point, I am numb. We have had one month of what will be an atrocious 4 years.

Anon - It looks like BO wants the Centurions to stay in Gaul, so they will not march on Rome.

RT - We will all hang on.

DPT - It would take a lot to drive me out. I am like Zell Miller in this respect. I hate what has become of my home, but it is still my home. But... you never know what fate will deal you.

Peakah said...

Hope the new job is working out well! Check this out for a smile.