Saturday, September 22, 2007

Spare the rod, and see what happens

Back in my father's day, when you wanted to be recognized by your fellow citizens, you served your country. You risked your life to save others and protect the nation. As a reward you might receive the benefit and recognition of a medal of honor.

We still have old fashioned heroes like this. They serve in our military.

Unfortunately, we have an ever increasing number of people in our nation, who find the way to recognition is an empty expression of civil vandalism. As long as they get the attention of as many as possible, that is the goal; even if that attention is one of disgust.

2 vandals attack, damage a bust of Jesus in Copley Square library

A 160-year-old marble bust of Jesus was attacked at the main branch of the Boston Public Library earlier this month, knocked from its perch on the grand staircase and sent crashing to the floor.

This behavior is passively celebrated by the magic mushroom addled rejects that infest our schools and universities. It is actively celebrated by our sensationalist media, all too willing to provide that attention, on the same stage they provide a microphone to terror masters.

MIT Computer Whiz Arrested With Fake Bomb At Logan Airport

A woman arrested Friday for carrying a fake bomb into Boston's Logan airport is an MIT computer whiz who loves "crazy ideas" and "saving the planet from evil villains," according to her blog on a Web site hosted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

This little 'whiz' is using the same excuse as the jackass-wannabees who planted devices under bridges in Boston, not so long ago.

It appears that we now live in the age of the snotty, undisciplined, attention seeking brat. I can only guess that mommy and daddy stopped paying for the Ritalin prescription.

Friday, September 07, 2007

All Washed Up

Today's news:

Las Vegas Sun:
Peter Eliasberg, an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union, said his organization sued to remove the cross because it was clearly a religious item being supported by the federal government.

"I hope this stops the litigation and the waste of taxpayers' money," Eliasberg said. "Then they can build a real war memorial that honors all veterans."

A government attorney did not return telephone calls.
Not so long ago:

DEARBORN, Mich.(Washington Times) Plans to construct two foot-washing stations continue at the University of Michigan at Dearborn amid concerns that such action would constitute an establishment of religion by the public university.

The 8,700-student school near Detroit, which begins fall classes Tuesday, came under criticism in June when it announced that it would spend about $25,000 on the two foot-washing areas that were requested as an accommodation by a Muslim Student Association's task force. The foot baths come while the state is in a budget crisis and tuition and fees have risen at all of the state's public universities, up 7.9 percent at the Dearborn campus alone.

What does ACLU director Kary Moss say about the Muslim footbaths?

"Our policy is to object whenever public funds are spent on any brick and mortar component of religion," said Kary Moss, director of the Michigan Civil Liberties Union. "What makes this different, though, is that the footbaths themselves can be used by anyone, don't have any symbolic value and are not stylized in a religious way. They're in a regular restroom, and could be just as useful to a janitor filling up buckets, or someone coming off the basketball court, as to Muslim students."

Well there you have it.

By this logic I could say that a cross can be viewed by anyone as a piece of religious art, specifically one put up by veterans on land was then 'federalized'. Don't think of it's religious implications, just its war memorial implications.

Of course, when it comes to a religion that sponsors those who will cut your throat or bomb your children, the ACLU and the liberal judges that support them, suddenly see their spines wither to gelatin. Under those conditions, they rationalize a 180 degree reversal of their strict interpretation of religious separation.

That's what the ACLU is: All washed up.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

An Entertaining bit of Snark Mac Johnson over at Human Events.

I apologize once again for the dry blog. I am just not feeling well at all these days.