Thursday, November 06, 2008

Duct Tape won't fix this one

Over at the Spectator:

Saul Alinsky Takes the White House

By Quin Hillyer on 11.6.08 @ 6:09AM

First, I want to thank the media and the Chicago Marxist thug-ocracy, for being the willing Church of the New Hope, in the ascendancy of Obama. You guys really pulled it off, for your warrior king. By warrior, I mean someone that can assign himself warrior status in a video game, but cower in fear over a real political decision. You guys are his true north star. You carefully guided him, through his entire journey. Through thick, through thin, you managed to buy the White House with millions of rapidly devaluing, and untraceable dollars. Thank you for creating a fabulous Charles Dickens fictional campaign for the 'poor', replete with anecdotal flourishes. You guys really did it, by doing what you do best. You pressed your puckered lips, square on his politically correct ass. I hope true American patriots, soon give you every reward you have coming to you.

I want to nominate the Saul Alinsky award for using any means necessary, to ACORN, for its hard fought victory over voter enfranchisement.

I want to thank all of the American Idol, new age, hope and change couch potatoes (yes the Dan Quail spelling). You guys swept the crumbs out of your laps, took a big swig of Kool-aide, and shuffled your ignorant ass to the polls.

I want to thank the college punks, who listened to endless lectures from aging hippies, about speaking truth to power and civil disobedience. You reacted with rife hypocrisy. You swallowed lie after lie. You obeyed every snake charming command. You marched to the polls, with your orders in hand and the thoughts of demagogues in your heads. You were the spokes in Obama's wheel of power. Pathetic. Thank you for not taking 10 milliseconds to challenge your perverse universe of thinking. Thanks for discarding real history and real suffering, at the command of your liberal proctors. It was too difficult. Now you signed up for the next four-year semester of the school of hard knocks. I hope it's instructive.

I want to thank the Republican National Committee, for deciding that concensus, liberal capitulation and for treating a wrestling cage match election, like a game of checkers. You guys stood by, nodding and whimpering, while the media Church of the new Hope was pulling the rug from beneath your jellied caviar asses. Guess what? You cannot crush jackasses, with a blind and deaf elephant. Duh.

I want to thank John McCain. Thanks John, for being duped into thinking you were a media darling. I want to thank you for being a creature of the despised senate, and wresting the award for being the worst Republican candidate for president, from the former record holder, Bob Dole. You were a good boy John, take a pat on the head and a soup bone. Go back to being the small-D democrat and small-L liberal we always knew you were.

I want to thank president Bush. You refused every opportunity to come on TV, and defend you're party and policies, from an escalating deranged narrative. You burned away the last two years of your presidency, playing the Clinton game of legacy preservation. You violated your constitutional duty, to preserve our borders. You crow-barred a 700B bailout, through congress, without placing the blame where it belongs. You, ex-president Bush, our commander in chief, the guy who landed on the aircraft carrier and delivered turkey to the troops, are just another hopeless and wreckless D.C. failure. True leaders prepare the people. True leaders inform the people. True leaders trust the people. We have no true leaders. Mr President, you may have been respected, before you traded that respect for the love of the camera and the calculus of the cameraman.

I want to thank all the undecided moderate civic simpletons who opted to take their ignorant lunch pail to the voting booth. Instead of admitting that you do not have a single clue about the government, you voted for dope and spare change. If you were undecided, moving into the final moments of this election, you are probably a fool. The process is simple.

  • Itemize the top ten issues of our time.
  • Assign each candidate, positive and negative scores on those issues. Discard all decisions rationalized by feelings as dangerous and irresponsible. Keep all facts.
  • Compare them.
  • Contrast them.
  • Praise them.
  • Criticize them.
  • Subtract: Obama - NoBama = X.
  • If X is negative, you obviously cannot follow the latter instructions, your are a fool, and you voted for Obama.
  • If X is positive, you were trying to wade through a sea of disgust and save our democratinc constitutional republic for a few more months or years.
  • If X is zero, you are a hopelessly undecided fool, who should be sterilized, to preserve humanity.
If this simple exercise is beyond your grasp, you are a fool. If it took you, until election night, to accomplish this, you are a fool. The Obama presidency was not a prime time episode of 'scare tactics'. It was real. Ok? Your whimsical, university pillow party, just super-glued a Marxist's finger to the biggest nuclear trigger on this small and lonely blue planet.

Enjoy it, losers.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This is not News to you, me or anyone else

H.T. American Thinker

Fascists are known as those who try to suppress dissenting views, in favor of an authoritative and autocratic government. By this definition, the liberals in the 'News' media are fascists. They are electronically and surgically burning the books and views of conservatives with the blowtorches of political correctness and intellectual fraud. Those torches are blazing on the campuses of our public schools and universities, to cremate voices of dissent. More fuel is about to be delivered, via the 'Fairness' Doctrine. Without the dissent, these malevolent apparatchiks are emboldened.

Liberal media sources are now engaging in outright, bold lies, refusing to provide sources, running away and slamming the door in the face of accountability. All of the key issues of our time indict these nihilist, morally relative, politically correct Marxists. Their cult obsession, is spearheaded with their own fabricated, artificially nurtured and promoted presidential automaton. This character has been carefully assembled from a thuggish, malevolent pop-culture idiopathy.

Barack Obama is a whirring Rube Goldberg construct of ringing and tinkling sound bites, and strobe flashes of superficial humanist pablum. His hypnotic engine of cliche' charisma has given these sheep a false sense of security, warm feelings and tingling appendages. They really believe this fool is a vehicle for our cultural salvation. They will sacrifice any established dictum of journalistic integrity, scientific objectivity and common sense, to propel their ends toward their goal of justifying their means; even if they cut their own throats.

The entire menu of the most crucial issues of our time, spell out the whole problem.

The Economic Crisis

In spite of mounting evidence, de-laminating the narrative of the evil capitalists, running rampant with greed, murdering our economy, the 'News' media has refused to discredit their garden of liberal politicians, with their social projects. These coveted flora, formed a comfortable green wall, between the forces of accountability and the forces of their own enrichment. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were the creeping vines.

These beautiful people are members the politically protected class. They have Teflon victim skin coloration and Teflon victim sexual preference. It does not matter that average citizens do not judge them on those attributes. The 'News' media has been a ubiquitous, disgusting and partial judge of the average citizen for quite some time. The 'News' media has framed average citizens as intolerant of those things, by their own enlightened decree. Joe plumber's question was the problem, not the answer to that question; therefore, Joe must have his roots torn out and his life thrown into the chipper.

As far as the 'News' media is concerned, the average citizen is banned from the garden of Eden, until a few months before election. It does not matter, that the weeds of government have perverted the time honored principles of risk versus reward and supply versus demand. It does not matter that the thorns of those weeds have recklessly ripped open and bled away the life savings of hard working citizens. It does not matter that those delicate, untouchable wildflowers are being absolved of all responsibility, right before the eyes of cash strapped average American citizens. Hey their pretty, right? They look good and smell good and sound good.

The 'News' media is actively tending that garden full of 'beautiful' Marxist celebrities.

The Energy Crisis

In spite of mounting evidence, rejecting the narrative of evil oil refiners and delivery agents, as primary predators and antagonists, the 'News' media shields the blame. The 'News' media shield state owned oil juggernauts in Russia, the Mideast and Venezuela. They shield the liberal moratorium on domestic drilling, which enslaves us to those entities and ships our wealth into their hands.

We need to get to work every day. We need to drive to the store and buy food, almost every day. We need to carry that furniture to our brother or sister's house, in our car or truck. We need to perform these tasks in rain, snow and ice. We need our packages delivered to our homes. We need our food and products delivered to stores and warehouses. We need to have those stores and warehouses heated. We need those stores and warehouses lighted and connected to the computer and telecommunications networks.

We need electricity. We need heat. We need computers and telecommunications. We need energy. The refiners and pumpers get that stuff to our doors.

What we do not need is a cadre of pampered punk intellectuals incessantly harassing the entities that provide energy. The cost of this energy is a mere fraction of the cost of the mountain of private wealth, being shoveled into the throat of the federal government's blast furnace.

What we do not need, is a cadre of pampered punk intellectuals, spending both chemical and emotional energy, building home made bombs, decapitating their fellow punks, killing police officers, bombing judges houses and blowing up taxpayer property. We do not need pampered elitist, milk-fed punks, topping it all off with a conspiracy to capture the U.S. presidency. These punks should have had their aspirations cut short by the hangman's noose, way before it ever became a reality. Justice for Ayers cannot come to soon for me.

Illegal Immigration

In spite of mounting evidence, rejecting the narrative of undocumented workers, wanting merely to be a part of the American dream, the 'News' media has refused to discredit the enablers of this invasion. Illegal invaders continue to invade, while legal applicants continue to be stifled with crippling bureaucracy and rude institutional arrogance. Illegal invaders continue to drive unlicensed, down our streets, drunk, running over citizens and their children. Illegal invaders continue to foul our emergency rooms and our social services. Our Constitution, our rule of law and our sovereign dignity is being spat upon by congressional apathy, executive complicity and judicial myopia.

We are immersed in a living tale of civilization in crisis, without a responsible party to tell it to the citizens.

Global Warming

In spite of mounting evidence, disassembling the narrative of human invoked climate change, the 'News' media has refused the true principles of science and objectivity. They have refused to give credence to the thousands of degree laden scientists and professionals who reject the narrative. They refuse to observe the mounting correlation to sunspot activity. They refuse to admit that saving our lives, our jobs, our economies and our species is more important than their ephemeral and whimsical musings of hysterical fantasy.

They refuse to publicly admit that we have had nearly a decade of statistical cooling. They actively re-shape the narrative to fit their political agenda. Global warming is only an issue, because it was made into an issue, during interval of low stress news, when its purveyors were able to get the attention of the 'News' media for ratings and profit. Now they have bought and paid for it, by God they will push it down our throats, if it requires a plunger.

Voter Fraud

In spite of a mountain of evidence, destroying the narrative of Bush stealing the 2000 election, by multiple recounts and microscopic visitation of the facts, the 'News' media refuses to report the crimes of ACORN in this election.

This 'News' media spent weeks, more weeks, then months of intensive digestion of hanging chads, swinging chads, dangling chads and Palm Beach centerfolds, during the 2000 election. This 'News' media is now engaged in a feverish pre-election filtration of ACORN, as they engineer a massive subversion of democracy. Their stewardship has already poisoned the well of our political process. If their pet affirmative action candidate is elected, I will never accept it as legitimate. It will be proven, but unreported, as illegitimate.

Once again, our Constitution is being spat upon and marginalized. The 'News' media has no integrity or honor. They have replayed the injustice of the O.J. Simpson trial, at a presidential scale of irresponsibility and sensational ratings. They wasted millions of dollars of our airwaves on that distraction and all we got was injustice. Now they are costing us billions, maybe trillions of dollars in tragedy on a new injustice of epic proportions.

The War

When the 'News' media is looking at our successes in the field, they portray our soldiers as terrorists and everybody else as a civilian victims. When the 'News' media is looking at Guantanamo, they portray our soldiers as terrorists and captured terrorists as victims. When the 'News' media is looking at our failures in the field, ahhh..., now our soldiers get to be the victims, except... wait a minute... they are not victims of terrorists, but of our own foolish national policy that put them there. The 'News' media should be treated as armed enemies in the field. Their propaganda bombs are as devastating to our troops as the real thing, since they encourage the real thing.

The Presidential Race

In spite of mounting evidence, nullifying the narrative, that McCain is congruent with Bush and Palin is congruent with inexperience, the 'News' media has refused to discredit their pet liberal candidate. He has no experience. He can lie with impunity. The 'News' media' has burned Sarah Palin, in effigy. The 'News' media has brutally dissected the past of simple citizen Joe the plumber. The 'News' media has brutally dissected the past of Cindy McCain. The 'News' media has refused to scrutinize Barack Obama's associations with terrorists, bigots, Chicago thugs and graft merchants, while brutally dissecting the past of John McCain. Past associations and judgments must be churned up for Republicans and troweled over for Democrats. There are no associations worse, than the writhing maggots, partying in the porta-potty, under Barack Obama's campaign bus.

This 'News' media must be destroyed

We must seize our right to have objectivity, rational thought and dissemination of real, verifiable facts. It is a survival demand that truth be taught in the institutions that accept our taxes for sustenance, like our schools and universities. We need to survive as a free people. We need to be free to discuss our views and politics without fear of retribution. Most of all, we need our right to freely access young minds, without institutional brain washing. We must demand the freedom to enlighten the unenlightened, with the entire body of Western civilization and thought, not just the sputum of Marx, Chomsky and Ayers.

If this means the forcible cutting of a time honored cultural connection to the university system, so be it. These institutions are responsible for this mocking parody of journalism. They have been actively subverting our culture, our nation and our sovereignty, for years. They started to do it in the sixties and they have institutionalized radicalism and casually dismissed radicalism, ever since. Even John McCain has bought into this crap with his recent waving off of Bill Ayers as 'an old washed up terrorist'. That attitude is dangerously dismissive.

The 'News' media is a product of this overindulged system that has lectured us over and over about how their voices have no ears, because our culture has no value or credibility. Now we know their voices have no ears, because their voices carry a worthless message, with no value or credibility. We need to seriously consider discarding the relevance of that university sheepskin. It would cut their financial umbilical. We need to get back to hiring and promoting people on their ability to produce ideas and products. We need to starve the intellectual cancer that produces a Barack Obama, by choking off those financial blood vessels.

Americans are smart, capable, creative and free. With conservative parental guidance, in their early formative years, and the technological information tools at their disposal, they do not need the political garbage and cult indoctrination. If the kid is gifted, don't submit them to this pipe, to be poisoned. Take them out of the sewer pipe and put them on the path or merit and achievement.

Being better than the next kid, is not a crime. It is a mandate. I thought liberals were pro-choice. I guess pro-choice, in the liberal sense, only applies to abortion, while every other liberal choice in our lives is supposed to be carefully guided by government regulations.

So, if you have a small business, struggling to pay that new tax burden, don't hire that fresh mouthed college punk, who pumped an entire mortgage into a black hole, only to get that lousy Obama T-shirt and a head full of bad wiring. Hire someone who believes in getting everything they work hard for, by delivering hard work. Let them prove it with results and learning on the job. Learning on the job and in the trenches, created many of those in the greatest generation. That is the America that became a superpower.

Am I trying to create a 'super race'? Damn right. But here is the difference: I do not care what skin color the super race is. I do not care what religion the super race is. I am not the one who wants to euthanize the elderly and I am not the one who wants to abort the unborn. In fact, the only thing I demand, is that anybody that shows achievement, not be denied the resources to fully develop that ability for my benefit and the benefit of everybody else. They should not have their their achievements stolen, insulted or accused of being disrespectful to deadbeat non-producers. The fruits of those achievements should not be confiscated by enlightened bureaucrats, for the good of their own state.

'News' media delenda est!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's All about the Fans

Here's Obama Fan Boy, He's a fine, young educated youth, rootin' for his team.

Here's another fine, young educated youth, rootin' for his team.

Hey; There's no surprise here. When you are a young person, detached from the truth of facts and rational thought, this is the result. So, enjoy your thuggish cult messiah figure, thirsty for the power of world domination. It is historic classical theatre, going back to the amphitheatres of antiquity.

Hey, Obama Boy. You need to work on those bulging eyeballs to really make your point. Study your brother here on this page. I suppose we will have to wait to see how well you have practiced, after the first week in November.

Friday, October 24, 2008

I always liked Charles Krauthammer

And this is why(link).

If you haven't become an Obama Republican yet, you may need to be exposed to a few Obama Podcasts.

BTW, I am officially declaring my reversal of a previous pledge to never vote for McCain. If the candidate on the DNC side of this equation were anyone but this hideous, politically correct cult figure, I might have stood fast.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Watch Me Pull A Voter Out of my Hat

Since my depressing blogging has sucked lately, I am bringing in a guest. Enjoy my friend, while I have a drink for health reasons, after giving up drinking for health reasons.

Today's guest blogger is Rocky the Flying ACORN Squirrel. He is also an accredited AP journalist and winner of the Nobel prize in the study of the fruit of the Fagaceae Quercus Alba. Normally this would be considered a conservative blog. I felt it was my civic duty to provide a fair voice to one of our more liberal friends.

We all know how difficult it is for liberal voices to be heard, above the deafening Sarah Palin churned hate chorus of our venerable but mis-guided VWRC.

[ disclaimer: All the names and head counts, in this post, were purely fictional, as they would be from an ACORN canvasser. So, it's just as good, right? ]

Take it away Rocky...

Rocky: Thanks, Insolublog. You know, when the purges come, As a member of the Ministry of Truth I will do my best to make sure you get a full half pint of our beloved stale acorns, each week, praise the Obamassia. (h.t. Write Wing Politics)

O.K. My first guest, you know from the fine work he has done for years in Chicago, as a community organizer and activist. His name is Pyong Kang. Tell us about yourself Pyong.

Kang: Thanks, Rocky. You know, I have been a victim of racism all of my life.

I'm angry.

I shuffled around for years, as a member of the Lyndon B. Johnson cling-on empire, with a CIA crack whore girlfriend, a measly couple of welfare checks and a CIA crack habit, fueled by any leftover CIA crack, which wasn't being used for the bitch or the clients.

Then brother Bill Ayers came along and taught me that I could shake a few acorns from the oppressive Bush-Cheney CEO payout tree, by putting one of my own brothers into the driver's seat. Bill was like a father to me, even though he's nuthin' but a rich white punk, who wants to be ethic like me.

But this works good for me, O.K. ? Look. I'm not the oppressed fool he thinks I am. Please don't get me wrong. I'm just a businessman. I know this $hit is the only thing that can make Bill feel like a real man, with a real non-white penis. Hell, even his wife needs to feel like she has a non-white penis. So, when you got the fish on a hook, what the hell? Reel the bastard in.

Suck him dry. Bill wants to feel my pain. (Heh) I offered him some crack, (which I got from Hugo Chavez and not the CIA, so it's the good stuff), but he said he had some better dope. O.K. I'm curious. He said I could join with Jeremia Wright's church and speedily feed my need for greed.

I loved it. This was real religion. Sell DVD hate volumes, in the capitalist market, collecting the profits, while denouncing capitalism. Man... That's effing hypocrite poetry at its best, bro'. Yeah. Bill's right. Oh...

--- Kang writhes in a cling-on orgasm of hypocritical victory.
Pause for biological gratification. Fill it with Jeopardy break music ----

Ahem... Look. Brother Bill , brother Jeremiah and brother Phleger convinced me that religion was a pure blend of black liberation theology and white guilt liberalism, So I looked. So I listened. I liked this $hit. Hey, Bill's a good guy. I swear I will hold off puttin' a couple mercy pops in his hat, until Barack's got my back.

Heh. Just Kiddin'. Robespierre was just as big an idiot as these dopes. I decided now's the time to grab the ring and the bling. I joined ACORN and have never looked back. I have several success stories.

Now I will be personally voting for Barack Obama 129 times in the Chicago Illinios area. If they don't like it, I'll be filing lawsuits faster than an accountant files taxes.

Rocky: Uhhh. Ohh. Kayy... Moving along... I was hoping you would share those successes with us, Pyong.

BTW, I would personally like to thank the Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, for her valient efforts in brilliantly short-circuiting the justice system, to secure a victory for the B.O. Messiah. We know you are a true believer Jennifer! So, Pyong Kang, who's our first winner in the Get-Out-the-Fraud freedom march?

Kang: Thanks, Rocky (and Jennifer). Sorry about swellin' up. I usually don't rage out on my future plans.

Well, you know, we discovered, no thanks to the public schools, that Detroit Michigan borders a big pool of water called lake Erie. There we found one of several thousand sweet applicants. His/Their name is Captain Morgan. Cptn. Morgan is a common sight on pleasure boats out on the water. Once he goes dry however, he often manages to tip over the rim and sink to the bottom of the lake. However, we managed to convince him to vote for Barack Obama in the upcoming elections, at least 64 times.

If you need to verify his identity, just row out a mile or so and sqeeze into a wetsuit. Remember, the vote gets cast, before the label soaks off. BTW, Jack Daniels will be casting 47 votes and Hiram 'Johnnie' Walker will be votin' 23 times.

Rocky: Praise the Messiah and his constituency, Pyong.

I know you have plenty of testimony, for our readers. I know that everything you do, is purely from the heart.

It's for the children, isn't it Pyong?

Who is the next disenfranchised soul, enlightened by your hard work?

Kang: Heh. Heh. Thanks Rocky. The children are (wink) right there, in the nest. You know, Rocky... this next case extinguished a burning cigarette blunt, right on the surface of my heart, just before the emergency room surgeons covered the knife wound.

Yatsuhiro Komodo was abandoned by his mother, at the moment he was born, due to Republican budget cuts, no doubt.

Those Limbaugh boot lickin' a-holes told everybody that his mother and father were nothin' but cold blooded lizards, droppin' eggs in the sand. Can you believe that?

As a result, Yat became aggressive, unruly and he developed a serious colony of flesh-eating oral bacteria. Hell. Even the bugs roamin' around Yat's mouth hate the white man.

Yat's defiant. He's not afraid to bite any hand, comin' over to toss the white man's scraps in his face. He's a fighter. I love him (Kang's eyes tear up, the MSNBC cameras move in to catch it). Just look at that proud rebel face.

Yat has sworn to shuffle into the polls and scare away as many white oppressors that he can.
Yatushiro will be casting at least 186 votes for Barack Obama in both Hartford and Bridgeport.
Just try to stop my mo-fo bro when he's swingin' through the polling booth.

Rocky: That is... (choke) unconscienceable, Pyong.

I pledge to proudly sing Yat's praises from both the green room at MSNBC and any healthy, well foliaged tree at least a minimum of 250 yards, within my gated Hollywood community. Thanks Pyong.

Folks... Give it up to Pyong Kang for his efforts for ACORN Chicago. (applause in the MSNBC studio)

We have other soldiers in our battle for the 2008 Obama coronation...

Rocky: In our deep search for the truth we found the lonely Dusty Stone.

Dusty used to be a McCain supporter, since he felt a strange kinship with the only candidate who was older than dirt and had an SS number of eight. Just the status of being older than dirt, can suck the spirit out of your body, as it has in McCain's first two debates. It can suck the spirit out faster than a quickly expiring tax cut, during a financial crisis.

Through the power of Hope, Change, MSM influence and pure fantasy, we managed to convince Dusty that Barack Obama could raise the dead with his touch. Barack would resurrect any voters willing to live long enough to cast a vote in Harrisburg.

Thanks Dusty. We love you and your 221 votes for Barack. If you need a Hearse to the polls, we're ready. Trust us to put you back in the dirt, with dignity.

Rocky: Our next previously disenfranchised Obama supporter is Maliki Gumbala. Maliki comes from Nigeria.

Maliki is an amiable fellow, with years of experience in legitimate, unassailable internet e-mail commerce.

Maliki has spent years, convincing thousands of current Barack Obama voters to invest in Nigerian businesses. It has taken thousands of e-mails to achieve this, in spite of vicious Republican anti-spam attacks.

Maliki is also the creator of a language called 'Gumbonics' which is used in his e-mail franchise to convince investors to part with their life savings. Maliki will be casting 534 absentee ballots for Barack Obama. His dog will be casting 431 ballots for the state of Kenya.

Thanks Maliki. You Rock! How can you say no to that face? Only if you are an evil tool of National Review Magazine, that's how! Vote Obama!

Rocky: The esteemed Reverend Siddhartha Patel has been gathering the donations of his liberal flock of voters for years. He does this with mesmersizing prayer services.

He has never had a donor complaint. Take my word for it, as a professional AP correspondent. This has nothing to do with the fact that the Reverend decapitates each successful donor, with his saliva dripping mandibles, after he secures their financial support.

Siddhartha will be casting his 59 votes in Louisiana.

Rocky: This should put this whole controversy to rest. William F. Buckley was an unapologetic, staunch conservative for his entire career. Rush Limbaugh calls him a mentor.

ACORN caught Bill in the rare condition of rolling in his grave over the current election. They decided the best thing to do, under those circumstances, was to use his lifeless identity for the collective good.

Now Bill will be casting 1457 votes in Indianapolis, Cleveland and Kansas City., for Barack Obama.

... thanks to the beautiful people of ACORN.

Rocky: We really want America to mean something.

This is Delores Freebird.

She didn't want to vote for Barack Obama.

How unfortunate and sad that the road to the future and peace, hope and love must be littered with ugly dissent and disagreement. Help Barack sweep away the hate, after we have extinguished it.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Self Inspection

We are at a two year pre-election anniversary.

I posted the following screed, two years ago, prior to the disastrous Democrat victory in that election. I am thinking that the optimism of these words was misplaced. Although my recalling of events was correct, I believe my casual dismissal of the seriousness of our cultural problem was an error. Since I am a fan of more cultured beverages than Kool-aide. I have included all of the comments of my fellow bloggers and friends.

My biggest mistake was thinking that the MSM was a force to be ignored and marginalized, since they were bleeding jobs and credibility.

My second biggest mistake was thinking young, computer savvy people were smart enough, as a collective whole, to not be fooled by charismatic cult propaganda.

My third biggest mistake was thinking president Bush would maintain his doctrinal goal of doing what is right, instead of caving in to the eight years of caustic bile heaped on his turtle shell. Instead he decided to turn his legacy into turtle soup, by pandering and big government corruption.

Oh, well. I admit that we all learn from mistakes.


Journey To The Center of the Mirth

I have a confession to make.

All of the scandalous and outrageous behavior in the news does not bother me. In fact, I love it. This is exactly what I hope and expect to get from election season. Nothing floats the dross of the steel politick, to the surface, like a scandalous forge, roasting the impurities from all those camera exposed jackasses.

Stop worrying about the Team

I know many are wringing their hands over the possibility that the Republic might suffer at the hands of the liberals. Let’s face it; The Republic has been suffering at the hands of liberals for years. No, scratch that. Humanity has been suffering at the hands of liberals for millennia.

Stop worrying.
Enjoy the show.

The media wants you to worry. They want you to crank up the steam. They want you to froth it all up into a glorious rabid deluxe cappuccino of hysteria.

The enemy gets hysterical.
The media gets hysterical.
You get hysterical.

Then Nancy RobesPelosi rolls out the Guillotine and hands out deli tickets. Now serving number one; Mr. Hastert, please lie on this board. Everybody gets excited and jumps into the cleansing mob frenzy of political purges. It would be nice to see Denny counter that move with another fine French weapon, the Garrote.

Idiots Purge Themselves

Look at this Foley character. Here we have a sick, boy-buggering pervert. His taste for mixing perverted homosexual flirting with electronic correspondence means one or both of two things. Perhaps he is a monumental ignoramus, of Albright proportions. Perhaps he is desperately crying for help. You and I both know, in front of the fish-eye magistrate, he will pick the latter. The leadership should be careful to distance themselves, from this budding professional victim. I’m sure he will soon be hugging and kissing Patches Kennedy in group substance abuse therapy.

Don't Throw the Tree out with the Apple

Remember the Catholic church? The church leadership decided that protecting boy-buggering perverts was a good way of protecting the institution from scandal exposure. See what happens when leadership puts the bureaucracy above those solid core principles? They start to stink, then they sink, along with the sinking stink of the real underlying scandal.

In deference to my rotten Clinton fruit analogy of recent times, it is possible to pick dead fruit from any tree. When the tree becomes too encumbered by a fruit rotting disease, it withers and dies. Leadership can make a choice. Leadership can prune the tree, take the pain, recover and bear healthy fruit in the future. They can also decide to sit on the disease, hoping it won't take over the tree. Then the disease becomes systemic and fatal.

Democrats let this disease destroy their tree. They put the pruning shears away for the Clintons, the Franks the Studds the Kennedys and so on. They dulled their saw in the face of national security, the ACLU, the tort lawyers and so on. They are willing to watch the whole tree scalped to the ground by Islamic extremists. This tree looks pretty sick to me.

There is vital life in the Republican tree. There is a solid, meaty conservative core. It's full of life and it is willing to save the tree. They will not abandon the tree because there is a shrill, screetching, power starved bird, hopping up and down, on a dead branch of the other tree. The bird is bitching about how the Republican tree should have its foliage stripped off, just to be fair.

Go get the '22.
Shoot the bird.
Feed it to your favorite Republican dog.

Now That’s Entertainment

This media circus reminds me of watching the WWF as a kid. Those guys knew how to move emotion, just like the democrats. They will get you all pumped up, with a flashy, glitzy glittering sequined patriotic character.

As a child, you swore to God almighty that flying Joe the Camel would bear the sons of Alexander and create an empire in his name. Just when the fans were reaching out to put the crown of the universe on his head, during a massive coronation, he would get the call from the smoke filled room.
“Sorry, Joe. It’s time to take the fall for the ratings. Here’s what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna get caught in the Black Sultan’s tent, wearing a cross-your-heart bra and … “
Of course everybody’s hopes come crashing down. How could Joe betray us? Where will our salvation come from? Of course, next week, everybody is rooting for the Black Sultan.

The media loves the timing aspect of this formula. That is why they sat on the Foley story for a year. It is far more valuable now. See how many ratings tickets they can sell for the next thrilling episode of the evening news. See if they can actually move the outcome of the election. Come see the Senator with the groping lobster claws. Come marvel at the dog-faced congressman. Come one. Come all. If they hadn't pumped everybody up over the Monica issue, we may have actually caught dirty uncle Bill in one of his genuine acts of gross security negligence. Because of the media circus, I have to listen to eye-rolling laments about how Bill was only guilty of a hummer, while Bush killed innocent civilians and soldiers. We never hear about Clinton's genuine crimes. Just hold the issue over the head of Hastert and company, like the sword of Damocles.

Hell, the media knew, yes knew, Armitage was the leaker, while Libby’s genuine innocent career was being spiked into the end zone. They play hard ball, for the big bucks. Make no mistake. There are no core moral principles here; just the window dressing and the fake X-Ray specs they used to sell in the comics.

The Teflon Tiger

There is a hero in this arena. Yes; he has risen to the heights of coronation. Yes; he has plummeted into the abyss of our despair, at the border of Mexico. I am talking about the WWF media sensation, president Bush, the Teflon Tiger.

They have smashed the Tiger with folding chairs. They have jumped from the dizzy height of every scandalous painters ladder they have climbed upon, only to be foiled and dashed to bits in the arena.

They have mud-balled him, paint-balled him, low-balled him, hard-balled him and black-balled him.
They have scratched his ears and ruffled his fur. They have mocked his wife, his kids. All they got over it, was a headache and a highball.

The Tiger has taken it from the left, taken it from the right and taken it from abroad (including Helen Thomas).

The Tiger has dished it out to the left, dished it out abroad and brought the razor sharp fangs of the Tiger in Chief down on the terrorists.

He is flawed. He is dramatic. We love him. We hate him. He has core principles in his utility belt. He is not afraid to use them, whether you or I like it or not. That is leadership. The Tiger is going to hold the course. We put him there, twice, to do exactly that. The Tiger is our home town hero, with enemies both foreign and domestic.

Don't Steer the Reaper

Nobody should treat the general election like the liberals treat WalMart or StarBucks. It's not a place to cast a protest vote or stage a boycott. You had your chance to do your tree pruning, during your state primary.

Vote early.
If you live in Florida, vote often.

Now is the time to calmly kill that squawking bird, stuff it with festive seasoning and feed it to our troops, with a surprise thanksgiving visit. Feed the leftovers to your new Republican puppy. If the puppy has an accident and poops on your carpet, don't cut his head off. Scoop up the scandalous turd and flush it. Roll up the Constitution and swat him on the ass. Kiss. Make up. Go out hunting again.

Why would you need some absurd reality show, when you have the best reality show around.

I know I am entertained.



a4g said...

The Democrats cannot survive on a platform of nothing indefinitely. Three decades of aborting themselves out of existence and twisting truth into a knotted tangle of lies have destroyed them in ways even they do not fully understand.

The tipping point is coming. The fractiousness we see today, the close elections, are the sawtooth instability just preceeding the trend. Maybe not this election cycle-- but we will see.

When it does come, no poll will have predicted it. (But Diebold will certainly be blamed.)

SK said...

Brilliantly stated, once again. Thanks Insol!

FIAR said...

This is exactly what I hope and expect to get from election season.

Yeah, me too.

Morris said...

Insol, I just love the word pictures you paint. LMAO!

But me, I'm afraid I'm an old cynic. I really don't see much difference between the two main parties, either in the US or here in Aussie for that matter.
But it certainly *is* entertaining - you got that right...

FIAR said...

I really don't see much difference between the two main parties,

Because there isn't one.

Insolublog said...

It's worse than nothing, a4g. They have poisoned their tree and they still have plenty left in the can. I believe as you do, there is a tipping point. At no time in the history of mankind, has information been so available, so fluid and so dynamic. We are beginning to see the dying effectiveness of a tool that has been in man's toolbox since the Ancient Egyptians. That tool is deep, indoctrinating propaganda. The type of institutional propaganda that breeds terrorism and liberalism is now impossible to contain. There are new bad effects, to be sure, like the fifteen minutes of instant fame people can get by egregious behavior and the lust by those to seek that fame. I think the positives outweigh the negatives.

They may blame Diebold, but they will be scrutinized without mercy, for the attempt. I am excited and optimistic. I think the people have real power in their hands.

I am glad you enjoyed the post, SK.

Morris and FIAR, you know how much I like to mix metaphor and politics. I hope the entertainment value carries the message along. As I have said in the past, I do not draw the difference at the party level. I draw it along conservative and liberal boundaries. I can and have, named several solid conservative voices in Washington. They just happen to be members of the Republican party.

At the D.C. tier of Federal foibles, the party distinction is hopelessly blurred by an enormous, irresistible mountain of manipulation. I do not believe that any of us mere mortals, unwilling to swim in that shark pool full of appetites and power brokerage, can ever understand how that environment feels or ever hope to see it made pure.

I think it is a fantasy to believe it can.

This is the inseparable consequence of blending freedom and power. We have to live with it, constantly cleaning it with the power of speech and the democracy of the voting booth.

Your liver cleans the fatigue from your body. Your liver fights to remove the elements that will kill you. You cannot live without it. Those toxic factors are never going to stop arriving at your liver's front door. How do you filter out those bad elements from the political liver? With core principles and good blood circulation. Your principles will never get a break from the evil appetites of people in power. However with that healthy diet, you are free to imbibe once in a while and enjoy life, and you know that the health of your culture, economy and family will not suffer.

SeanS said...

I wish I had your faith, Insol. Regretfully, I sit and ponder the intellect of the average American and feel discouraged. The people want Rosie O'Donnell's and Daniel Stern's opinions so that they won't have to think for themselves. If Hollywood thinks it, why shouldn't I?

I don't think it's enough that I hold to my values.

Insolublog said...

It is a guarded optimism, SeanS.

I think the people that run to the false introspective comfort of the Rosies, have always been around. There is a large component of them in the boomer crowd. They have the luxury of putting their heads in the sand, because our prosperity and success, at keeping our economy robust and the barbarians off-shore.

Actually, that's fine.

Most people like being blissfully ignorant. It may not sound optimistic to say that it might take another horrendous attack, perhaps at the hands of a failing P.C. policy, to inject the pain necessary for correction.

The optimism comes in the belief that America has a far better chance of weathering such a crisis, transformed in a good way. We have not reached that fatalistic European apathy. People see the signs and say dear God, will we become like France? Will be submitting to a violent indigent component of our population? I think not. America swung the first defensive punch in the GWOT. Conservatives swung the first defensive punch in the GWOCulture.

I am looking long term, here, Sean. Just keep an eye on some key observations.

Why do the Rosies, the Sterns, the Ward Churchills and the Frankens squawk so loudly and so often in front of hand-picked audiences of bobbled headed sycophants? It is because we have a big fat, bayonet sized VWRC internet thorn, capable of penetrating even Rosie's ample mantle. The more they complain, the more they drive the curious over to our side.

Take note of what a4g said about twisted lies. They make very poor foundation walls, which cannot support the weight of scrutiny. People just don't like a constant pessimistic drumbeat. It makes you sick. It makes you want something else. That is what they are offering; pessimism dressed up as comedy and theatrics.

The MSM has suffered an enormous credibility failure. Who calls the NYT the paper of record anymore? How long did it take for Dan Rather, America's anchorman, to crash and burn? Less than an hour before the blogosphere exposed his scandal. Reuters got caught photo-shopping and had to hysterically backtrack, while bloggers grabbed their data and began to go over all of it. The key point here, is that all of those scandals became national news items themselves. That is real power. This is what I mean by indoctrinating propaganda, dying on the vine.

College universities, a major source of cultural indoctrination, have priced themselves out of the market. They have packed themselves with foreign students, in some cases, because the money is better. The result? They are detaching themselves from main stream political influence. Many of the college elites want to attach illegal aliens and the poor to government tuition benefits, not out of altruism, but economic and political desperation. The internet education revolution is also destroying their influence and the value of their institutional degrees. The claim that people are not taught to think out in the real world is absurd. Look at the product being pumped out of these institutions. P.C. elitism and esteem based social policy has produced students who can't read, can't write, can't think and can't function in a job without serious mentoring. In the future, it will be... What do you know? What can you do? What have you done? It will not be where did you get your degree?

It is easy to be pessimistic. Just watch the news and throw your hands up in disgust. I prefer to exude the unwaivering optimism of Ronald Reagan. It has an effect on me. It will have an effect on others. Just do it in spite of what you see around you, without reservation.

Collectively, our optimism can defeat the defeatism of the Jimmy Carters in this world.

I might post this as another entry. If you wish.

fmragtops said...

Man, you got some mad metaphorical skillz!

You are right about the power wielded by the masses with access to the internet. I just wonder how long it will be before the power brokers figure out that we can call BS on their BS, and either destroy the internet entirely, or tax/fee the internet until it is only available to the elite.

Insolublog said...

fm, they cannot do anything about it now. Both sides would crucify any politician for pushing such legislation. Malkin put up a clip, where a Kos poster was defending her right to have her YouTube content remain unmolested by Tube censors. We are seeing a resurgence of the kind of brutally honest emotional environment that the American press enjoyed during Ben Franklin's day.

I suppose there is a concern that the Google giant might decide to act unilaterally, to stifle or manipulate content. I don't yet see that on the horizon. I would like to see some competition stand up to Google, just to hedge the bet. Even so, Google has real expenses, relying on real ad revenue.

fmragtops said...

I don't know. I'm sure you're right about that, but what if they attack the internet like they did with guns and tobacco. You know, maybe have a bunch of victims of sexual predators file class action law suits against Internet Service providers, and the governments that have allowed them to operate. Then they will be able to regulate the internet until it is but a shell of it's former self.

Insolublog said...

Both are very good questions, fm. Let's take a look at it.

There is scope. Most people perceive the right to free speech as way more of a benefit, than a harm. For guns and tobacco, people can argue the harm element, without ambiguity, whether you agree with them or not. The framer's abstract wording of the second amendment, also adds an element of weakness. I think a genuine SCOTUS challenge, might undo much of the gun control we see now. The first amendment, besides being FIRST (h.t. jimmyb) suffers no shortcomings.

The main social institutions, such as the media and to a lesser extent universities, rely on the first amendment to criticize and motivate change. They cannot effectively advocate artificial moderation of that freedom, on a large scale, without becoming completely impotent. They will not surrender what power they have left.

The internet is not covered by FCC regulations, nor can the government threaten them with license seizure. The peoples right to free association, is a strong argument in support of blogs and on-line grouping.

To effect global censorship, they would need an indoctrinating propaganda campaign, much like what the Nazi's did when they burned all the books. To succeed, would take a colossally strict and organized movement of like minded individuals. Liberals spend as much time eating their own, as they do their professed enemies. As I said, propaganda operates poorly outside of a controlled environment. I think it would now be extremely difficult to create that environment, which is the necessary first step.

I think a call by anyone, including lawyers, to regulate the internet, will bring the wrath of Hades down on the head of the group involved.

We can't even get the government to enforce our border laws. There is no way they will enforce laws that will dampen commerces and communication. In spite of the few high profile 'example' cases, people openly violate the DMCA and DRM.

I might be wrong. We will have to see.

fmragtops said...

CHeck this out! What a coincidence. Helo get the word out on this one, chief. I'm fixin' work up a number six on 'em!

Insolublog said...

And a storm it will be! Democrats no less; the so-called party of human rights and liberties. I can't wait for the Court challenge. Unlike McCain-Feingold, this isn't a soft money issue. Many bloggers do not take any advertising or money influence for any of their work.

From Michelle Malkin, Crush the Obamedia narrative: Look who’s “gripped by insane rage”.

Thank you Dennis

From CNS news.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Smoking Pen

Human Events has the 2006 letter McCain talked about in the debate. His signature along with nineteen Republicans and No Democrats, appears on the letter along with the following passage:

...With the fiscal challenges facing us today (deficits, entitlements, pensions and flood insurance), Congress must ask itself who would actually pay this debt, if Fannie or Freddie could not?

And speaking of undeserved entitlements, HUD is denying reports that one of its own officials may have told a KFYI-AM 550 in Phoenix that 5 million illegal aliens may be holding mortgage debt.

Thursday, October 09, 2008


Blogrolling may have been hacked.

I do not know for sure. It is coming up, then going down. When I visit the URL above, then backbutton firefox, my BR links magically appear, then disappear.

SQL injection may have been used on the site. It might be prudent, for vociferous blogs, to recreate your lists and change any other passwords using your blogrolling PW.

A quick fix for blogger (Firefox Linux).
  1. Visit the link above.
  2. Back click.
  3. Drag your cursor over the links and copy with Ctrl-C.
  4. Create a new widget in your layout called Whatever-your-blogrolling-list-was(backup) Use the rich text widget. DO NOT click on the Edit HTML link.
  5. Paste the links and save the layout.
If you have a Wordpress blog:

Follow steps 1-3:

4. Go into Google docs, in a new document (Maybe Word, I wouldn't know since I don't use Windows.)
5. Paste the links from 3 above.
6. Select 'Edit HTML'
7. Recopy the code.
9. Create a Wordpress Text widget.
10. Paste the full HTML into it, giving a title (like the one above).

Wordpress has some words on this subject.
(Although the post is OLD 2003)


To protect your existing Blogrolling script from malware, surround it with <!-- at the beginning and --> at the end to comment it out of your template or widgets.

Monday, October 06, 2008

And Now Something from Nancy

An Insolurant. Live with it. Die eventually, from some other thing unrelated to me.

And now.. The 'Red Skull' Nancy Pelosi
lectures us on 'accountability'...

H.T. To Wyatt for the image idea.

Good afternoon. Thank you all for being here. As we observe the passage of the very serious piece of legislation, we must do so with an eye to the future. We were faced with a situation that had terrible ramifications for everyone on Main Street, but all the attention was on Wall Street. We wanted to turn that attention and that was our intention in the legislation.
Your intention, Ms. Skull, was to turn the attention away from congressional Democrats and direct it towards Wall Street. Are the guys on W.S. a pack of greedy bastards? Of Course! But you guys knew that. That's why you took their booty. That is why they drooled at the opportunity to have the Federal Goverment guarantee their gambling with our tax dollars. You threw a juicy side of beef in front of an insatiable, ravenous animal and now you are bitching about its predictable voracious reaction.
Under the leadership of our chairman, Barney Frank, as I called him on the floor, a maestro, we were able to make improvements, working in a bipartisan way, making improvements in the legislation, and then make more improvements in the legislation before it came back to the floor today.
He really is a true maestro, isn't he Ms. Skull? When the Ministry of Truth is on your side, there is nothing you cannot accomplish. Barney is just another chairman in a long line of chairmen, just like Mao, who believe in leveraging the engine of wealth, fueled by the people, to be the prime mover of his own political ambitions. Barney believes in no Fannie left behind. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
The eye now is to the future. To shine the bright light of accountability on what is happening in our financial markets so that it doesn't happen again. That accountability will tell us how we got to this place and ferret out the abuses. That accountability will honor our trust to the American people.
The eye is sure on the future, isn't it Ms. Skull? The future is a short few weeks of vigorous makeup foundation, slathered with a green room trowel, on the facade of this scandal. We need only wait until the anointed one can be installed. After that the filament in the bright light of accountability will be accidentally connected to 220v and burned out in a blaze of yawning dissmisal. The only honor and trust will be conferred on your media co-conspirators.

Mr. Frank will be holding hearings on where we go from here, because we are about the future. Mr. Waxman's hearings will be instructed as to how we got here -- that we know how to avoid this in the future. It will be about accountability, it will be about regulation, regulatory reform, which is essential. It will be about building an economy with a focus on the middle class, where many more Americans will participate in the economic security of our country.
Do I have to resurrect the old fox and hen house cliche? What Waxman will be instructed to do, is construct a way to use the Federal record to pre-assemble blame for future indiscretions on conservatives, libertarians and free market Republicans. Why not? It seems to be working on the current bleating flock of public school Obots (no offense R.T.) Hell the Clintons tried to do it, by pulling the FBI data on their detractors. Why not make those useful government resources a functional and successful priority for the Obama administration?
And the high flyers on Wall Street will no longer be able to jeopardize that personal economic security of Americans, again, because of the bright light of scrutiny and accountability and the attention given under regulatory reform.
Again with the bright light, Ms. Skull. We know you threw a pillowcase over the light, during the emergence of this scandal. We know that the minute the pillowcase began to smoke and burn, accountability was the last thing you were concerned with. You just flipped the breaker and told us to wait for your electric company to show up and re-route the power, on the appointment schedule you created. O.K. everybody... hold your breath, pull the batteries out of the Smoke/CO detector and stand by.
We are all believers in the free market -- it's part of our democracy. We know that the free markets create jobs, create capital, and create wealth -- that's very important. But recently, left unregulated and undisciplined and unsupervised, they create chaos. That was then; this is now. We're about the future, and that is the direction we want to take our policy. We want to take our economy in a New Direction for the middle class.
Ms. Skull, I wish to congratulate you on this rare display of candor. I agree that you may believe in jobs, capital and wealth. That part of our democracy, you may believe in. The Chinese also believe in these few elements of our capitalism. It has pumped an enormous volume of our wealth into their hands, as they rake the autumn leaves of our technology, via internet espionage into their yard. In that yard, they have composted the results into a vigorously growing technological garden, at our expense.

Ms. Skull, You reject the concept of freedom. How do I know? Easy. You put regulation, discipline (your definition) and supervision ahead of
our freedom. Freedom requires pain and dissappointment, when resources and unproductivity cannot be successfully mustered. It requires the right to suffer for failure. That makes us strong. It makes us American. Suffering is not a sin. It is a strength. It is a teacher. It is a blacksmith, striking a hammer on our soul, as we rest on the anvil of our civilization (link visit it later).

So many of our leadership was part of this legislation today. I dont say that we celebrated, because I don't think that. Frankly, we could have had a much better bill under different circumstances, but these are not the circumstances we were under. We were dealt a bad hand; we made the most of it. I think the American people will benefit from it. We decided, in the course of this week, that we needed to bring the bill up, that it was urgent that it pass and we had to depend on ourselves to get it passed.
So you were dealt a bad bag of weed Ms. Skull? It looks like you were the drug dealer. The bad hand was dealt by you, as the dealer. The circumstances were your own creation. Everyone reading this should read Niccolo Machiavelli's "The Discourses" and the "Prince". The man would be a lauded blogger today. Back in Nicky's day, there were just as many ranting bloggers, suffering from insanity, ugly stupidity, crystal truth, lack of hygiene and anti-biotics.

They could have equally matched the chaos of the current internet, if only they had the massive capacity of instant gratification, introspection and instant fame of immediate political consensus and immediate political congruity that we now enjoy.

They just did not have our technology. They relied on contemporary believers to read and advocate their historical truths, in books and speeches. Now, it just takes a few moments of computer generated sophism and faux rationalization, to dictate our future. Our technology would be resprected, if it were not hindered by a brutally irresponsible level of civil apathy.

Fortunately, we had a strong bipartisan vote, but we knew we would be strong enough to pass the bill today, because of the work of Steny Hoyer and Jim Clyburn and Rahm Emanuel and our other members of the leadership. And now I am pleased to yield to the person who worked very hard on this with great leadership, Steny Hoyer.
So, Ms. Skull, the work of one of your Democrat fund raisers passes for bipartisan aisle crossing.

He talks about America rising to its 'responsibility' and its 'duty' to cover its obligations, without talking about how those obligations became obligatory in the first place.

Your party does not talk about how socialist vote pandering became fiscal folly, on the grandest and ugliest of scales.

Your party does not talk about powerful Russian oligarchs, super-powerful Chinese oligarchs and Arab theocracies, adept at holding boot heels over the throats of their own people, dumping the wealth we have shuffled into their hands into our political process, so they can purchase a boot to grind into our throats.

Your party does not talk about the culture of selfishness and dissolution of family responsibility that imbues these hippy rejects who support your party, with the feeling that they have the right to insult those who pay their bills (read Miriam's testimony).

Your party does not talk about how our kids are being told to abandon personal responsibility, personal excellence and accountability and replace those virtues with the weakness of bleak ephemeral hedonism and intellectual fraud.

He did not talk about how our kids are being told that surrendering their country is as easy as surrendering their pride and moral obligations. They just need to accept the fact that their country is evil, they are evil and they can take a small step to correct it, by destroying their parents, their wealth and their Constitution.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Move Along, Nothing to see here!

From the Wikipedia article on Joseph Goebbels:

Goebbels earned a Ph.D. in Heidelberg University in 1921, writing his doctoral thesis on 18th century romantic drama; he then went on to work as a journalist and later a bank clerk and caller on the stock exchange.

A talented media expert, connected to acting, manipulating human emotions, reporting the 'news' and finance.


That does not resemble anything we see today, pushing for the election of Barack Obama.

Friday, October 03, 2008

O.K. This is both Scary and Funny

From the wonderful video tome "Network":

Then he is educated on 'the new world order', as defined by television and media influence:

I am proud to declare that I am a man who believes in nations (ours of America) and peoples (the American people). And here is the scene where the MSM decides your ratings and my ratings and conservative ratings suck and he should be killed by armed leftist radicals like Bill Ayers.

Sound familiar? More brilliance from Paddy Chayefsky

Buy the movie "Network". Watch the whole thing. It is a cultural criticism predicting what we are now seeing thirty to forty years later.

Maverick my A$$

We all know the socialist disaster that is Barack Obama.

But then there is John McCain, who is living up to all of my prior judgements and expectations. He took the one single issue that he could have clearly placed in the lap of the Democrats, and he voted Yea.

His yea vote now takes his entire campaign against for earmarks and pork barrel spending right off the table. McCain voted yes for the second version of an already disastrous bill. The second version was larded-up with an additional 150B in earmarks and pork. So much for the maverick.

H.T. Les James on Radioactive Liberty.

We now have an openly criminal government with no accountability or respect for rules or law or freedom of markets.

  • Our government refuses to enforce the immigration laws.
  • Our government refuses to prosecute deadbeat debtors, propping them up for votes.
  • Our government created this mess for socialist votes and socialist means and socialist ends.
  • Our government refuses to prosecute or investigate outright voter fraud.
  • Our government has been working diligently to undermine our property rights.
  • Our government is now seizing our wealth and property.
  • Our government looks at overt political abuse of our public schools and public institutions and tax-exempt institutions, for the sake of a single party and shrugs.

Our government is bought, paid for and is being effectively run by Russian style oligarchs who pump their fuel into the breeder reactor of the federal government and split our tax atoms for more fuel. That is the problem with big government. Big government has a big appetite and a big stick to hunt down its food. It is aggressively turning that stick into a big cattle prod to herd its food. The beast has learned how to create soothing animal farms for its food, with their nanny government proctors installed in the schools, universities and media. The MSM is now openly acting as a ministry of truth for the more potent of the two nanny government candidates.

The only thing we can do to this monster is slash at its feet and ankles at the ballot booth. We can only hope that we don't get swatted while we try to save our lives and our freedom. That is the only action that has any hope of bleeding this beast to death. This is going to be a difficult or impossible job.

Sigh. You know... I just cannot get enough of seeing my own state gay parade congressman, get roasted by Bill O'Reilly:

Just in case anybody forgot, here's Barney, trying to make the process 'accountable'. He completely ommited the 2004 meeting from his argument with O'Reilly. I am not surprised. Slide the time index from the YouTube video to 4:50 and watch. Then, slide the index to 6:05 and watch again.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Stopping O.P.R.A.

We need to stop the Obammunist Peoples Republic of America.

I would love to see a Palin vs. Obama debate, where charisma can be leveled and substance be revealed.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chairman Barack We Love You

After watching the inspiring children's video, posted by Wyatt and RT, what can I say?

Trust me. I worked just as hard Googling err.. umm hand crafting this video from the creative fruits of my imagination. I had to pick a metaphor which would protect my work long enough for you to see it.

Just substitue 'Kim Jong Il' with 'Barack Obama' and 'Songun' with 'Chicago' and 'Korean(s)' with 'American(s)'.

Without further a-do, Enjoy.

Just in case you missed it, on RT or others, here's the now famous 'Burning Down The House' video.
Don't let them stop you from posting it: