Friday, October 03, 2008

Maverick my A$$

We all know the socialist disaster that is Barack Obama.

But then there is John McCain, who is living up to all of my prior judgements and expectations. He took the one single issue that he could have clearly placed in the lap of the Democrats, and he voted Yea.

His yea vote now takes his entire campaign against for earmarks and pork barrel spending right off the table. McCain voted yes for the second version of an already disastrous bill. The second version was larded-up with an additional 150B in earmarks and pork. So much for the maverick.

H.T. Les James on Radioactive Liberty.

We now have an openly criminal government with no accountability or respect for rules or law or freedom of markets.

  • Our government refuses to enforce the immigration laws.
  • Our government refuses to prosecute deadbeat debtors, propping them up for votes.
  • Our government created this mess for socialist votes and socialist means and socialist ends.
  • Our government refuses to prosecute or investigate outright voter fraud.
  • Our government has been working diligently to undermine our property rights.
  • Our government is now seizing our wealth and property.
  • Our government looks at overt political abuse of our public schools and public institutions and tax-exempt institutions, for the sake of a single party and shrugs.

Our government is bought, paid for and is being effectively run by Russian style oligarchs who pump their fuel into the breeder reactor of the federal government and split our tax atoms for more fuel. That is the problem with big government. Big government has a big appetite and a big stick to hunt down its food. It is aggressively turning that stick into a big cattle prod to herd its food. The beast has learned how to create soothing animal farms for its food, with their nanny government proctors installed in the schools, universities and media. The MSM is now openly acting as a ministry of truth for the more potent of the two nanny government candidates.

The only thing we can do to this monster is slash at its feet and ankles at the ballot booth. We can only hope that we don't get swatted while we try to save our lives and our freedom. That is the only action that has any hope of bleeding this beast to death. This is going to be a difficult or impossible job.

Sigh. You know... I just cannot get enough of seeing my own state gay parade congressman, get roasted by Bill O'Reilly:

Just in case anybody forgot, here's Barney, trying to make the process 'accountable'. He completely ommited the 2004 meeting from his argument with O'Reilly. I am not surprised. Slide the time index from the YouTube video to 4:50 and watch. Then, slide the index to 6:05 and watch again.


RT said...

As I've said before: They all suck rocks.

I kept wondering if he was such a "maverick," why didn't he propose something revolutionary? No...he went with the herd.

Les James said...

Dude, I came here for funny and all I got was depression.

All kidding aside,you put it all together in a neat, very scary package.

We face a grave future. I'm not worried about me. I've had a life very few could even dream about, but we've had our granddaughter the past two days. It's her I worry about.

This election may very well be the most important in the last century. I hate to say this. Really hate to say this. McCain needs to be elected. He's a four year transition. I don't see an option.

Palin will be the first woman President if we allow McCain in the Oval Office. She's not the answer either but maybe she will buy us some time. It's not good but it's the best future I can currently envision.

Insolublog said...

rt - I really start to worry when they try to suck blood from my rocks!

les - I'm sorry, brother. I know that I have been in a blogging funk for some time now.

I guess it really started, when I was blogging on the illegal alien amnesty garbage, as it started to heat up. You and I have both seen the president go from victory on the aircraft carrier deck and serving turkey to the troops, to legacy preservation mode. He doe not realize the press never liked him. He does not realize they did not like him for his term. He does not realize they will defile his memory, like they did with Reagan. In this mindset, he has alienated the very movement which gave him political success. It is a lose-lose strategy. He has sabotaged that legacy. He will be reviled in history as being strong at first, then indecisive, weak and a threat to the nation's border and economic sovereignty and security.

The real ugly force for evil in this modern scene is the media. They have completely abandoned any pretense of journalism and objectivity.Mix in the arrogant elitism and you have danger.

All of this and McCain is still circling in a holding pattern, afraid to land. He has had so many opportunities to relentlessly hammer home the myriad of juicy, undeniable facts which describe and shape the true nature of his opponent. He thinks that the honor in his position will be respected by the silent majority. I am not convinced that the silent majority is in control of its faculties, or its bladder, since Reagan. The Obamination has had eight years to hammer out their emotional product, with the help of their media forge and Hollywood blacksmiths.

I know what you mean. Humor is a good and effective message. It is tough to keep it going, when you see the train wreck coming, and you are on the train, as Chis C. so amusingly pointed out!