Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shock and Awe

Does everyone remember this term from the Gulf War Strategies.


Shock and awe, technically known as rapid dominance, is a military doctrine based on the use of overwhelming power, dominant battlefield awareness, dominant maneuvers, and spectacular displays of force to paralyze an adversary's perception of the battlefield and destroy its will to fight.
It's interesting to note how well this description aligns with the Alinsky/Obama strategy for governance. If you can saturate the news cycle, even a media environment, that is becoming stale to your manipulations, will stall. You can then slip 19 things under the wire, while everyone focuses on the primary story.

Keep it in mind. It is an effective strategy. However, it can be seen and countered. It's important to keep focus on the fight.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our Conservative Mandate

An insolurant...

I was watching Islam: What the West needs to Know, featuring Robert Spencer et. al.

The entire piece is available here:

I thought about president Barack Hussein Obama, as I saw this piece. I could see him, plucking those juicy plums of theology, that would reinforce and excuse his unconstitutional behavior.

I could not help but think that this religion, really is a form of government. It contains mandates and forgiving political deception. It rewards acts, that vanquish enemies by force. I can clearly see this religious appeal, to the slimy souls of politicians, lawyers and power zealots. It has built-in excuses for their behavior, sanctioned in the name of God.

I think liberals have adopted many of these elements, in their own perverse religion of progressivism. It makes me think of Jimmy Carter. It makes me think of Goebbels' crude manipulation of media. It makes me think of that manipulation, re-packaged by our contemporary MSM elite know-it-alls.

I see us now, bowing to the mideast. I see us forcing cap and trade, a moratorium on our own offshore energy supplies. This will not to benefit us, but it will solidify control over us. This is about the assertion of control and the abrogation of freedom.

I see this president, on his world apology tour. I think of England's institutionalized form of policy driven apology, worming its way through its rotting cultural guts, in the form of Sharia law at swimming pools.

There is a very strong gravitational and nourishing appeal, to young minds, to suckle on the seething milk of progressive hatred, pumped out for years, towards conservatives, libertarians, former president Bush and Constiutionalist judicial advocates. This drugged milk is still being squeezed out, in the Daily show, by the MSM, our schools and our vomiting celebrity culture. Whatever undigested pap, that pools on their teeth and gums, is then ritually spat, in our conservative faces. Those of us, who believe in the freedoms, the Constitution and the bill of rights, then have to wipe this ignorant spittle off of our faces and try to make do.

Palpable, ugly and vociferous attacks, by progressives, on those of us who exercise those freedoms, only reinforces my conclusion. I am getting very angry, along with many other fellow Americans.

Remember this?

It might be coming to a theatre near you.

The progressive movement now shares the very same mandate, which I saw in the Google video. Substitute 'progressive' with 'religious':

They have a mandate to lie in the name of their progressive goal. They feel compelled to deceive in the name of their progressive goal. They feel empowered to forgive anyone, working to destroy our moral anchors. They must destroy all anchors, established by the enlightenment and Western civilization.

They must pulverize our pillars, with maximum assertion of both size and speed. That means one shot legislation. It means legislation, built for maximum size and maximum speed. It must be achieved, at the limit of our dwindling democratic process; before that process collapses under the weight of hypocrisy and constitutional challenge.

Maximum Size

Why a phone book bill?

Why the overwhelming bulk?

Why not break it up, into ten one hundred page bills, that all must be debated and voted on, but can be scrutinized by the people?

Their answer is maximum speed, for our own good ...

Maximum Speed

What is the rush?

a) Is there some hidden, impending disaster, that the congressional geniuses know, but do not want to share with the rest of us? So much for transparency.

b) Is there something that the congressional geniuses want to pass, that is so ugly and repugnant, to our constitutional sensiblities, that they want us to skip over it quickly? If so, we can assume they are trying to cover up a one big screw up, that they created in the first place, with an even bigger screw up. Queue more elitist incompetency, layered with more elitist bureaucracy.

c) Congress are such a collection of lazy cowards, that they want to stuff all their dirty socks into a single drawer, even if it blows out the bottom and scares the cat. Pathetic. The rest of us work for a living. They can't even do their job for premium pay.

Every excuse you can think of, shines the ugliest light on Congress' work ethic, motives and long term aspirations.

This is why the bill hefts over a thousand pages long. It cannot be broken up and debated. It must must be expedited, in the interest of public concealment. Debate means.. well reasoned discussion, sometimes ugly democracy, vigorous analysis and general exposure of information to the public. This usually results in useful legislation, at the expense of some useless legislators. We can't have that. After all, useless legislators need a career and a health plan; a plan they did not force upon the rest of us suckers.

Apparently, our Solons have built an arrogant callous. It shields their their brain from thoughts that we humble Americans might be up to the task. Obviously the liberal elites agree.

The progressives always lecture the world on the unbridled corruption of capitalist power. Man, I am SO... EFFING... SICK.... of hearing this crap.

What power?

The progressives have all the power now... and look at the damn corruption!

When they tell us that Goldman Sachs is a pinnacle of capitalist corruption, we learn that this player has been a willing, prostrate, financial oligarchy in service to liberal politicians. Goldman Sachs formed a financial 'cartel', with the FED! It bankrolled Obama, with nearly a BILLION campaign dolllars, at five to one against McCain at just over 200M. It had an ex-patriate, drooling toady in Paulson.

We now learn, that the large financials have nothing to do with real capitalism.

They have everything to do with manipulating the money supply, along with their partner, the FED. We now learn the pile of money can change any moment, which is holding our financial recorvery, future and life savings hostage, by virtue of its ability to set value to all those things.

This is the manufactured crisis, coveted by Rahm Emanual, and Obama's Czars, without any congressional oversight or desire to oversee.

Think about that, as the real pain sits in.

This has NOTHING to do with true capitalism. True capitalism is about the freedom of human beings to trade their labors and their wares for a living, without having that activity regulated, extorted or fiddled poeticly, by Ivy league experts, until their entire nest egg can be stolen later.
It is about those human beings, using a currency that has a known, stable value.

These Ivy League Marxists (yes Marx was an economist) used their Ivy league expertise and eductation, to stick it right up Joe the Plumbers backside. They grabbed his wallet, and took off. I will never again, listen to somebody, touting the credentials of one of these 'grand institutions'. These geniuses engineered the destruction of our economy for their own political greed and progressive, Marxist ideals. It had NOTHING to do with real capitalism, because they redistributed all the power and wealth to themselves, through government and political machinations.

Adam Smith is my philosopher. If we have a true divine potential, it must be to maximize ourselves at the least expense of our neighbors. It does not mean we are selfish, it means we believe in opportunity and reward. The elitist, university Marxist professor class have maximized themselves at the expense of everyone else. They are pumping out parasite tort lawyers at a rate of 9 to 1 to engineers. Engineers build things and move humanity forward. Tort lawyers live off the distrust between human beings.

Fannie, Freddie, G Sachs and the Southern Poverty Law Center have NOTHING to do with capitalism. They are a near fatal parasite, invading the body liberty, and draining its resources.

True capitalism is opportunity to survive and fail in a universe that is worth living in, since it doesn't try to sedate you with TV, emotional drivel and pre-packaged excuses for your failure, left on your doorstep, until you put a bullet through your skull, or an Obama death pill through your liver.

We have a perilously fragile thread, about to break, in America, that supports innovation and discovery. We have a threatened cultural compass, that credits those who do the work, with rewards for their labors, lest they abandon the effort.

-- it even applies to health care, only it is a matter of life and death, for all of us.

Now That's Entertainment

Yes, Ted Nugent has a firm grasp of Amendment number two.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Blue Pill or the Red Death

You can listen to a real medical doctor, over at AT, about to abandon medicine, over Obamacare...

Or you can listen to Roger Ebert, that paragon of medical expertise, invoking Shakespearian images. You can read Roger and listen to him babble about how the non-Obamified system saved his pathetic life, but is not good enough for everybody. You can see how he was saved, without socialism or government intervention.

You can see Roger, wax poetic, in his ignorant liberal crusade against the quality of free markets and in favor of wrecking that life-saving system, for the entire middle class.

To be or not to be. You decide.

It would be nice if you could just be grateful for being here, with great health care, Roger. Stop pontificating about economic forces about which you are a complete ignoramus.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Live for Free or Cry

A new bumper sticker for my New Hampshire friends, living in a State that was once hard on liberty, but is now being polluted, by liberal cats from Mass. who can't clean their own litterbox.

So.. they just moved north and left the crap for the rest of us.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Then and Now





From CBullit:



Monday, August 03, 2009

Free Love Dudes

Since the popularity of the recent Obama Joker poster, I thought I would offer my Timmy Geithner political movie photoshop....

Feel free to slather it, with aggressive adhesive, on the nearest bridge abutment.

My Hope and Change

I Hope it gets uglier than this, but this is a good start. Arlen Specter, you are a worse than pathetic, late-to-the-traitor-pig-trough, useless idiot trying to be a useful idiot to your new party.

Reagan's motto was: "I didn't leave the Democrat party, the democrat party left me."

Specter's motto was: "I joined the Democrat party, because I thought that was where the party crowd was going."

Goodbye, loser...