Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Kennedy Dynasty is Dead

This is my favorite attribute, of the election in Mass.

I have been suffering through so many years of listening to Kennedy legacy rubbish, spewed into our faces, every time this unpunished criminal waddled to the polls to be re-installed.

I can only hope that this is truly a new American revolution.


Badda Bing!

Barney Frank

We have a TPS (Tea Party positioning) guided JDAM, headed for your fat ass target, next November.

It could be a Brown landslide.

When I voted this morning, the ground support for Brown was very uncharacteristic of Massachusetts.

He's leading in typical Bell Weather towns:


If Coakley 'wins', it will be by the exertion of massive voter fraud.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Real Father Barry

Not the one elected president in 2009, but this one, played by Karl Malden:

Note that this masterpiece is NOT about the exploitation of the common man, by evil capitalists. It is about the brutal abuse, beating and robbery of the common man, by New Jersey thugs, who plugged themselves into the bureaucracy, to steal the common man's meager wages. No doubt they learned this from the Chicago crowd.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stall the Juggernaut

From Newsmax:

It would be a historic win for the GOP: The last time a Republican represented Massachusetts in the U.S. Senate was in 1980.

The political stakes could hardly be higher. A Coakley defeat would be a devastating blow to Democrats' plans to transform national governance. It would further alarm already-skittish Democrats about their electoral prospects in the November midterm elections, and would cost Democrats the 60th vote that they may need to pass their healthcare reform compromise.

I hope with all the power in my fellow Massachusetts citizens, that we can stall the socialist juggernaut, until the 2010 general elections.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

I will be voting for Scott Brown

This could be the most important, historical vote of my entire life.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Another Gorey Fact

The very first question in the National Geographic Global Warming Quiz, assumes that you actually accept that it exists. It then asks you whether the cause is 'natural' or not.

Yeah. That bears no resemblance to the question: 'So, have you stopped beating your wife and kids Mr. middle America?'

McLame Rides Again

So, the champion of Washington D.C. Rino surrender and prostration is now experiencing a new and vital blood circulation. Yes John McCain is now talking about the liberal crusade.

Well, no #$%#$% Sherlock. What finally opened your eyes?

It certainly wasn't the American people. HERE THEY ARE, TRYING TO TELL YOU ABOUT IT, WHILE YOU SHOO'ed them off as if they were flies on shite...

We do not want to hear about your slow witted ignorance John.