Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Administration Spin of the Weather crisis

Protesters gather in Times square to protest the most recent atrocity commited by the Bush administration.

The consensus of the street agrees that dark Rovian black helicopter minions have been working feverishly over the weekend, to use their new sattellite guided global warming technology. They have successfully guided hurricane Katrina through critical oil resources, in the Gulf of Mexico. Cheney's Halliburton buddies stand to make huge profits from the impending rise in oil futures. Meanwhile, Mr. Bush's storm has been diverting critical media attention away from mother Sheehan, and her meteoric rise to international fame. Cindy's supporters claim the news will not hamper their efforts to expose the administration.

But seriously folks, all satire aside, please donate your time, money or whatever you can, to Katrina victim relief:
Red Cross
Salvation Army

HT to fitch for the post challenge.
More on the Katrina relief Offend-A-Thon and mother Sheehan over at PointFive.
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Monday, August 29, 2005

More on our Unwanted Guests

No I am not talking about the Mexican border. I am talking about the electronic border between our national security and the Chinese government. These are not uneducated migrants looking for work. They are highly intelligent, highly disciplined ruthless computer spies looking for nuclear secrets.

The followine Time Article by Nathan Thornburg provides further details on the attack I talked about in my previous post.

The Invasion of the Chinese Cyberspies (And the Man Who Tried to Stop Them)

If our most secure computers are this vulnerable to attack, what about our financial infrastructure? Credit cards, mutual funds, inter bank commerce could all be war targets to an enemy with intellectual horsepower, and a coordinated will.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Professional Victim Syndrome

I am so sick of PVS (Professional Victim Syndrome) that it is time for an Insolurant. If you don't think the PC thought police are here, right now, crushing every vertebrae of our Bill of Rights, then read on.


PVS (Professional Victim Syndrome) - A false condition portraying an individual or organization as a victim. Indicated by strong collaboration or association with the liberal courts, the main stream media, or both. Using resources skilled in the art of propaganda or litigation, a PVS compromised entity will use this system as a weapon of personal attack, extortion, political leverage or any combination thereof.

Abbreviated list of Examples

CAIR attack on Michael Graham

CAIR feigns grievous insult by the talk show host, while waltzing with proven terrorists. So we revile and dismiss those who expose terrorism, while organizations like CNN, cover it up to maintain news access, as they did in pre-war Iraq. How many CNN employees got fired over that one?

The Southern Poverty Law Center

In a co-conspiracy with government officials and judges, they seize the land of an American defending himself from foreign invasion. They used his own government against him, to defend criminal wetback 'victims'. Every one of those government officials violated their Constitutional oath of office.

Jesse Jackson's extortion campaign against Toyota

Jackson shakes down Toyota with boycott threats over false accusations of racial preferences.

John Edward's callous exploitation of crippled children

Edwards uses his own sick brand of courtroom theatre to trump any rational scientific view of crippled children. The real victims were the doctors that treated them, and the families that were dragged along as emotional cannon fodder.

Jesse Jackson accuses NASCAR of being a 'Bastion of White Supremacy'

NASCAR was a platinum sponsor of Jackson's 2002 Rainbow/PUSH conference. I guess the six figures of support from NASCAR wasn't enough tribute.

Jesse Jackson's Wall Street Extortion Project

NYSE finally secures some wisdom, by finally taking its hand away from the hot stove. They discovered that providing their own minority outreach effort was far more efficient.

Rush Limbaugh attacked at ESPN, accused of racism

Rush pointed out the NFL was engaging in affirmative racism instead of affirmative action. Jesse Jackson, Democratic presidential candidates Wesley Clark, Howard Dean and Joseph Lieberman all joined the sharks in the water.

NAACP Targeting private business for reparations

Say hello to unbridled extortion, with the score kept by annual business diversity report cards. The NAACP believes in forcing people who never had slaves, to surrender their hard earned wages to people who never were slaves. My grandparents were child poverty slaves in the textile mills. Can I get some reparations too?

Congressional Black Caucus conspires to destroy Trent Lott

"I want to say this about my state: When Strom Thurmond ran for president, we voted for him. We're proud of it," Lott said. "And if the rest of the country had followed our lead, we wouldn't have had all these problems over all these years, either.
That was all Trent Lott said.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton apologized for joking that Mahatma Gandhi used to run a gas station in St. Louis, saying it was "a lame attempt at humor." Unlike Trent, we all know her heart was in the right place. Yeah right.

Tawana Brawley destroys careers with outrageous fraud scheme

Smear feces on yourself, form it into racial slurs, fake your own abduction, ruin the careers of public servants and you too can still walk away. We are all still waiting for Al Sharpton's public apology for using the case as political capital. Don't hold your breath.

OJ Simpson skates off on race card

Everybody who thinks OJ was a victim of LAPD racism, raise your hands. What more can I say?

NAACP links Gov. Bush to James Byrd dragging death

The non-profit used donor money to put together a political ad that put together Gov. Bush and a monstrous hate crime. I'm so glad they are a non-partisan, non-political group righteously dedicated to their tax-exempt status.

Alan Keyes attacked by GLAAD

Alan Keys correctly points out that the majority of the Catholic priests accused of child rape, were raping young boys. I guess that makes him a homophobe.

Dick Durbin portrays terrorists as victims of Nazi oppression

Once again we see the insane transposition of good and evil.

NOW Attacks Bush on the strict Abortion front

Bush has liberated millions of Women from ritual beatings, stoning, female infanticide, female genital mutilation and general treatment not suitable for animals, in countries like Afghanistan and Iraq. He has given them the freedom to vote in Afghanistan, Kuwait and Iraq. N.O.W. still feels it is a top priority to warn us all, that they might lose their precious right to terminate infants at will. They sure look like victims of impending oppression to me.

Synopsis of NOW's position:

No criticism is to be levied at Bill Clinton for demeaning women with sexual harrasment, on the job.

No credit is to be afforded to Bush for what he has done for Women's rights.

However, zealous criticism must be heaped on Bush for something he hasn't actually done to women's rights.

It goes on and on and on...

Primary Contraindications

Never issue a public apology to a purveyor of PVS. They are schooled in the James Carville war room mentality. They will never accept apology at its face value. If it is given, it will be used as a signed confession, in public discourse or in the courtroom. These people and organizations are an opportunistic enemy, not a victim of your insensitivity.

Never pay hush tribute to a purveyor of PVS. Payments are considered an admission of guilt. The first payment becomes the first installment in a blackmail campaign.

PVS is not a disease requiring sympathy. It is a crime requiring punishment and public excoriation.

Remember those responsible for hate crimes legislation. Remember the thought police responsible for hate speech legislation. Pay careful attention to how these laws are being misused and abused.

Michael Yon's Dramatic Gates of Fire post

Go check it out here at his 'Gates of Fire' post. Thanks to PebblePie for providing the information here at her 'Michael in Combat' post.

Here's a really disturbing part of the piece.

... The terrorist turned out to be one Khalid Jasim Nohe, who had first been captured by US forces (2-8 FA) on 21 December, the same day a large bomb exploded in the dining facility on this base and killed 22 people...

That was in December.

...About two weeks ago, word came that Nohe's case had been dismissed by a judge on 7 August. The Coalition was livid. According to American officers, solid cases are continually dismissed without apparent cause. Whatever the reason, the result was that less than two weeks after his release from Abu Ghraib, Nohe was back in Mosul shooting at American soldiers.

It looks like Iraq is suffering the same PC garbage we see in our courts. Maybe democracy has arrived!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

You Asked for it Dr. Phat Tony

Linked over at Dr. Phat Tony's.

Turn off those Fortune Cookies on your browser

Remember all of those articles from the 1990's, regarding the Clinton administration transferring US computer technology to China? Articles like 'Webb Hubbell and the NSA'.

Remember this letter to Bill Clinton by US Defense CEOs? Article at NewsMax.

May 3, 1996 letter signed by the CEOs of Hughes, Lockheed and Loral, the three executives expressed their thanks directly to Bill Clinton.

"In October of last year we wrote to you asking you to complete the transfer of responsibility for commercial satellite export licensing to the Department of Commerce. Your administration recently announced its intention to do just that."

"We greatly appreciate this action which demonstrates again your strong commitment to reforming the U.S. export control system," states a letter signed by Hughes CEO Armstrong, Lockheed CEO Norman Augustine and Loral CEO Bernard Schwartz.

It gets worse...
In the end Hughes was charged with 123 counts of violating national security. All of the violations took place during Armstrong's term as head of Hughes. Hughes pleaded no contest to the 123 charges filed by the U.S. State Department and has since paid a record fine.
Fast Forward to Today...

When I see articles like Hackers Attack Via Chinese Web Sites, which outlines the overwhelming efforts of Chinese hackers to burrow into our defenses, I am so glad we are actively engaged in all that wonderful business over there.

It really makes you feel warm and fuzzy, doesn't it?

Lunch over at Basil's blog.

Heart Warming Story of Mending

Thanks to Tulane University and Hospital Clinic for donating the surgery to
correct a congenital heart defect in an Iraqi Boy.

See the original story over at Centcom.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Kill the Wabbit

Commander: Taliban Recruiting at Schools

This must be stopped immediately. The last thing we need is another generational round of impressionable human ordinance.

Junkyard Smog

I am usually leary about NYT articles, but this one seemed somewhat benign in the left wing spin factor.

A scientist who has long disagreed with the dominant view that global warming stems mainly from human activity has resigned from a panel that is completing a report for the Bush administration on temperature trends in the atmosphere.
The scientist, Roger A. Pielke Sr., a climatologist at Colorado State University, said most of the other scientists working on the report were too deeply wedded to particular views and were discounting minority opinions on the quality of climate records and possible causes of warming.

Wedded to particular views is a fancy phrase for groupthink. I guess Roger A. Pielke is someone interested in real science, which means objective critical thinking, not desperation to fit a round peg into a square hypothesis.

"When you appoint people to a committee who are experts in an area but evaluating their own work," he said in an interview, "it's very difficult for them to think outside the box of their research."

Science is replete with examples of doom sayers, nay sayers and kill joys who love building careers out of criticizing people who don't think in the mainstream. Most of these people are a roadblock to innovation, not a source. The problem is, you can get quite a bit of useful data from these people, along with sloppy analysis and conclusions. Accept the former. Discard the latter.

Administration officials said the resignation would not affect the quality or credibility of the report, a draft of which is being finished in the next few weeks.

The report, the first product of President Bush's 10-year climate change research program, is likely to be closely scrutinized by climate scientists and environmental and industry groups for any sign of bias or distortion.

Oh God. This is beginning to reek of another Bush rollover. All the suspicious tags are in place. You have benign treatment by the Times, Strong dissent on one side of the issue and hand wringing over how the report will look. Recent environmental visits by Senators. Go out and buy that Glade plug-in today.

Dr. Pielke contends that changes in landscapes like the spread of agriculture and cities could explain many of the surface climate trends, while most climate experts now see a clear link to accumulating emissions of heat-trapping gases like carbon dioxide.

Over the last 130 thousand years the climate went from warm, to ice all over everything, back to warm again. We didn't melt those glaciers with our SUV emissions. The trends these guys are talking about look like noise on the geological charts.

James R. Mahoney, an assistant secretary of commerce and the director of the federal climate research program, said the scientists involved in generating the report were "representative of the broad views" on the questions.
This is another bad sign. Be prepared to be bent over like Marcellus Wallace in Pulp Fiction. Bring an extra pillow for the saw horse and a good book.

Dr. Pielke said he decided to resign after three papers on the troposphere trends were published online on Aug. 11 by the journal Science. The papers said errors in satellite and balloon studies in the tropics explained why earlier analyses failed to find warming in the troposphere.
It looks like the data didn't fit their desired conclusions, so they decided to discredit the data.

Several authors of those papers, who are also authors of the coming government report, said at the time that the new findings would be discussed in the report.
Dr. Pielke said those statements were an effort to influence the shape of the final report.
Several authors of those papers denied this, saying the process of creating the reports is intended to be public, while the contents remain confidential for now.

So the guy, who doesn't fall in line with the moonbat theory of global warming, quits over what looks like the looming equivalent of a scientific gay pride parade. We have the report data, being worked over in a massage parlor. We have recent visits by McCain, Hillary and company, fawning over grave conditions in Alaska. Put it all together.

John R. Christy, another author of the coming report who like Dr. Pielke doubts that human-caused warming poses a serious threat, said that while disagreements were normal, the effort to generate the report was improving understanding.
We will see. I'm expecting an effort to garner public hysteria.

"This process is the worst way to generate scientific information," said Dr. Christy, who teaches at the University of Alabama, Huntsville. "Except for all the others."

Visit Panelist Who Dissents on Climate Change Quits in the NYT for the original article by ANDREW C. REVKIN

Visit JunkScience.com

Monday, August 22, 2005

Robertson issues Fatwa on Chavez

It's about damn time a Christian got into the act. He couldn't have picked a better target. Hugo Chavez would be a sweet score.

Thanks to Matt Drudge and AP for the article Televangelist Calls for Chavez' Death

A Fortune for Chairman Dean and Company

Go read 'The Fatalistic Four' at Brainster's blog for a good laugh.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Saddam Demands Meeting With Dan Rather

This is a totally ficticious, fabricated insolublog dialogue. See if you can guess who's quotes were the source for the Saddam character and the Baghdad Bob character. It might be tough, at first.

Even though Saddam had met with Dan Rather once before, he has told his US captors that he would throw a temper tantrum, then urinate and defecate all over his cell, if he didn't get another interview. Dan Rather, being a completely unbiased, open and amiable fellow, came out of retirement to serve the interests of Saddam and the world community.

If you could Saddam, please give us a brief idea of what brought you here in the first place.

When I was growing up, it was Communists'. Now it's Terrorists'. So you always have to have somebody to fight and be afraid of, so I built a big war machine with bombs, guns, and bullets and everything.

Weren't you worried that America would react to your aggressive weapons build-up?

America has been killing people on this continent since it was started. I would urge Americans that their country is not worth dying for.

Do you feel that your sons Uday and Qusay had any chance at all, against the evil American occupiers?

Am I stupid? No, I know full-well that my sons, my family, this nation, and this world were attacked by a George Bush who was influenced by the neo-con PNAC agenda after 9/11.

President Bush says the the Iraqi people will now be free to govern themselves. If he were here, what would you say to President Bush?

First I'm gonna say, "And you tell me, what the noble cause is that my people died for." And if he even starts to say freedom and democracy' I'm gonna say, bullsh*t. You tell me the truth. You tell me that my people died for oil. You tell me that my people died to make your friends rich. You tell me my people died to spread the cancer of Pax Americana, imperialism in the Middle East. You tell me that, you don't tell me my people died for freedom and democracy.'"

Some of the former government officials have agreed with the American actions against the insurgents and have joined the new Iraqi government in condemning your regime. They intend to give testimony at your trial. What do you say to that?

...my ex-generals sent out a press statement disagreeing with me in strong terms; which is totally okay with me, because they barely knew me. We have always been on separate sides of the fence politically and I have not spoken to them since the election, when they supported the puppets installed by the man who is responsible for Uday and Qusay's death. When I return to power. I will have them all killed like the traiterous dogs they are.

Do you have any last words on President Bushs' assertion that Iraq is one of many theaters in the global war on terror?

Bush is not waging a war on terror. He's waging a war of terror.

Prison visiting hours ended, before we could interview Saddam any further. However, outside the prison, we found one dynamic individual, willing to give Saddam the praise he deserves. Sir, what do you think of the interview with Saddam?

We should call him "Father Saddam". We should never call him Saddam; I don't know him. "Father Saddam" is his title, and expresses his ceremonial status as a bereaved father, calling forth over the dead bodies of his sons. He is not a person now, he is a father, which is not an expression of his individuality, but rather the expression of his eternal character: the father, the bringer of life who has been wronged by state power. ...We should not use the name of his sons. His sons are a symbol of all sons who have been sacrificed for this useless and criminal war.

Check out all the Al-Jazeera support over at Pardon My English.
More over at Free Republic. I think some of the unparodied quotes are worse than the dialogue above.

The Tyranny of the Attorney

I am firmly convinced that lawyers, of the John Edward style aggressive parasite type, are feverishly working, with unrestrained glee, at deconstructing our national security, freedom, economy and standard of living. They do this with the pure intent to make money and garner power.

The Landscape

Lawyers exploit the laws. Lawyers run for office, to make the laws. Lawyers appoint their own kind to the judiciary, so they can interpret the laws.

What is wrong with this picture?

There are no checks and balances. The only thing protecting us, is our precious Constitution. That document is currently under attack, as is evidenced by so many recent SCOTUS decisions.

The Jury

Lawyers largely pick the idiots on juries that issue ridiculous awards. These people have no clue that these punitive damages are paid by their own insurance, high prescription prices, and investors who need to be wooed with ever increasing and insane promises for profit, based on the increased risk of investing.

The lion's share of most proceeds do not go to the victim; they go to the lawyers.

The Judges

What can I say. You have more lawyers here. There are so many stories these days about the liberal judiciary and its propensity to judging our culture and economy in a destructive way.

The Federal ninth circuit is overturned at an embarrassing rate.

Judges are the number one reason referendum votes by the American people are overturned. In this way, the judiciary short circuits and destroys the will of the people.

The liberal five SCOTUS justices decided our right to property is really not protected from government seizure, under the Constitution. They are wrong, but they don't care.

The Bleeding Heart

The main argument made by the lawyers, lawgivers and the judiciary, is they are there to protect the victimized.

We can all agree the intent of law is to protect us as citizens. We therefore, must assume, that the healthy application of the law should actually protect us. We should be able to see this process working.

So, why isn't the law working, by reducing the abuse with the punitive measures?

Answer: The system is not really the problem. The damages are really legal windfalls.

If outrageous punitive damages were really there to provide punishment, then why do we see a system under constant punishment, with ever increasing jury awards?

Let's follow the money.

The biggest paying customer in our medical system is the government and insurance.

So many people look at outrageous bills and discard them with a shrug. If the government is footing the bill, then so be it. The lawyers have turned this open loop system into an open expense account. They have driven malpractice insurance, hospital insurance, insurance on medical equipment and drug manufacturers through the roof.

They have attached themselves like thirsty slugs, to the taxpayer driven soaker hose. The ooze these slugs leave in their wake manifests itself as process choking paperwork, choking legal processes, and higher risk for weary investors. All of this drives up cost. So much money is taken away from the care of patients and put in the hands of the slugs. Who is there to turn up the pressure on the soaker hose, increasing the money flow? More lawyers of course! All sitting in congressional seats.

Lawyers in the insurance companies advise them to settle, in order to reduce cost of litigation. This actually increases the cost to society for litigation, by encouraging more law suits and higher insurance rates.

Companies, which have provided crucial services have been so harassed by high insurance, lawsuits, and government regulation, do business elsewhere. The shortage of flu vaccine last year is a perfect example. They could barely make a modest profit, till the government put a cap on the amount spent on vaccine. The number of companies went from over twenty to just a few, operating outside the US. They just had it.

Medical research will never be perfect. It will never have zero risk. If we don't realize this fact of science, we soon will have no medical research. This highly profitable technology, one of the few left in America these days, will be pushed into China or India. We will then have to beg them, with hat in hand, for treatment. We will have to pay their prices. The lawyers could care less.

The Bleeding Border

Criminal aliens are spilling over the borders, effecting a foreign invasion on our soil. Lawyers are suing and seizing the property of American citizens, and giving it to illegal wetbacks. So, the lawyers are ignoring the laws regarding illegal invasion, and upholding the laws punishing a US citizen, for violating the invaders 'rights'.

Lawyers are suing hospitals for not providing care to criminal aliens. So, the lawyers are ignoring the laws regarding illegal invasion, and upholding the laws punishing a US hospital , for violating the invaders 'rights'.

These are clear violations of equal protection. They are clear violations of US sovereignty. There would have been no violation of an illegal wetback's rights, if that person were not there by an act of breaking the law in the first place!

So the lawyers on the ground, the lawyers in Washington, the lawyers in the states and the lawyers sitting on the bench are all engaged in a conspiracy to destroy the rights of the US citizen.

The Politically Correct

We have US servicemen already tried, convicted and imprisoned for abuse of prisoners under the watchful eyeballs of US lawyers.

We have ACLU lawyers swarming all over Gitmo, advising head chopping scum-bags of their precious Miranda rights.

We have ACLU lawyers swarming all over the Boy Scouts, because they are such a threat to our society.

Meanwhile, The biggest butcher of our modern century, Saddam Hussein, has still not met the justice he deserves. But that's Ok. He's got a lawyer, working hard to defend him.

The Process

Why does the US have the largest number of lawyers per capita in the world?

Answer: It's a very profitable business, in a country which has broken the lock on its treasury and allowed the government to throw the money up in an orgasmic cloud of unbridled, destructive greed.

These parasites produce nothing but paper and misery. They set up computer driven shops in states like Texas and Florida, which file injury suits in multiple counties, simultaneously, looking for a good score. It's not hard to find a Judge willing to play the game.

Many of the class action suits wind up sending coupons to the victims, higher rates to the sick, higher prices to the consumers, higher taxes to the taxpayers and millions of dollars to the lawyers.

The only way out

The only way to mitigate this problem is to rotate out the crowd in Washington. The Democrats, the RINOs and all responsible for organizations like the ACLU. Any incumbent pushing for opening the borders must go. Any incumbent standing in the way of tort reform must go. Any incumbent failing their sworn Constitutional duty, including SCOTUS justices, must go.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Shredded Chicken Salad in a PETA

PETA Protest Draws Extra Customers To KFC In Logan

There is some justice. Why can't these people find better things to protect like victims of crime, property rights, US borders and unborn children ?

Thanks to PETA, I now know at least one of Colonel Sanders' seven magic herbs and spices.

Who would have thought that brutal mechanized torture could produce such crisp, juicy, finger-licking delicious chicken? No wonder the crowds lined up.

I wonder what the other six magic spices are?

If God didn't intend that we eat animals, why did he make them out of delicious meat?

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Bladdery Powered Devices

Visit the MSNBC article Scientists develop pee-powered battery by Bjorn Carey.
Scientists have developed a way to turn pee into electricity. And there's plenty where that came from, they point out.
Do they really need to tell us there is no shortage of pee in this world?
Cheap, disposable, and renewable, urine-powered batteries may be the perfect power source for disposable healthcare test kits called biochips, the researchers say.
"We are striving to develop cheap, disposable credit card-sized biochips for disease detection," said battery developer Ki Bang Lee. "Our battery can be easily integrated into such devices, supplying electricity upon contact with biofluids such as urine.
Please God, don't let them invent urine powered scratch tickets. The parking lot smells bad enough already. However, if they could make electricity from the biofluid that oozes from the corner of Chris Matthew's mouth, while he is having one of his moonbat seizures, I project tremendous energy potential there.
To make the battery, Lee and his team soaked a piece of paper in copper chloride and then sandwiched it between strips of magnesium and copper. Then they laminated the credit card-sized unit between transparent plastic films. When a drop of urine is added to the copper chloride paper, a chemical reaction takes place and produces electricity, which is harnessed by the battery.
Mmmm. Magnesium, copper and urine sandwich. It's the drop of urine that adds just that right touch of spice.
A few drops will generate about 1.5 volts, the same as a AA battery. The battery needs to be developed further to make it commercially viable. "Our urine-activated battery would be integrated into biochip systems for healthcare diagnostic applications," Lee said.
Wow. If they integrated an array of these things in a Bum's pants, they would have an alcohol powered battery.

Lee and his team also found that they could alter the battery's performance, voltage, power, or duration by adjusting the design or materials.
I wonder if Lee needs a special research team to help map out that optimal combination of happy hour consumables vs. Voltage and power?
Lee predicts that one day people will be able to monitor their own health at home using biochips powered by this type of battery. "These fully-integrated biochip systems have a huge market potential," Lee said.
All humor aside, this is an interesting idea. It's not really rocket science, since battery technology is one of the oldest technologies around. They will need some sort of special partitioning scheme to separate the battery contaminated urine, from the sample being tested. I would think adding copper chloride and an electrical current to the sample would make its analysis difficult.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Howard the Coward

"It looks like today, and this could change, as of today it looks like women will be worse off in Iraq than they were when Saddam Hussein was president of Iraq."

Did you mean this woman Howard?

Maybe you really meant this woman.

Maybe you meant the mothers of the other hundreds of thousands of tortured and murdered people in mass graves.

Maybe you meant those Kurdish mothers of children killed by nerve gas.

Maybe you meant the young girls raped and butchered by Saddam's devil spawn.

And Mr. Dean, just in case you thought I misunderstood your words; None of these women lost loved ones, while battling for freedom against a tyrant and foreign terrorists. They lost them to oppression and the bloodthirsty pleasure of murder.

So, that is quite the mouth you have there Mr. Chairman. You should consider having it surgically removed.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Behind a Shed in Crawford

Go visit PointFive for some equally relevant satire here and here.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Fortunes not won, but made

I always wondered what ever happened to Tony Robbins. It looks like he's found a new line of work.

Sigh. Fortune cookies are not what they used to be.

At least they are making sure we don't get caught with one of these, without the crucial instructions on how to use it. There's even an emergency number, in case you get confused.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

It may be the right time

... to consider slapping serious oil sanctions on Iran. It seems counter intuitive, given the shaky state of the oil market and the high prices. There are several important reasons for this.

  • Iran would not expect it, since they are threatening to limit oil exports if the UN put nuclear sanctions on them. This would further weaken the control of the mullahs.
  • Sanctions would cut off a large source of income, right when it's producing large returns. They have been using this income to finance the terror and weapons used against our troops.
  • Increased output and pricing will increase the rebuilding profits for Iraq, and increase the financial pressure to accelerate the Iraqi oil production efficiency.

Iraq's Oil Exports Rise in July

The Change of Heart was Right

Wander over to PebblePie's site...

Read her post "I was Wrong". If this does not convince you of the massive crime of omission, being committed by the MSM every day, I don't know what will. Be sure to read the pre-war link to Rev. Ken Joseph, Jr.'ss UPI piece.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Chalk it up to Ignorance

These chalk outlines are supposed to remind us how horrible we were to drop the two big ones. I am always amused by this sort of arrogant self righteous camera snorkeling. Just what are these people protesting, year after year, with this showboating visual invective? An event that was inevitable, to get there faces pasted into the news, that's what.

What these villiage idiots really want to draw a chalk line around are these boys. This is precisely what the result would have been, had we relented in our duty. The key to winning a war is killing them, not us.

Maybe between lattes and Nikons, they can squeeze their milky scribes between these poor souls.

Outlines of us, had we lost WWII.

It does not look like there is a lot of room for chalk, to me.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Pro Multiple Choice

Over at the WSJ opinion section, NARAL is reported to be launching an ad campaign against the Roberts nomination.
The ad focuses on a friend-of-the-court brief then-deputy Solicitor General Roberts filed in 1991 in the Supreme Court case Bray v. Alexandria Women's Health Clinic. It accuses Judge Roberts of siding with "violent fringe groups and a convicted clinic bomber," and urges viewers to call their Senators to oppose his confirmation. It concludes: "America can't afford a justice whose ideology leads him to excuse violence against other Americans."
Roberts did not support any violence.


Over at the Dawn Patrol, Planned Parenthood has cobbled together a wonderful little cartoon video 'A Superhero for Choice' which features suffocation and dismemberment of right to life people (Reported on Savage, no doubt stolen from bloggers.)

I don't have a stong position on abortion, but I do have a strong position on simultaneous hippocrisy from the left. Insolublog!

Impending Travel and Freedom

The Centcom site is reporting the near...

Completion of Kandahar to Tarin Kowt Road

None of us should forget how much we depend on our roads for commerce and the health of our economy. Hats off to the Army engineers for completing this task ahead of schedule.
Over in Venezuela, 300 US students, probably paying their tuition with your hard earned tax scratch, were snuggling up to Hugo Chavez.
More than 300 students from the United States shouted out their disapproval of President Bush, chanting "Get out Bush!"
The Venezuelan leader said "socialism is the only path," and told the students the collective goal is to "save a world threatened by the voracity of U.S. imperialism."
Afghanistan, free to move away from U.S. imperialism, on a road we built for them. You have got to love the left. Insolublog!

Warning: Shameless Blog Prostitution

Mmm. There's nothing like a steaming cup of hot Phat...


You know your the only one who has seen the batcave. That being said,

Let's talk about your serious breach of compassionate conservatism, chronicled by PoP, in his heart rending comment over at Mike Fitch's site Radioactive Liberty.

Give the poor, nearly blind (can't even fill out the profile!) old man a shirt. If the head swelling has gone down, you have the opportunity to give him yours!

The first of many recipients of your lifetime of respect,

Monday, August 08, 2005

Sick of The Culture Argument

There are evil people in this world. That is a fact. No amount of analysis and application of understanding and sympathy will change this. It is not in the nature of true evil that
it be transformed.

Suicide bombers are religiously programmed automatons. They cannot be reasoned with by compassion, love and understanding. They are evil by design, often crafted during the tender years of youth. Once gestated, these meticulously pruned flora drift from their trunks on thin threads of loose relationships, cultivated rage and misdirected passion. They bob about, waiting for an infusion of political pollen to trigger their deadly blossom. We must rage against these machines.

Being told we need to analyze the problem within ourselves, makes me ill. We have problems like everybody else. That's life. All human beings have to live with it, or take action to change it. It is a false belief that someday all human beings will live in a social utopia. This impossible ideal completely negates the truth that human beings learn relevant life lessons by suffering through those lessons. Take away the suffering, takes away the learning. It's a simple, elegant analysis. Our total suffering is the sum of good and evil.

We need the suffering that teaches us good lessons and enhances our creativity and community. We need to remove the suffering that does not serve this purpose. When a subset of the human community decides that the formula for action is to terrorize and murder those they disagree with, instead of engaging in peacefully protest, That problem does not stem from us. It stems from them. Terror only serves the terrorists, for the brief time they live amongst us.

Our freedoms, our indulgences, our creative energy and the might of our civilization are a threat to those who govern their people with fear, misery and the suppression of free thought. These are the tools of these terror driven theocracies. Our creative energies may solicit these responses, they can never serve to soothe these beasts. Beating and suppressing the basic human rights of women, children and animals are part of the formula for governance in these nations. They rule by fear. When their people wail from their burdens, these same rulers blame America for the woes of their people, convincing them through propaganda that our decadent culture is the hungry monster consuming their lives and livelihoods, not the bestiality and greed of their own leadership. This is not unhealthy social tissue to be healed by compassion. It is a brutal aggressive carcinoma to be excised surgically by a policy of action and post-action triage.

Finally, freedom is not a self-renewing resource. It is a fragile crop, which requires careful tending and cultivation. If I have the choice of a fragile peace, fraught with suspicion and fear, or the destruction of these terror merchants, I choose the latter. I choose it unilaterally. Some of the worst decisions in history are made by poor compromise of committee, when conditions scream and beg for justice and honor, but actual decisions and actions become diluted and dispersed by misguided diplomacy.

Sleep Tight

I hope all the howler monkeys dancing in UK streets in 1996/97 are sleeping well with those sweeping private citizen gun bans.

I sure would be, after this British intelligence report, and this AP story, warning of massive numbers of trained Islamist militants, drinking tea, watching the BBC, just waiting for Jihad to set them free.

h.t. to LGF

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Normal Prison Fare

Once again, in the article Records Detail Inmate Fights at Guantanamo, Ben Fox over at AP has made it a point to state the obvious, then try to make an issue out of it.
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) - Detainees at the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have clashed at least 16 times, including one man who claims he has been beaten by fellow prisoners because he practices a different form of Islam than the majority at the camp.
Just more of that wonderful religious tolerance CAIR is always touting. If this is true, how can the Guardian and AP claim this was religious violence, inspired by Bush and Blair, because of the political situation between Islam and the West?
None of the incidents resulted in life-threatening injuries to the detainees at the center for U.S. terror suspects, according to the documents, which were obtained by The Associated Press under a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.
I'm so glad the AP is spending all that lawsuit money in the interest of international subhuman rights.
In one incident, two detainees fought after one accused the other of lying to military interrogators about him. In another, detainees threw water and feces at each other repeatedly in a dispute after one sang during the evening Muslim prayer call.
If any openings occur in the Oregon primate exhibit, these guys should consider submitting a resume. I am positive they would draw a crowd.
In a third, a fight broke out between two men after one accused the other of insulting his family.
What did he say? Yo mama takes off her burqa?
Military censors have blacked out names and other identifying details of detainees, U.S. troops or other witnesses...
You don't Say! With people like Reuters, AP, BBC, and the NYT out there, what do these troops and witnesses have to fear?
It is not clear from the documents whether the detainees were disciplined, but officials at the Navy base have said that inmates who break rules can be segregated, placed in more restrictive settings or lose access to such comforts as chess boards provided by the military.
No problem. They can fashion new chess pieces out of their ample supply of feces.
In a case that prompted an investigation, one detainee told military authorities that he was beaten by inmates and had urine thrown at him because he is a Shiite Muslim and most of the approximately 500 other prisoners are Sunni.
Of course they used urine. Throwing Shiite at him would be like pooping on poop.
Hat tip to Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.
Another inmate claimed that he was beaten and threatened by other inmates because "high-ranking" detainees believed he was a spy. Military authorities found no evidence of any assaults involving the detainee and concluded there was no evidence to back his claims, the documents show.
The 'high-ranking' detainees must be the scum behind the scum; Those who have the most egregious social orientation (and feces).
The U.S. government began shipping suspected terrorists to Guantanamo in early 2002 and the camp has held some 700 prisoners from 45 countries since it opened. The government announced this week that it planned to transfer some 110 Afghans at the prison back to their home country.
It's a prison folks! We have evil, incarcerated barbarians, working out a pecking order. Where is the story here? The only reason I can figure, for the mere existence of this article, is to garner anti-US sentiment. period.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

What would Wonka call it?

When I was a child, I went to a summer wedding reception. Most kids hate these things. With nerves not dulled by years, worries and the attenuation of age, kids always tend to absorb anything, in the situation, which engages their senses.

The scene was permeated with nostalgic wedding music, blended with the stumbling murmur of adult conversation and muted laughter. There was a steady background chorus of beer tab pops and the wind chime twinkle of ice, spinning in clear amber and dark milky drinks. Red straws marked the landscape in places where the sharp fumes of scotch, bourbon and brandy were blooming out. This was a tiered landscape of slate wall tops, wire framed chairs, and the smoky, bubbly surface of patio table glass.

With summer leather skin, glistening in the tropical reek of Coppertone marinade, the adults would approach with arms outstretched. They pinched your cheeks with bony fingers that had twisted lemon and lime wedges and juggled powdered wedding pastries. They would bend down and kiss you with bright waxy lipstick, venting dragon's breath laced with garlic, stale cigarettes and the ubiquitous cocktail.

In this purgatory of childhood boredom, I encountered a dessert, I have never been able to name.

It looked like brownies at first. And, please, no jokes about those special brownies we have all heard of. These did not belong to a category frowned on by the Federal government. In fact, this dessert only resembled brownies from a distance.

This wonder started life as hard baked sponge. This must have been dessicated in a slow heat, purging all moisture, leaving a dark tan mummified crisp. The rigid template, which would be humble and unremarkable by itself, was then draped in a cascade of warm chocolate. The fluid permeated the entire crisp bubbled lattice. The confection was then entombed by a chocolate caramel cloak. This was cooled to a chewy membrane, which to the casual eye, only
hinted the nature of the texture beneath.

In this deceptive attire, the hard sponge was transformed. When you bit into it, it would yield like honeycomb swollen with honey. The nerves of your mouth would instantly retreat in the bittersweet liquor of rich chocolate, sugar, butterfat and flavors. The astringent aroma would rush up your sinuses, begging tears to form. Once enticed, your mouth would race back from the pucker and bath itself in the flavor and texture of the dessert. Everywhere your tongue probed the morsel, it would collapse, releasing the pores filled with chocolate glory.

This was the kind of experience to widen a child's eyes. It stifled all the distracting intrusions of the adults. The next time you see a child at a wedding party, transfixed on a dessert, licking fingers in silence, ask them if they liked it. And please, give their mother the recipe.

Friday, August 05, 2005

A Burning Question

IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei is urging us to eliminate nuclear weapons in the interests of human survival.

Hmm. I wonder what we could do with excess nukes, which would improve the human condition?

(That is, besides scrapping the word 'scrapping' from the article title, or sending them to the moon.)

See the Netscape/CNN news story posted byMatt Drudge,
Scrapping nukes vital for human survival.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Right House Press Briefing

This is a totally fabricated Insolublog dialogue, fielding Monday's questions from the white house press corps on the Bolton Nomination and recess appointment. Our guest press secretary, sitting in for the mild Scott McClellan, is the honorable Donald Rumsfeld. We enter the briefing already in progress...

..Setting aside the question of the merits, or demerits of Ambassador Bolton, --just that aside-- , the reality now is he goes up there without Senate confirmation. Does the President regret this in a sense, and does he feel that Bolton's efficiency up there, his effectiveness is going to be damaged by not having confirmation?

You really don't want to set aside the question of merits do you? I can see you are itching to badger this candidate with irrelevant minutiae, aren't you son?

Are you suggesting that leaving this post unmanned, for months of Senate bickering, is more efficient than a recess appointment? The President doesn't share this view. Neither do I.

How do you square that position with the opposition from folks like George Voinovich?

With all due respect to yourself, Voinovich is a invertebrate. Let me keep going on the first row, and then I'll come back to you, Carl. Terry, you had something.

A lot of people say that he was very sharp with subordinates and that he was tough and too hard on them. Does he intend to moderate his behavior in this new job?

Before you swoop down on this man's character, let's get a few things straight. Both the president and I like Johns style; I wouldn't ask him to change a thing. I believe that John's alpha dog treatment of the herd up there at the UN, will properly coral them back to sensible foreign policy. Actually, let me elaborate a bit. The UN is not a herd of sheep. It's a herd of cats. We need an appointee who is not afraid to endure a little biting and scratching.

In fact, Don, what a lot of people accuse Bolton of is being a hard-charging guy, abrasive, abusive. I mean, some of his critics have used all of these words. Even Kofi Annan, Secretary General, saying essentially, hey, take it easy up here; it's good to push, but you've got to work with other ambassadors. Is in fact -- is that, in fact, exactly what the President is looking for?

I know you are eager to latch on to John's character in a derogatory way. What part of 'Both the president and I like John's style', didn't penetrate your lexicon? He's a border collie; Smart, resourceful and loyal. That's what the president wants.

And the President is a pretty plain-spoken guy, as well, so why don't we be -- why don't you be a little bit more blunt here. (Laughter.) Does, in fact --

[long pause]. More blunt? Are you suffering from short term memory loss as well as halitosis, son?

Yes. But the rap here is the President has chosen somebody who is quite undiplomatic for a diplomatic post. Is that what he wants?

That's the whole problem with these guys! They are all diplomats. They don't think; They drink. The president wants a thinker in that position.

Mr. Secretary, some of the Democrats are saying this is abuse of power, and if you'd given over some of the information that you had, he would have gotten a vote. How do you respond to that?

This is Washington. Stinging accusations and reprisals are nothing new here. Nobody in the public believes that he would have gotten a vote, without a protracted battle. Which Democrats are you talking about? Ted Kennedy? Hiding behind his mother's political skirt after drowning a young woman; that's what I call abuse of power.

.. On Bolton's aggressive and abrasive managerial style, what does this send to --

This line of questioning stinks. Let's move on to someone without a surplus ear wax problem.

Well, following up on what you just said, you're basically saying that a handful of senators, Democrats, are holding you up. What do you think about Senator Ed Kennedy talking about how Bolton misled Congress by denying he had interviewed in the State Department CIA investigation of faulty pre-war intelligence on Iraq?

Boy... You guys get a little sniff of blood in the water, and you automatically think you have story to shake apart ...

If I could belabor it just a little bit, his --

No you may not. I'm a busy man. I have already elaborated, on all of the details, regarding Sen. Kennedy's varied and numerous emissions.

But do you expect him [Bolton] to -- he is very, very proud of his hard-charging style. Do you anticipate that he's going to continue to operate that way in the United Nations environment?

You people -- and I have to use that term with extreme looseness in this context -- continue to complain about Bolton's efficiency at the UN. What about your efficiency? If you condensed all your ridiculous little rhetorical, Jeopardy speeches into to a single question, I would be able to answer more questions instead of repeating myself.

Some Democrats are saying that this appointment will complicate the confirmation process for Judge Roberts. Did the President consider that? And does he have any strategy for trying to convince Democrats that they should abandon partisanship --

Yes, he has a strategy. He intends to end all these nocturnal filibusters by securing a decisive majority in the next round of Senate elections. That's it for questions. I have to go! As you file out, make sure you read more about the Bolton story over at Point Five.