Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Tyranny of the Attorney

I am firmly convinced that lawyers, of the John Edward style aggressive parasite type, are feverishly working, with unrestrained glee, at deconstructing our national security, freedom, economy and standard of living. They do this with the pure intent to make money and garner power.

The Landscape

Lawyers exploit the laws. Lawyers run for office, to make the laws. Lawyers appoint their own kind to the judiciary, so they can interpret the laws.

What is wrong with this picture?

There are no checks and balances. The only thing protecting us, is our precious Constitution. That document is currently under attack, as is evidenced by so many recent SCOTUS decisions.

The Jury

Lawyers largely pick the idiots on juries that issue ridiculous awards. These people have no clue that these punitive damages are paid by their own insurance, high prescription prices, and investors who need to be wooed with ever increasing and insane promises for profit, based on the increased risk of investing.

The lion's share of most proceeds do not go to the victim; they go to the lawyers.

The Judges

What can I say. You have more lawyers here. There are so many stories these days about the liberal judiciary and its propensity to judging our culture and economy in a destructive way.

The Federal ninth circuit is overturned at an embarrassing rate.

Judges are the number one reason referendum votes by the American people are overturned. In this way, the judiciary short circuits and destroys the will of the people.

The liberal five SCOTUS justices decided our right to property is really not protected from government seizure, under the Constitution. They are wrong, but they don't care.

The Bleeding Heart

The main argument made by the lawyers, lawgivers and the judiciary, is they are there to protect the victimized.

We can all agree the intent of law is to protect us as citizens. We therefore, must assume, that the healthy application of the law should actually protect us. We should be able to see this process working.

So, why isn't the law working, by reducing the abuse with the punitive measures?

Answer: The system is not really the problem. The damages are really legal windfalls.

If outrageous punitive damages were really there to provide punishment, then why do we see a system under constant punishment, with ever increasing jury awards?

Let's follow the money.

The biggest paying customer in our medical system is the government and insurance.

So many people look at outrageous bills and discard them with a shrug. If the government is footing the bill, then so be it. The lawyers have turned this open loop system into an open expense account. They have driven malpractice insurance, hospital insurance, insurance on medical equipment and drug manufacturers through the roof.

They have attached themselves like thirsty slugs, to the taxpayer driven soaker hose. The ooze these slugs leave in their wake manifests itself as process choking paperwork, choking legal processes, and higher risk for weary investors. All of this drives up cost. So much money is taken away from the care of patients and put in the hands of the slugs. Who is there to turn up the pressure on the soaker hose, increasing the money flow? More lawyers of course! All sitting in congressional seats.

Lawyers in the insurance companies advise them to settle, in order to reduce cost of litigation. This actually increases the cost to society for litigation, by encouraging more law suits and higher insurance rates.

Companies, which have provided crucial services have been so harassed by high insurance, lawsuits, and government regulation, do business elsewhere. The shortage of flu vaccine last year is a perfect example. They could barely make a modest profit, till the government put a cap on the amount spent on vaccine. The number of companies went from over twenty to just a few, operating outside the US. They just had it.

Medical research will never be perfect. It will never have zero risk. If we don't realize this fact of science, we soon will have no medical research. This highly profitable technology, one of the few left in America these days, will be pushed into China or India. We will then have to beg them, with hat in hand, for treatment. We will have to pay their prices. The lawyers could care less.

The Bleeding Border

Criminal aliens are spilling over the borders, effecting a foreign invasion on our soil. Lawyers are suing and seizing the property of American citizens, and giving it to illegal wetbacks. So, the lawyers are ignoring the laws regarding illegal invasion, and upholding the laws punishing a US citizen, for violating the invaders 'rights'.

Lawyers are suing hospitals for not providing care to criminal aliens. So, the lawyers are ignoring the laws regarding illegal invasion, and upholding the laws punishing a US hospital , for violating the invaders 'rights'.

These are clear violations of equal protection. They are clear violations of US sovereignty. There would have been no violation of an illegal wetback's rights, if that person were not there by an act of breaking the law in the first place!

So the lawyers on the ground, the lawyers in Washington, the lawyers in the states and the lawyers sitting on the bench are all engaged in a conspiracy to destroy the rights of the US citizen.

The Politically Correct

We have US servicemen already tried, convicted and imprisoned for abuse of prisoners under the watchful eyeballs of US lawyers.

We have ACLU lawyers swarming all over Gitmo, advising head chopping scum-bags of their precious Miranda rights.

We have ACLU lawyers swarming all over the Boy Scouts, because they are such a threat to our society.

Meanwhile, The biggest butcher of our modern century, Saddam Hussein, has still not met the justice he deserves. But that's Ok. He's got a lawyer, working hard to defend him.

The Process

Why does the US have the largest number of lawyers per capita in the world?

Answer: It's a very profitable business, in a country which has broken the lock on its treasury and allowed the government to throw the money up in an orgasmic cloud of unbridled, destructive greed.

These parasites produce nothing but paper and misery. They set up computer driven shops in states like Texas and Florida, which file injury suits in multiple counties, simultaneously, looking for a good score. It's not hard to find a Judge willing to play the game.

Many of the class action suits wind up sending coupons to the victims, higher rates to the sick, higher prices to the consumers, higher taxes to the taxpayers and millions of dollars to the lawyers.

The only way out

The only way to mitigate this problem is to rotate out the crowd in Washington. The Democrats, the RINOs and all responsible for organizations like the ACLU. Any incumbent pushing for opening the borders must go. Any incumbent standing in the way of tort reform must go. Any incumbent failing their sworn Constitutional duty, including SCOTUS justices, must go.


HydroplaningCulture said...

Very nice rant. It's all true. But Matt & Trey are right. The fight can't be won without an actor to sway public opinion.

Uber said...

All that is required to sway public opinion are more who are willing to educate others.

There be a wealth of non-voting Americans who either agree or would agree were they paying attention at all. The more extreme these issues become, the better the chances of getting these people off their lazy butts to vote (don't use that line as a motivator, tempting as it may be *g*).

Terrific essay, Insolu. Inspiring even. The best thus far imo.

Insolublog said...

Hydro - I think the South Park duo aren't far off the mark. Ever since the political caucus was completely replaced with the primary system, only candidates with telepresence have made it through the gauntlet.

Uber - Thanks for the kind words. Voter apathy is one of the things that worries me the most. I think individuals in the normal cultural flow, are going to have to make up for our terrible educational system crisis by educating their fellow citizens through the school of hard knocks.