Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Kill the Wabbit

Commander: Taliban Recruiting at Schools

This must be stopped immediately. The last thing we need is another generational round of impressionable human ordinance.


Pebble said...

Go read this it's hilarious:
Jeeb Ginsea Jedeeda

Dr. Phat Tony said...

Indocrination into Terrorism 101

Damian G. said...

If this shows how desperate they are, then we must be doing something right.

But their struggle will be reported by the MSM as victories over our "victimised" soldiers.

a4g said...

Great blog, InsoluBlog! Although I'm not a f**king spam bot, I can still imitate their shallow praise and folksy manner.

How about checking out my new spammer assassination discussion forum and see what you think.

Dr. Phat Tony said...

Great blog, much better than mine. Maybe you would be interested in buying some swag

Insolublog said...

pebblepie - Now that's a good sign of democracy. I said the same thing about the looting that occured after the statue came down.

DPT - Becoming a disposable tool 101.

Damian - As long as the killing rate exceeds the spawning rate, I'll be satisfied.

a4g - I wish spammers got the same treatment as the meat-by-product. Squeegee them off the killing floor, stuff 'em in a can, then bake them at a few hundred degrees.

DPT - Damn. Where IS that credit card?

FIAR said...

Leave it to Doc to never forego an opportunity to pimp the swag, or at least gratuitously link to himself.