Thursday, March 30, 2006

Guess what's worse than Non-enforcement?

First, goto JimmyB's site and print out the money you will be using to pay that next GOP donation solicitation. Not only is it elegantly crafted, but it will fire an effective bullet, right through that Washington D.C. treasure chest.

So, what is worse than non-enforcement? Sabotaging existing enforcement operations, that's what.

Insolu will now be using the term CAIN, which stands for Criminal Alien INvader.

The Bush administration has stopped using fake health and safety meetings at job workshops to snag illegal immigrants.

Thanks again, Mr. President. There is no better way to guarantee that you will not perform your executive duty to enforce the law, by taking the toolbox away.

Marcy Forman, director of the Homeland Security Department's Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) divison, said in a letter to the United Food and Commercial Workers union, that it had stopped using sting operations for rounding up undocumented immigrants.

ICE arrested 49 illegal immigrant workers at North Carolina's Seymour Johnson Air Force Base last summer by luring them with a flier to what was advertised as a mandatory Occupational Safety and Health Administration meeting.

I am so glad that 49 CAINs were so emboldened, without fear, that they were willing to walk onto a secure ( and I use that term loosely), military facility, to comply with a ficticious OSHA safety requirement. Now the rest of the CAINs can be damn sure that their illegal status will go unanswered.

Those arrested were contract workers and largely laborers, such as carpenters, with no access to military files.

Oh, Insolublog feels so much better. Now that we are ending the sting practice, why not go all the way and hire undocumented workers to rummage through Air Force office wastebaskets, unmolested by pesky security personnel? You hear that Al Qaeda? No more sting from the abeja asesina, senior.

"The use of the OSHA ruse by ICE agents in North Carolina at the Air Force Base was not coordinated with OSHA," Dean Boyd, an ICE spokesman said Wednesday. "It was a mistake and should not have happened. ICE has since taken corrective action to ensure it doesn't happen again."

The sting drew immediate criticism from unions, immigration advocates and the North Carolina's Occupational Safety and Health Division. Neither the state agency nor federal OSHA officials were involved in the sting.

OSHA "is the agency charged with keeping people safe on the job," said Jill Cashen, spokeswoman for the United Food and Commercial Workers Union. "To use it as a trap is outrageous and undermines safety on the job."

As, for national security, undermine away. Obviously, illegal CAINs can count on actual government agencies, being represented in stings, to put their own narrow, selfish, bureaucratic policy interests above the national security of the American people and all efforts to enforce immigration law.
The union made the March 17 letter from Forman public as the Senate plunged into a debate over tightening borders and fining employers who hire undocumented immigrants. It also is deciding whether to provide some kind of legal status to the rouhgly 11 million illegal aliens now living in the United States as an alternative to deporting them.

If they publicly announce an amnesty, before any border security measures are implemented, it will guarantee an acceleration of CAINs across that border. This is exactly what happened during the last amnesty program passed by the venerable President Reagan ( I am very sorry to say. ) Now we have seen an increase of 440% over those 1986 figures. Our congress is now poised to do precisely the very same thing, again.

The only tool left in the toolbox, to identify CAINs and take away their incentive, is criminal prosecution of their employers. This program should not only be implemented immediately, but it is the sworn duty of the executive to do so. Every day that goes by, when illegal immigration felons employ illegal labor, is a day the government is violating its constitutionally sworn duty to uphold the law.

When government officials erect barriers to that enforcement, as they are doing here, and in countless other cases, they instantly become willing accomplices to those felonies.


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Some brief Oil/Water separation

Yes, in today's news, we have a classic Insoluble dilemma courtesy Matt Drudge and the WSJ.

Over at the AP, we have some nice pre-election Democrat rhetoric:

Democrats Offer National Security Platform
Mar 29 10:13 AM US/Eastern
Associated Press Writer

Congressional Democrats vow to provide U.S. agents with the resources to hunt down Osama bin Laden and ensure a "responsible redeployment of U.S. forces" from Iraq in 2006 in a national security policy statement House and Senate Democratic leaders were announcing Wednesday.

"We need a new direction on national security, and leaders with policies that are tough and smart. That is what Democrats offer," Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said in remarks prepared for delivery Wednesday.

His counterpart in the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said Democrats were providing a fresh strategy _ "one that is strong and smart, which understands the challenges America faces in a post 9/11 world, and one that demonstrates that Democrats are the party of real national security."

Republicans criticized the statement as an election-year stunt.

What in the world would give us evil conservative Republicans that idea?
It looks like they have already begun to secure that platform of national security. They had the dirigible-in-chief, Ted Kennedy, waddle out on the floor and co-host that wildly popular new reality show: Amnesty for Illegal Criminal Aliens.

Over at the WSJ Opinion Journal, we have some post-election action and the Democratic reaction you can expect to see.

I love the fact that Corzine's election podium has not even cooled-off yet.

Mr. Corzine won the Trenton statehouse last year by running as a tax cutter who'd raise property tax rebates by 40% over four years. "I'm not considering raising taxes. It's not on my agenda. We have a very high-rate tax structure. I'm not considering it," the then-U.S. Senator had vowed in October.

Well, last week Governor Corzine removed the Steve Forbes mask and submitted a record $30.9 billion budget that increases state spending by 9% and includes $1.5 billion in new levies. He wants to raise the already high state sales tax by 16% and extend it to services; hike taxes on cigarettes, alcohol and expensive cars; and create a new state water tax.

Say it isn't so! What do his shocked Democrat colleagues have to say?

While voters might feel misled by this 180-degree turn, Mr. Corzine is winning praise from fellow Democrats as a "straight shooter" brave enough to make "hard choices." Former Governor Jim Florio said, "I think this is an intellectually honest budget." Senator Robert Menendez, who was appointed to serve the remainder of Mr. Corzine's term, commended the Governor for submitting the "most honest, fiscally responsible budget in years."

Well, there you have it.

This is what we should expect from Democrats on the issue of national security. We will see more of these "hard choices" reversing those promises made, along with the Democrat prosecution of an "intellectually honest war on terror". The hard liners will swiftly rationalize their hypocrisy with complete confidence and pride, with the lightning speed of Gov. elect, John Corzine.

At least President Bush had an attack on this country and a subsequent war on terror to excuse some of his radical spending.

Corzine lied from the starting gate, made it across the finish line, then spun the wheel of fortune straight to the 'loser' slot.

Enjoy him for the full term, people of New Jersey. You earned it.


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Twelve Impeachable Men

Senators Back Guest Workers
Panel's Measure Sides With Bush
By Jonathan Weisman
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, March 28, 2006; A01

I love the way the media cherry picks the language they use for their stories. Here I provide a translation of key points in Weisman's piece, inserting the appropriate language.

A key Senate panel broke with the House's get-tough approach to illegal immigration yesterday and sent to the floor a broad revision of the nation's immigration laws that would provide lawful employment to millions of undocumented workers while offering work visas to hundreds of thousands of new immigrants every year.


A key Senate panel committed felonious and treasonous conspiracy with an invading foreign power yesterday and sent to the floor a broad gutting of the nation's largely un-enforced immigration laws that would wipe out the parts of those laws which point out their hypocrisy and failure.

With bipartisan support, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 12 to 6 to side with President Bush's general approach to an immigration issue that is dividing the country, fracturing the Republican Party and ripening into one of the biggest political debates of this election year. Conservatives have loudly demanded that the government tighten control of U.S. borders and begin deporting illegal immigrants. But in recent weeks, the immigrant community has risen up in protest, marching by the hundreds of thousands to denounce what they see as draconian measures under consideration in Washington.


With liberal and greed driven support, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 12 to 6 to commit treasonous abrogation of constitutional duty by employing a general approach to an criminal foreign invader issue that is dividing the country, fracturing the Republican Party and ripening into one of the biggest political debates of this election year. Conservatives have loudly demanded that the government tighten control of U.S. borders and begin deporting illegal immigrants. But in recent weeks, the illegal criminal invaders and their felonious conspirators have risen up in protest, marching by the hundreds of thousands to denounce what sensible American citizens see as enforcement of the rule of law.

"There is no issue outside of civil rights that brings out the kind of emotions we have seen," said Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.), one of the bill's primary sponsors, who called the controversy "a defining issue of our times."


"There is no issue outside of hatred for Bush and being rich enough to buy your way out of negligent homicide that brings out the kind of emotions we have seen," Said Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.), one of the primary felonious conspirators, who called the controversy "a great club to beat conservatives with."

Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) rushed committee members to complete their work to meet a midnight deadline imposed by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.), who favors a tougher approach more in line with the version passed by the House last December. But once the committee had acted, Frist declined to say last night whether he would substitute the committee's legislation for his own, which includes no guest-worker program.


Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) rushed committee members to complete their act of seditious, state sanctioned negligence to meet a midnight deadline imposed by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.), who favors law enforcement. But once the committee had acted, Frist declined to say last night whether he would substitute the committee's legislation for his own, which includes no criminal invader amnesty program.

Frist's efforts to wrest control of the issue from the Judiciary Committee could produce a power struggle among Republicans once the majority leader brings up the issue for debate and votes in the full Senate, probably this week. Specter and the other committee leaders may have to muscle their bill through as an amendment if Frist refuses to back down.


Frist's patriotic efforts to preserve the meaning behind writing laws, could produce a power struggle with liberals and greed driven conspirators, who insist we ignore enforcement of laws they don't like.

"Congress needs to pass a comprehensive bill that secures the border, improves interior enforcement, and creates a temporary-worker program to strengthen our security and our economy," Bush said yesterday at a ceremony to swear in 30 new U.S. citizens from 20 countries. "Completing a comprehensive bill is not going to be easy. It will require all of us in Washington to make tough choices and make compromises."


"Congress needs to chisel more incomprehensible Hieroglyphs on the books of congress that babble on about border security, interior enforcement, and creates another temporary mood soothing program to strengthen our political position," Bush said yesterday at a ceremony to swear in 30 new U.S. citizens from 20 countries. "Completing another epitaph, dedicated to the death of national will and pride, is not going to be easy. It will require all of us in Washington to make tough grammar choices and sound bites, which haven't already been used to spin this issue."

But the immigrant community has been galvanized by what it sees as a heavy-handed crackdown on undocumented workers by Washington. The House in December rejected calls for a guest-worker program and instead approved a bill that would stiffen penalties on illegal immigrants, force businesses to run the names of each employee through federal databases to prove their legality, deploy more border agents and unmanned aerial vehicles to the nation's frontiers and build massive walls along sections of the U.S.-Mexican border.


But the criminal mob has been galvanized by what it sees as an attempt to enforce the law on foreign invaders by Washington. The House in December rejected calls for an invader amnesty program and instead approved a bill that would add more feel-good harsh language to the congressional register, asking felonious business criminals, if they would be nice enough to run the names of each employee through federal databases to prove their legality. Wink, nod, if Jose Morales shows up a million times, your worker is probably OK. They also deployed more border agents to arrest American citizens for defending their land and unmanned aerial vehicles to identify and treat thirsty desert travelers.

At least 14,000 students stormed out of schools in Southern California and elsewhere yesterday, waving flags and chanting to protest congressional actions. About 100 demonstrators, including members of the clergy, appeared at the Capitol yesterday in handcuffs to object to provisions in the House bill that would make illegal immigrants into felons and criminalize humanitarian groups that feed and house them. More than a half-million marchers protested in Los Angeles on Saturday, following protests in Phoenix, Milwaukee and Philadelphia.


At least 14,000 felonious conspirators, pot smoking liberals and tax-sucking illegal parasites stormed out of schools in Northern Nuevo Mexico and elsewhere yesterday, waving Mexican flags and chanting to protest law enforcement. About 100 demonstrators, including members of the clergy, appeared at the Capitol yesterday in handcuffs to engage in the usual ridiculous, symbolically ignorant posturing. More than a half-million illegal marchers protested in Los Angeles on Saturday, following mobs in Phoenix, Milwaukee and Philadelphia.

"The immigration debate should be conducted in a civil and dignified way," Bush said. "No one should play on people's fears, or try to pit neighbors against each other."

You mean, like a mob of half a million foreign invaders, playing on the fears of politicians, Mr. President?

"We are eager, once the Senate passes this bill, to sit down and talk with them, but there are certain fundamental principles which we simply cannot compromise on," said Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who cosponsored the bill that passed the Judiciary Committee largely intact last night. "It has to be a comprehensive approach. As we all know, just building walls and hiring more border patrols are not the answers to our immigration problem."


"We are eager, once the Senate passes this bill, to sit down and congratulate ourselves for a nation well screwed. We won't mind talking with them, once the bill's passed, since talk means nothing after that. Free talk for everyone!," said Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who cosponsored the bill that passed the Judiciary Committee largely intact last night. "It has to be a comprehensive amnesty for criminal invaders. As we all know, building walls and hiring more border patrols is more cosmetic than anything else."

Specter, the committee chairman, had tried for weeks to find a middle ground between senators advocating a generous guest-worker program and those categorically rejecting amnesty for illegal immigrants. In the end, that search for a compromise failed because advocates of the guest-worker program had more than enough votes to overcome conservative opposition.


Specter, the committee chairman, had tried for weeks to find a middle ground between enforcing the law and breaking the law. In the end, that search for a compromise failed because advocates of breaking the law had more than enough votes to overcome conservative opposition.

The panel's bill would allow the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in this country to apply for a work visa after paying back taxes and a penalty. The first three-year visa could be renewed for three more years. After four years, visa holders could apply for green cards and begin moving toward citizenship. An additional 400,000 such visas would be offered each year to workers seeking to enter the country.


The panel's bill would impose restrictions that illegal criminal invaders will ignore, but sound like punishment to the American public. After four years, American citizens will realize just how useless this was, only they will then have a population of 13 million criminal foreign invaders.

Senators also accepted a proposal by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) that would offer 1.5 million illegal farmworkers a "blue card" visa that would legalize their status. The committee also accepted a provision by Sen. Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.) that would shield humanitarian organizations from prosecution for providing more than simple emergency aid to illegal immigrants, rejecting an amendment by Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.) to require humanitarian groups providing food, medical aid and advice to illegal immigrants to register with the Department of Homeland Security.


Senators also accepted a proposal by Vincente Fox, to have Mexican presses start to vigorously print "blue card" visas, that would legalize their status. The committee also accepted a provision by Sen. Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.) that would shield humanitarian organizations from prosecution for being outright criminal accomplices, by supplying more than simple emergency aid to illegal immigrants.

Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) protested that the Feinstein proposal was more focused on offering illegal immigrants a path to citizenship than meeting the labor demands of agriculture. Cornyn suggested the Judiciary Committee bill was moving toward creating a caste of second-class workers.

But Cornyn may have summed up Senate fears when he referred to energized voters protesting what they see as amnesty for people who violated the nation's laws and made a mockery of its borders.

"The American people are thinking, 'Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me,' " he said. "The only way we can get the confidence of the American people is to convince them we are absolutely serious about border security and law enforcement."


None needed, for the honorable, patriotic Sen. Cornyn and Sen. Kyl.

We have a huge debt piling up. We have a Social Security system about to implode, with a large raft of seniors on board. Nobody is fixing that problem now; It seems to have disappeared from the radar screen. What is engaging my Republican bretheren in congress? Another huge entitlement giveaway, in the form of taxpayer funded support for illegal invaders. Where is that money going to come from?

Go read 'Guests or gate crashers'
by one of my favorite conservatives, Dr. Thomas Sowell.

Friday, March 24, 2006

The Criminal Invasion Continues

Ah, Yes. The incompetence of our government, never ceases to amaze me.

(CBS) PHOENIX Thousands of immigrant rights supporters filled a major Phoenix thoroughfare Friday morning as they marched toward the office of U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl in a rally call for a more humane reform of immigration laws.
Humane of course means free, unobstructed invasion of our soil, without any documented accountability for anything. How many of these punks, who are not here illegally, have visited an emergency room lately? Oh. I forgot. They are all ideological liberal yoots, who want everyone with a real job, to pay both their health insurance and free state sponsored medial care for criminal alien invaders.

Many of the protesters said they were most incensed by one immigration reform proposal approved by the U.S. House of Representatives in December that would make it make it a felony to be in the country illegally.

It is much better to wait for that felonious rape, murder and theft by the criminal invader. Then we have a genuine citizen victim to support AND a wetback criminal to feed in jail. At least we can claim a felony was committed on moral principles, other than criminal invasion.

Kyl, a Republican, is sponsoring a bill along with Republican Sen. John Cornyn of Texas that would give illegal immigrants up to five years to leave the country. They would then be able to apply from their home country to return, either as temporary workers or for permanent residency.

Wow. How terribly inhumane of Sen. Cornyn. He wants to tell everyone that pushes their way in front of the line, to see the popular movie 'The American Dream', sponsored by that famous producer John Q. Taxpayer, to go back to the end of the line and wait like everyone else. Take his popcorn and soda away folks.

The protests come as President Bush has urged lawmakers to approach the contentious immigration issue in a way that avoids pitting groups against each other.

Err... you mean like pitting that group of law-abiding citizens and taxpayers against that group of entitlement-sucking criminal alien invaders?

The Senate is scheduled to take up the immigration issue next week. State and federal lawmakers have come under pressure by voters to find a way to deal with an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants already in the country.


Here is how to deal with them.

  • Put them to work building a 30 foot above ground concrete wall, running 20 feet deep into the sand of the U.S./Mexican border.
  • Provide free delicious, iced GOP cool aide and bologna sandwiches for that hot work, under the Mexican sun.
  • Next, push them over the top of the wall.
  • Finally, tell them the check is in the mail.

Some states have taken steps to try to limit or cut state services to such immigrants.

Try to limit? As Yoda says, "There is no try. There is only Do!"

Lawmakers have also been considering bills that would impose new penalties on employers who hire illegal immigrants. Another proposal is to erect fences along one-third of the U.S.-Mexican border.

How about enforcing the penalties that already exist on the books? It is a felony, by the way.

The proposals have angered many in the Hispanic community.

Looks like we should commission a Berkeley study about whiny, foreign ingrates who grow up to be illegal, entitlement demanding parasites.

On Thursday, more than 10,000 people filled the streets of Milwaukee in what was billed as "A Day Without Latinos" to protest efforts in Congress to target undocumented workers.

Beautiful. We just identified 8,800 criminal invaders, who can be rounded-up right away, and 1,200 criminals who can be busted for drug possession.

Hundreds of Los Angeles students walked out Friday morning to call attention to immigration issues.

They have my attention. This is a good thing. It is one less school day full of the liberal brain blender, set to puree, courtesy of the LA public school system.

In Georgia, activists said tens of thousands of workers did not show up at their jobs on Friday after calls for a work stoppage to protest a bill passed by the Georgia House on Thursday. That bill, which has yet to gain Senate approval, would deny state services to adults living in the U.S. illegally and impose a 5 percent surcharge on wire transfers from illegals.
Teodoro Maus, one of the organizers of the Georgia protest, estimated as many as 80,000 Hispanics did not show up for work Friday.

This reminds me of the anarchist youths burning France right now, committing national security suicide, in the name of job security. It is just drawing the attention of the American citizen to the real scope of the disaster, promulgated by both the President and the liberal Democrats, every time they openly fail their Constitutional sworn duty, to enforce the law.

About 200 people converged on the steps of the Georgia Capitol, some wrapped in Mexican flags and holding signs reading: "Don't panic, we're Hispanic" and "We have a dream, too."
Note the choice of flag those people are draped in. It is a Mexican dream; not the American dream. We should panic.

Mr. Bush said Thursday that his message is: "If you are doing a job that Americans won't do, you're welcome here for a period of time to do that job."
Wrong, wrong, forever in error. Drive over to Houston, and give those Katrina evacuees, who seem to have all the free time in the world, a Ray Nagin bus ride to the job site. They can pull up their welfare entitlements, and earn their keep.

The president is working hand-in-hand with employers who want cheap labor to clean hotel rooms, pick crops and do other tasks that they say keep their businesses competitive. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., says he understands those economic issues, but his focus is on the main concern voiced by the social conservatives national security.

This is more economic gobbledygook bull shite. Frist should not even bow to deference on this ridiculous score. This does not keep employers competitive. It puts the few employers, who legally employ American citizens and legal aliens, out of business. If you want to eliminate the need for a minimum wage, you can use the same feedback mechanism used to eliminate inflation. They control inflation by regulating the money supply. You can regulate wages by controlling the labor supply. Build that wall. Control the rate of immigration. The wages will follow.

The public appears to be more on the side of tougher border control. Three-quarters of respondents to a Time magazine poll in January said the United States is not doing enough to keep illegal immigrants from entering the country. Roughly the same amount said they favor a guest worker program for illegal immigrants, but 46 percent said those workers should have to return first to their native countries and apply. About 50 percent favored deporting all illegal immigrants.

And you can be sure, if those are the numbers came from a Time magazine poll, the real figure is more like 70-30 for deportation.

"We've scheduled two weeks of debate," his spokeswoman said, underscoring the divisiveness of the issue. "We need all two weeks."

Insolu-translation: We have scheduled two more weeks of nascent, Dr. Feel Good, unproductive D.C. gum flapping and butt slapping. This will spray a little sweet lilac water on this festering public abscess. We dearly hope that this, combined with some well placed tranquilizing, mind-numbing MSM sponsored committee Valium, will squeeze us by another election. Then someone else can saw off the putrefied, gangrenous limb. Meanwhile, we can all gather in the sauna, trade some earmarks, some lobby swag and some laughs at the expense of those poor suckers, paying the freight.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., backed by labor unions, has said he will do all he can, including filibuster, to thwart Frist's legislation. So has Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., who said legislation seeking to criminalize undocumented immigrants is not in line with Republicans' stated support for faith and values and "would literally criminalize the Good Samaritan and probably even Jesus himself."

Now this is Hillary-ous. Vincente Fox's bogus, corrupt Mexican cartel, swimming in oil revenues, is shipping their problem over here, demanding services, demanding political power, declaring war on our nation, by virtue of a criminal alien invasion. These two dancing clown DNC marionettes tell us the Republicans are to blame, for not being compassionate Samaritans. What about the 'teach a man to fish' story, you inflated, varicose, pathetic media whores.


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Pelligro! Geek Project Alert

I swear JimmyB is psychic. This is like, the third time he has pinged me for a post, just before I posted.

I was in the Home Cheapo, buying some final materials for the project described herein. I approached the self-checkout kiosk. There sat the LCD panel, greeting me in Spanish. Nowhere on that screen was a button marked 'Speak English'. Every button I pressed solicited a sultry Spanish voice, from the computer console. At one point, the tower began to flash and the buttons refused to respond. As usual, the single, lone soul, marshalling the troubles of the self-indulging Depot patrons, was preoccupied.

So, I apologize to the poor associate(s) who had to put back that bottle of Mapp Gas, who had to resort and restock those copper elbows, who had to find the drawer, which held those stainless, self-piercing sheet metal screws. Please pass the negative sentiment to the corporate mother. I have absolutely no patience and tolerance for English as a second language, at a store located in this United States. If that HD kiosk software is not capable of instantly converting to the official language of the United States, then I will make it my business to convey my disposable income instantly to Lowes; which I did.

So, here's some home center engineering, for computer buffs.

Recently, I built a new database server for the big project, which I have been spending a good deal of time on. The system sports a 1.2Tbyte RAID Array, a dual processor server motherboard, running two dual-core AMD Opteron processors (second CPU not pictured) and 4G of DDR ram. Needless to say, it creates a great deal of heat, even without a high performance video card, which it will get, after the company business is done with. The large power supply and ample fans provide plenty of cooling. However, they also provide plenty of noise.

I started looking at liquid cooling solutions. I have had my eye on the Zalman Reserator fanless cooling tower for quite some time. It is a nice quiet piece, both efficient in function and artistic in design. I was a little disappointed with some of the comments at newegg, as well as the price.

So, I made it my mission to build a fanless cooler from as many home center parts as I could put together. Here is the prototype:

It has a PVC water fill tank, which doubles as an air purge and filter. It uses an off-the-shelf forced water baseboard heating register from HydroTherm as the heat exchanger. The only non-Lowes/Depot parts were the continuous duty Magnetic drive low pressure pump from McMaster Carr and a generous supply of silicone hose. The whole prototype came out to around $150, with the copper fittings, hose barbs and parts I already had.

I wanted a pump with long term wear properties. This was the most expensive part in the system by far, at just over one hundred dollars. I bet another one could be salvaged, for far less.

Although the unshielded pump has a prominent hum, it is much quieter than the case fans. In fact, fully assembled, the whole unit can fit behind the desk on the floor. It will resemble the heating register from which it is fabricated. If total silence is absolutely required, this pump is capable of forcing water against a head of 14 feet before cutoff. Therefore, it is possible to put it in a basement space below the computer, or another room.

The one thing I did buy for the CPUs are the Zalman water blocks. These are nice parts, with nice engineering built in.

It's too bad you will not see these gold flashed beauties in the case. Insol doesn't believe in the fuzzy dice style flashy computing. It reminds me of those hideous rice rockets that swarm out of Lawrence MA, adorned with every piece of blinking LED flair that you can buy from Pep Boys. I like dark Rovian helicopter style computing, with everything concealed under a flat black, radar proof veneer.

When I get off my butt and build the test gear, consisting of a constant pure heat power source, encased in a styrofoam/picnic cooler calorimeter, I will push the cooler to it's ambient dissipation limit and see just how good it is.

Having Fun.


Friday, March 10, 2006

Bye Bye, Miss American Dubai

I respectfully disagree with President Bush on the Dubai port deal. So, I am glad at least one of us is being respectful. I know that the President, Rush, the WSJ, and many individuals and institutions I respect a great deal, are arguing in defense of the UAE. What really bothers me, is that the debate is being framed in an ad hominem fashion, by calling conservative individuals, who reject the deal, as racists. This weak and frankly disappointing slander is what is absurd and insulting. I deploy a Rush strategy here. I reject the premise.

I certainly remember 911

With regards to the president's nephew, and his comments, he is just like any other young college punk, still green between the ears.

Roosevelt ordered the internment of American Japanese for a reason. There were naturalized American citizens, who emigrated back to Japan, and repatriated, when the WWII broke out. There was genuine concern that U.S. security was at risk. Whether you agree with it or not, even the Supreme court upheld the practice, in Korematsu vs. The United States, as a right of the executive granted by the conditions of a wartime emergency. I am not going to speculate on whether we went too far in this circumstance, but national security war powers carry great weight.

So, we are not at war with Dubai. It's not the same, is it?

This is true. It is not same. It is actually worse. The terror war's combatants are religious fanatics. They have no national pride. They do not respect Geneva. They do not respect borders. They use our own media and economic trade fluidity against us. They are every bit as dangerous as the suicidal kamikaze, willing to exploit any venue, including corporate international trade infrastructure and bureaucracy.

This is not a racist argument. It is profiling an enemy, which matches a known profile.

This Open Door was used Before

How many of the fifteen hijackers used our open door, fast track entry policy, from Saudi Arabia, to gain access to U.S. soil and attack us on 9/11? I don't even need to answer this question.

Government bureaucrats and international trade partners argued that Saudi Arabia was a great friend and ally in the Mideast. They were our close trading partners. That may be true, at the high level of international diplomacy. It did not stop that fateful infiltration, that resulted in the fall of those towers, thousands dead and trillions spent in retribution.

We are now being given the very same line of reasoning, regarding the UAE. They are our trade partners. They are our friends an allies in the Mideast. They are partners in the war on terror. That may be true. I choose not to carry that risk burden again, under the same conditions. It is about access and security. The safety of Americans is the first Constitutional priority, for all of our government officials, over and above all trade considerations.

This is not a racial argument. It is an argument framed in political circumstances, observed in the recent past.

This sends a bad message to the Mideast

Pardon my French, but tough $hit, Mr. President. The Mideast has been sending thousands of bad messages to Israel, the United States, the UK, the Philippines, China, India, Spain, France, Africa, Russia, Denmark, Holland etc. for decades. We finally got those messages, Mr. President. The terrorists made sure we got them, loud and clear. Forgive us if we are not quite ready to break bread with another 'respectable' Mideast partner, give them the keys to our house, our car and the leash to the family dog.

Don't forget what Ronald Reagan said.

Trust but verify.

Ronald Reagan felt is was fine to do business with this new man, Mikhail Gorbachev. It did not stop him from railing against the evil empire. He kept his country's security first and foremost in his mind. Remember how many exuberant investors lost their shirts in the great Russian Glasnost experiment, because they had a reckless freewheeling attitude?

I know the Dubai government is not an evil communist empire, but the existence of evil terrorists, using moderate Arab governments and businesses to facilitate their funding and dissemination is undeniable and verifyable.

This is not racism. It is motivated self interest and self defense. I have the right to be suspicious. I have the right to defend myself, at least in words.

All the Bureaucrats need is another excuse

What happens when the inevitable lousy border security policy results in a smuggled WMD, and the death of thousands more American citizens? Without the Dubai port straw man, government bureaucrats will have nobody to blame but themselves. This is a position they do not want to be in. It is brutal irony. They would love to hold that Dubai race card, close to their chest, for quick emergency deployment. It would allow them to continue the covert public sector money grab, while delivering that world famous government issued incompetence, for which they are so famous. This is fine as long as our brave soldiers are killing terrorists left and right overseas. Engaging the infidel, for a quick express ticket to Allah, is just a short hop to Iraq; at least for now.

This is not a racist argument. We all know nobody in government ever takes the blame for their failures. I do not want them to have another vehicle.

Straight from the Jimmy Carter Playbook

Finally, Mr. President and company, you should all know that throwing a tantrum over the impressed will of the American people, then implying they are engaging in ignorant racism, is straight from the Jimmy Carter general malaise playbook. It is politically foolish. This folly separated Carter from his base, and invigorated his enemies. I see that familiar pattern here.

It is no wonder Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter are standing shoulder to shoulder with you on this one.


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hands Across the Aisle

Is now the time to reach across the aisle, to our fellow Democrat?

This was the subject of an e-mail I received today. The body of the mail included a admission of liberal intent, with the standard claim of personal hatred for the president. The banter of several individuals, in the exchange, went on to 'admit' that the American voter is an idiot, on both sides of the aisle. The rationalization continued. Since the overwhelming mass of voters are hopeless fools, beyond redemption, we should all work to see eye to eye on the issues, shouldn't we? Is this what passes for the hand of truce? An elitist statement of intellectual superiority, followed by an admission of powerlessness?

Nope. I am not buying it. I just haven't had enough satisfaction. I don't want the razing to stop; now that it's getting exciting.

And why should it?

There is nothing to be accomplished by adopting this attitude, except defeat.

I want Hillary to run. I want Michael Moore to manage her campaign. I want Howard Dean, Babs Streisand and George Clooney to write her speeches for her, whether she likes it or not. If all the people out there are just stupid idiots, let's see who has the ability to collect the largest bushel of idiots the public school system has to offer.

I want my ears to ring with the shotgun-inspired tinnitus of political demagoguery. I want it synchronized to the theme song of the Rush Limbaugh show. I want that political shotgun loaded up and fired repeatedly, until you can sizzle bacon and fry hen fruit on the barrel. I want no political carcass to be found, untainted by lead shot.

Hell. Give Dick Cheney and David Gregory a pair of dueling pistols, along with five off-the-record minutes during a press briefing.

I want the left to bring all the ammunition they can muster to the fight. Let’s see if they can effect change, using every four letter juvenile sound bite, crotch grab, naked gay parade, burning effigy, lawn swastika and slanderous Hitler comparison they can bring to the party.

Bring on all those ‘527s, paving the road to hell, with the intentions of shallow brained, walnut sacked moderates, who wouldn’t know enough to step off the train tracks with a 130db steam whistle heating their ears and a mega-candlepower headlight burning out their orbs. Let the train run them down, full speed, as they are checking their wet fingers for the breezy direction from all those ridiculous media opinion polls.

I love the divisive, rock-em-sock-em robots in Washington. Bring on Zell Miller. Give him that snake-killing shovel. Point him in the direction of Jim Carville and say:

"See that snake, Zell? It's threatening your grandchildren. Go kill it, brother!"

I want every dork that Borked Bork, get Borked themselves and dragged through the ideological streets of the capital, with a rope fashioned by their own rhetoric, behind the conservative chariot.

I also want to see Bush struck in his Achilles heel. I want the demons of overspending, border security, entitlement pork and port deals, displayed front and center. I want those sharpened spears, arrows and swords, poised and ready to draw the blood of every politician brandishing a weak excuse for national policy and security.

I want a fight that makes the Jefferson/Adams poison pen media campaign look like Valentine's day. The politics of today is not some brandy spankin' new age of poor sportsmanship. History is full of politics. It has always been ugly.

Let the libs keep pouring money and energy into the Bush bashing hate festival. It's beautiful.

I want every juicy, meaty scandal pulled out of the Clinton walk-in-freezer/master-bedroom. I want them thawed out and braised in a spicy Malkin and Drudge marinade. I want every shred of meat chewed off and masticated. I want the marrow sucked out of the bones. I want those bones bleached, dessicated, draped in fresh laundromat plastic and stuck right back in the Clinton closet, for display.

I want the forensic evidence to show deep canine grooves in those Clinton skeletons, matching Karl Rove's dental records. I want a picture of Rove, in a bib, buffalo sauce ringing his lips, slurping both thumb and forfinger. The caption should read:

Dems is good eatin'

Screw the hand-pumping, smile on the face, with a dagger under the toga, duplicitous, bipartisan, hypocritical Senate posturing. The Wellstone funeral, the King funeral, the SOTU speech antics and the SCOTUS hearings proved that we don't need no stinking decorum. Cast it away, I say. Take the padded boxing gloves off, and put on chain mail, and brass knuckles.

From a scene featuring the Governator:

Mongol General:
Rhino McCain, what is best in life?
Rhino McCain:
We need to reach across the aisle and find a way to bring Democrats and Republicans together to solve these grave issues before us.
Mongol General:
Wrong! Conan, what is best in life?
Conan the Republican:

To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women!
If I am going to have to pay for the Coliseum, regardless of the quality of the show, I might as well be entertained.