Friday, September 22, 2006

Another Bubble Bursts

Much like the irrationally exuberant internet bubble, that began to burst in the waning years of his administration, Bill Clinton's carefully protected legacy bubble is beginning to burst. His desperation is beginning to show. In this latest video, up on Drudge, you can see the unhinged Bill Clinton that Dick Morris told us about. Finally, you get to see the fragile narcissist, completely engrossed in the struggle to keep the rotten fruit of his own administration from rolling through the soggy paper bag of his media apologists.

Sorry, Bill. You really are a loser. You really are a failure. You picked that mealy bruised apple, Sandy Berger. You picked that greasy black banana Madeline Albright, with that greasy black peel, Janet Reno. The fragrant moldy Jamie Gorelick worked under your watch. The bumbling secret fumbling squishy plum Bill Richardson worked for you. Les Aspin, who refused armor for our troops in Somalia, was your fermented grape.

President Bush and the American people had to clean up your sloppy, pathetic abject failure at an unnecessarily high premium. Live with your basket of produce, Bill. You shopped for it. You eat it buddy.

Speaking of dried up old bags of fruit. May the twelfth Imam arrive soon, to pluck out my eyes with a rusty tablespoon. Forget waterboarding torture. Wallpaper a few Gitmo cells with this gem, and a raging torrent of critical intelligence will issue forth.

A Boston Landmark

This corporate sign has been a landmark of the Boston skyline, for several decades.

Since hurricane Hugo visited the northeast, a movement has sprung up, to remove the icon. I say cover it up, until his sudden unexpected demise.

Now, there is no rush here. I am basking in the satisfaction of watching all the crazy moonbats, defend the icon of an evil oil company, because they hate Bush more than anything on the face of the planet.

The million dollar question is: What do we put in it's place?


If Boston has to keep the sign, at least they should label it appropriately:

We would not want anyone to mistake who is behind the oil company's political maneuvering.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tarr and Feathers

Do me a favor, Mr. State Senator Bruce Tarr. It is difficult enough to stomach the Hugo Chavez CITGO politics in Massachusetts.

I do not answer, with money, donation solicitations for Massachusetts Democrats, coming from members of my own party.



Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Please Pass the Fold-up Chair

The speech by Chavez, on the floor of the U.N. proves it. The U.N. has, thanks to the liberal media, lowered itself into the gutter of personal sniping. It has allowed a third world, Massachusetts grade moron to spray his oral diarrhea all over the stage, to the chortling glee of the membership.

The U.N. body chuckling along with this Latin lunatic, have appointed Jerry Springer as the moderator for an overindulged trashy trailer, situated up on blocks, along the east river.

There was a time in this country, when an insult like this would have solicited a duel challenge. The South American jackrabbit would have been forced to produce his sword. Then, like the ample, overripe pustule he is, he would have been lanced and drained of his infection, right on the lawn of the White house.

We are told that we are now far more civilized than those days of yore. We are better than that. I believe one thing is certain. If unchecked, individuals like Chavez and Ahmadinejad will test the limits of civilized behavior, at the cost of many lives.

As for the U.N., since they enjoy playing in the mud, why don't we accommodate them, by sending them to the third world they covet so much?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

It's a Tired Reflex

Well, it is primary day in the Gay state. As I was walking past the strictly Democratic sign bearers, one of them urged me to vote for Deval Patrick. I told him that in the state of Mass, there is plenty of time to vote for a communist, after you register on the obituary page. He laughed! Ok. So not all of them are completely humorless.

I checked off Ken Chase for the senate. He is running against the senator who is responsible for the fatal Chappaquiddick water-boarding torture technique. It is too bad Mary Jo was not wearing the uniform of her country, when she was sequestered in Teddy's secret DUI prison.

Some extensions to Patrick's familiar slogan "Together We Can."

  • Together we can raise his taxes.
  • Together we can raise her taxes.
  • Together we can raise the gender-in-transition person's taxes
  • Together we can bring back the Mike Stanley Dukakis prison furloughs.
  • Together we can usher illegal aliens through college, on those tax increases.
  • Together we can move the liberal judiciary into your kid's underwear.
  • Together we can bring government and business together.
  • Together we can run a liberal black guy against the evil white Republican woman, using his skin color as cool, hip racist leverage against her. I pledge to withdraw this bullet, if the liberals don't use the race card; Yeah, right.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Give it up, Mr. Peanut

Former United States President Jimmy Carter has criticised the British Government's "subservient" attitude towards the White House.

Mr Carter told BBC's Newsnight he believed Tony Blair was a good man, but that he could have used his influence more wisely.

Perhaps, on this one item, Jimmy has a point.

When the honorable Prime Minister Blair first heard this guy, on the floor of the British Parliament...

[ That stogie must be loaded with something other than tobacco.]

He should have wisely influenced him with a real Texas argument, like this one.

I suggest the influence be applied directly between the eyes; hopefully while he is lighting one of those smelly ropes.

The 81-year-old[Carter] said: "There had once been a very strong voice from London in the shaping of a common policy.

Yeah, Jimmy, her name was Margaret Thatcher. As I recall, she also exercised a strong voice. She was also capaple of thinking straight, when she reached 81. That common policy, with president Reagan, ended the cold war. When you say common policy, you mean communist policy.

Being prime minister is a lonely job... you cannot lead from the crowd.
- Margaret Thatcher

As for leading from the crowd, let's continue on with more pap from the desk of the former president.

"I have been really disappointed in the apparent subservience of the British government's policies related to many of the serious mistakes that have originated in Washington."

Uhhh... Many of the mistakes originating in Washington, originated from British intelligence. Of course, I don't expect Jimmy to actually find a wagging tail, and assume that the dog attached to it is anything special.

Mr Carter, an opponent of the war in Iraq, continued: "No matter what kind of radical or ill-advised policy was proposed from the White House, it seems to me that almost automatically the Government of Great Britain would adopt the same policy without exerting its influence.

Jimmy's morning checklist, sitting next to the glass of soluble fiber:

British subservience to U.N. pedophiles. [

British subservience to political correctness, in the handling of naturalized radicals. [OK]

Subservience of a retired U.S. president,
to the Euro-trash press, against a sitting war time president. [OK]
Jews defending themselves [Not OK].

George Bush and anything related [
Not OK]Elevating a soggy old rotten peanut, sitting at the bottom of the tank, who desperately wants to float to the top of the cesspool. [Top Priority]

"We, therefore, here in Britain stand shoulder to shoulder with our American friends in this hour of tragedy, and we, like them, will not rest until this evil is driven from our world." - Prime Minister Tony Blair

I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that was sincere.

I know it is hard to believe.

I know it is tempting to accuse Mr. Blair of just fanning the flames of his desire, to throw president Bush a party, and shred all the invitations to fine Democrats like Jimmy Carter.

After all, who really wants to destroy misunderstood youths, stumbling around with a hungry wriggling maggot of an ideology, chewing away at their brain tissue?

Once the brain has been vacated, we should open up a dialogue with the maggot, right Jimmy?

"This was the case in the Middle East peace process, in the case of the Lebanese/Israeli war in the recent past and certainly in the ill-advised abandonment of the war against terrorism to substitute the war in Iraq."

What peace process, you fool? When has there ever been anything resembling a peace process? Real peace does not consist of letting hyenas nip at your calves, until you drop to your knees.

Maybe our soldiers should abandon the process of churning all those dead terrorists, into the soil of Iraq?

Maybe it would be better to let the locusts cross our threshold and enter our kitchen. Then we can meticulously pick them out of our dry goods, one by one, with the insect killing power of the liberal judiciary.

That would be about as effective as that 'green' laundry detergent. Reading the label might make you feel all warm and fuzzy, then your clothes get all fuzzy and you chuck that crap into the garbage.


Squish them in the yard, with the big, roaring toys that only men with testicles can appreciate.

Asked if he thought Britain was exerting its influence behind the scenes, he replied he had seen no evidence of that.
"I haven't seen the corrective effect of British disagreement with what the White House has proposed. It may be there, it hasn't been evident to the public," he said.

What Jimmy means by public, are the twin engine meat grinders called the Guardian and the BBC. Sorry, Jimmy. Tony Blair has a genuine multitasking computer in his upstairs attic. He does not think with a lightly salted, dry roasted brain, like someone, who we won't mention, with the intials JC, who was the 39th president of the U.S.A.

Tony knows the stove is hot. He knows that the heat has to stay on high, to deal with a domestic problem that might kill him.

I hope to see the corrective effect of guys like you, on Republican voter turnout.

A Downing Street spokesman told the BBC Number 10 had nothing to say about Mr Carters comments, adding that Mr Blair had made clear why he thought the transatlantic relationship was important.

As far as I am concerned, every BBC is number 2. It is not the public, driving the reporting of the BBC. It is the BBC reporting their own politics, hoping to shape the opinion of the public.

In 1976 Mr Carter unseated the incumbent Gerald Ford to become the 39th US president, serving until 1981. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002, when he was cited for his decades of work seeking peaceful solutions and promoting social and economic justice.

What a trophy to hold up. Jimmy shares the same distinction as Yasser Arafat, who pretty much did the same thing as Jimmy. He sat on his ass, collecting a paycheck, by paying lip service to the suffering of his own people. With Jimmy the meek, I cite Americans being held hostage and Americans wallowing in double digit stagflation. Welcome to the talk-is-cheap Nobel club.

Is there any way I can get Tony Blair an appointment as an honorary ex-president of the United States? Is there some Federal form I can fill out? I nominate the vacancy of the 39th slot. Jimmy can keep the Swiss plastic trophy. We will give Tony a heavy gold one, which can use as a bookend for that Churchill collection.

Please, Mr. Carter, do us all a favor. I have been listening to your latest commercial for Red Cross blood donation. The next time you go to donate blood, save a few more lives here, and many more lives over in the mideast, by thoughtfully donating your entire supply.


Monday, September 11, 2006

Two can play that game

"It's a disturbing film," said Peter Piper, head of Moore4, the television channel that will telecast the film in England in October.

"It raises questions about the effects of Canadian foreign policy and particularly the moonbat war on the war on terror," said Piper, who denied criticism that the film made an anti-Canadian or anti-Liberal political statement. "It's a fairly attention-grabbing premise, but behind that is a serious and thought-provoking film."
In the film, A large region of downtown Toronto is obliterated by a nuclear explosion, while the city is inundated with attendees of a controversial film festival. The bomb is planted in the city, during a peace demonstration, by a naturalized Syrian born Muslim terrorist, given political sanctuary in the western country. The explosion occurs in October 2007.
Piper said the explosion scene, which comes about 10 minutes into the 90-minute film, is a mushrooming glimpse rather than "a gratuitously lengthy gazing kind of scene." He said it was "very small in comparison to the blood and death we see fabricated every day, in the news, by Reuters cameramen in Lebanon."
"We know some people are going to be offended," Piper said. "But you always risk offending people when you open people's eyes to the way the world is. Sometimes the truth is a bit unpalatable."


Towering Posterity

"Posterity - You will never know how much it has cost my generation
for your freedom. I hope you make good use of it."

- John Quincy

I have been reading many of the 2996 tributes, penned by fellow bloggers, of 9/11 victims. The thing that stands out, in my mind, over this national day of mourning, is the cultural difference between the combatants, over the value of a citizen’s life. I know I did not volunteer to write an individual tribute. I suppose one of the reasons was 9/11 made me physically ill for months after it happened. I live in a state, where some of the hijackers found comfort and launched their attack; a state which has not learned the lesson delivered to us, by those who made all of the memorial tributes necessary.

We celebrate the lives of our citizens.

It is not hubris to ring bells and practice moments of silence. When we repeat the loving praises of citizens, who comprised a fateful rivulet, in the daily stream of civilized humanity, it is not a sin. It is not a troubling, selfish political calculation to memorialize citizens, who were savagely plucked from that stream, over and over again.

Every act of terror, is a terrorizing act, because it is directed at those who can be terrorized. It is not an honorable fight, in any state of desperation. It is bloody reality shock theater, designed to make people sick. It is an act, designed to shake the foundation of their optimism, courage, faith, determinism and sanity. Moral cost and consequence, are not included in the calculation of such an act.

It is not an equally uncivilized act, to track down and destroy the murderers of our citizens. Our deliberate and determined war on the terror masters is just another 9/11 tribute. It is a tribute to the value we place on every single one of those citizens, without regard to their level of contribution.

We love our citizens.

This is why many people are so desperate to come here. It is why so few voluntarily leave. It is why the faces of those tower victims graced the entire spectrum of civilized humanity. Every missing face is remembered, in pictures and with words, for years on end. Why do we suffer so little, in the face of an enemy who suffers so much? We love our citizens, more than we love theirs. We provide our citizens with freedom, power and security for the price of citizenship and willing participation. It is not an act of selfishness and moral ergonomics to embrace that gift. It was built for us, through blood, treasure, love and passion.

The enemy supposedly loves their God.They serve him raw meat at every occasion, both foreign and domestic. They coddle dead, stiff children, as stage props, before rolling cameras. They send children out, adorned with explosives and a head full of love for their god and hate for everyone else. They call it social oppression and desperation. American citizens, who love their country and value their people, would never resort to this level of desperation. The terrorists see their millennium dream of Islamic submission, by the conquered people of the free world, slipping from their fingers.

Any excuse to use, abuse, implement, discard and forget one of their own, can be justified before their god. The dead children of Jihad are not treasured, by the numerous ranks of the living. The children of Jihad, are not bound and embraced, by the love of citizens and country. The faces of the children of Jihad, quickly dissolve into statistical obscurity. They have to rely on the belief, that all of the love and comfort they seek, will be delivered in death, through a private audience with their god.

Cultural defeat is the true desperation they suffer from.

They have spent too much of their own worthless blood, as well as the expensive blood of American soldiers, American citizens, foreign soldiers and innocent bystanders, to venture anywhere but over the cliff.

There is another cultural defeat, which must be secured. That is the end of the culture of defeat, here at home. They celebrate death too. They throw people under the bus as well. That’s for another day.

Our love for our citizens, our refusal to forget them and our iron will to protect the lives of the living families they left behind, will be the instrument of that cultural defeat.

Tributes by friends:

Franco Romero Sr.
Sarah Khan
Kenneth John Cubas
Maria La Vache
Christina Donovan Flannery
Rev. Francis E. Grogan
Joao Alberto da Fonseca Aguiar Jr.


Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Burning Question

Mr. Conservative... How many licks does it take, to get to the tootsie roll center of the national security issue?

I don't know son... I never made it without fighting.

"What I say is that on that September 10th and September 11th, on the fifth anniversary of an extraordinary tragedy in America, you don't welcome a person to Harvard with open arms who has preached the destruction of Israel, who has developed nuclear technology, contrary to what he had said, who has jailed dissident students in his country, who has praised Hezbollah. This is a person who's words are worth nothing."
- Massachusetts Republican Governor Mitt Romney

Why don't you ask Mr. Liberal?

Mr. Liberal... How many licks does it take, to get to the tootsie roll center of the national security issue?

Let's find out...


"Reprehensible" is the word used by the White House to describe remarks made by Sen. Dick Durbin (search) earlier this week comparing the treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to victims of Nazis, Soviet gulags and Cambodia's Khmer Rouge. -Fox
The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times both reported last week that the Treasury Department had subpoenaed information from SWIFT -- a financial clearinghouse that exchanges transactional information between banks -- as part of anti-terrorism probes since the 2001 al Qaeda attacks on New York and Washington. - CNN

"Congress was briefed, and what we did was fully authorized under the law," President Bush told reporters. "And the disclosure of this program is disgraceful."


The company distributing filmmaker Michael Moore's Bush-bashing movie "Fahrenheit 9/11" says it won't reject an offer of help from Middle East terrorist organization Hezbollah. As WorldNetDaily reported, terrorists affiliated with the Iran-backed network last week offered to help promote the film in the United Arab Emirates. -World Net Daily
"Look, the U.N. Security Council passed a resolution. They said if the Iranians didn't step up, that we would step up. This is a test for the diplomacy. This is a test for the United Nations. If it fails, then what we're going to have to do is begin to come up with a serious containment policy, here." - Senator Joe Biden

[Insol: Diplomacy and U.N. resolutions! Why didn't we think of those powerful tyrant toppling tools of terror? What a fantastic, kick a$$ national safety strategy.]

Uh-Three ...

Former President Carter is reported to have agreed in principle to meet with Khatami during his visit, although there was no immediate confirmation that the Iranian will accept the invitation.

State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said Carter was "a private citizen, and he is free to meet with whomever he pleases."


"Did they have to pick the fifth anniversary of 9/11 and the National Cathedral, which is the place where we memorialized and commemorated the [9/11] victims?" demanded Kevin Hermening, one of 52 American hostages captured in the U.S. Embassy in Tehran in 1979.

[Insol: Do you remember that one Jimmy C.? You had a front row seat, until Ronaldo Magnus kicked both you and Iran out of it.]


Iranian terrorist leader Khatami is invited to Harvard for a birthday party. The birthday celebrates the birth of a five year old tragedy.

Harvard's academic PC cadre of despicable, pandering apologists and appeasers can get some free spoiled brat attention from the national media. They get to push everybody's hot buttons. They get to say "Look! Over here! We get to be good world citizens, by giving evil a microphone!"

Tom Menino, The Democrat mayor of Boston, pledges the security of the Boston police for the Khatami visit.

So, How many licks does it take to get to the chewy core of national security?

The world may never know. (Until November, that is)


Friday, September 01, 2006

All you had to do was Ask

Lately I have been immersed in the mind bending drama of collecting various electrical characterization measurements.

Not only that, but I am collecting them in a thrilling television miniseries, which swings from cool reviews, to hot prime time ratings. My tested parts have free tickets to all of the exciting temperatures.

From the lonely, often fatal Day After Tomorrow of -55 degC...

To a functionally crisp, but still pissed off -40 degC,

To a robust "Get the job done" 0 degC,

To a nominal but comfortable "What? You still want me to work after all that freezing and wiggling?" of 25degC,

To the very spicy, sub-boiling drama of 85degC...

And, of course, the tragically delicious Inconvenient Truth of 125degC.

Yes. It's a semiconductive child, only a mother could love.

So, if you wan't, please ask some questions.

Any topic within reason.

Believe me. I won't mind!

Dear God, I will try to break away from this addictive thrill, to ponder, answer and link.

Answers (Posted as they are generated.):

JimmyB the CUG: How can I sleep at night if I vote for Republicans just because they are not Democrats, even though they are liberal? Am I doomed to vote "less liberal" for the rest of my life, or should I go with someone else on principle?

Sadly, jimmyb, being a conservative is like being an old aggressive cat.

Most of the ruling party recoils at the thought of petting an animal covered with so many battle scars, that it feels like a bag of unshelled walnuts covered in furry shrink wrap. One of the eyes is half closed. One ear is torn in half, coiled into dry leather. Several teeth are missing. The tail is crooked at a funny angle, maybe two. But the country clubbers say 'nice kitty' and leave out a small dish of Friskies. Why? Because the cat is good at marching out, day and night, howling, scratching and biting enemy cats, while chasing the vermin out of its adopted house.

Now the cat is totally friendly to the people it likes; like fellow conservatives and friendly dogs. It rubs their legs . It purrs. People that see through the exterior, are respected and greeted warmly. They know the cat is doing the right thing. They know it is just as capable of compassion as it is capable of ferocity. They see the value in more than just the cat's rodent hunting skills. The cat leaves those 'special gifts' for friends. It helps out with more than just a vote in the polls.

The key is to rid the house of those people who want the cat euthanized. You know the type. They say it is an act of humane compassion, driven by the goodness of their hearts. Of course this is liberal new-speak. It means... Get rid of that nasty old thing, because we would rather experiment with removing all restrictions on destructive vermin, scampering about the country. The cat should continue to scratch and bite the legs of these people, then scurry off when the animal control officer arrives. It is so satisfying to sit in the woods, laughing, while the liberal trudges off to get rabies shots.

So will you sleep at night? Probably not. Cats don't sleep at night. The cat is independent, and very difficult to control. That's why so many people either love him, or hate his guts. As long as the government never has the power to stick him with sodium pentathol or chop his wontons off (loved that metaphor, Wyatt) he will continue to do his conservative job.

In summary:

Fellow conservative: Purring, gifts and an enthusiastic vote.
Stale RINO Friskies: Aloof, tail in the air, but still chase the mice with a vote.
Democrat liberal with a needle: A nay vote with teeth and claws.

Continue to be belligerent, independent and a general howling pain in the a$$. It's the only way to keep the house clean.

Dr Phat Tony:
My get money quick scheme with Save Jill has only netted $11. Does the party of compassion have no money to spend on a innocent goat, but have money to spend on proping up welfare recipients that are guilty of sloth? Should I use a cuter animal next time?


If I were to interpret the 'party of compassion' in the sarcastic liberal sense, I would say that that the reason no money was spent to save Jill, was twofold. First, liberals don't spend their own money on the welfare of others. They spend taxpayers money; then they take the credit for the compassion as if they had delivered it from their own pocket. Secondly, they only spend that taxpayer's money, if the pandering will garner votes. Last time I checked, Jill had even less of a right to vote, then the sea of unprocessed illegal aliens, just waiting to become the new liberal victim underclass. When they bitch and cry, on your blog, about how cruel and unusual your Jill policy is, it costs the price of a comment. The commenter can then walk away, without donating, claiming a moral victory, on the cheap.

If the 'party of compassion' was a reference to compassionate conservatism, conservatives reject the idea that able bodied welfare recipients collecting government checks, or abusing the voluntarity charity of others. The American dream is about opportunity. It is not just about the money, but the thrill of playing the game. How many new and exciting ways, here in the land of opportunity, can you think of, to separate a fool, and their disposable income? Have you tried E-Bay?

In my humble opinion, The American dream is about a hand up, not a hand out. In Jill's case, a hand up into a braising vessel, with a generous portion of fresh potatoes, sweet onions, thinly sliced celery, young cute baby carrots and a spicy cracked black pepper rub down.

Jill can best serve her country by being served.

You know, I was thinking... for about $11, I bet you could buy all of those adjunct ingredients, at the nearest Wal-Mart super center. Wouldn't that be supreme irony? I also believe it would be completely legal, under the Jill charter.

Perhaps you should use a less delicious and succulent animal next time.

Wyatt Earp:

I am a so-called racist cop (naturally) who likes NASCAR, 80's punk rock/new wave music, ice hockey, and world history. Is there a woman out there for me? And if not, do I have ANY redeeming qualities?


You are (naturally) soliciting match making advice from someone who hasn't found that perfect mate himself. But that shouldn't stop anyone who is not entirely and undeniably unlike Dear Abby from dispensing such advice.

So let's Google the following:

women who like racist cops, NASCAR, 80's punk rock/new wave music, ice hockey and world history

Hmmm. 25 pretty lame and fruitless hits, Apparently, the geeks who created Google are about as adept at match-making as yours truly.

Let's broaden our vista's by searching for:

women who love racist cops

There's the hit we were looking for, at the bottom of the page.

Woman Tasered by Cops
It looks like the audience gives this novel mate capturing technique four out of five stars for effectiveness.

Sheesh. I'm really bombing on this one. When I find the woman who loves me for my attachment to football, world history, blogging and political triangulation, I will be far better equipped to render a decision.

Now as for the if not, do I have ANY redeeming qualities part...

It's always fun to point out at least one redeeming quality, by probing its hypothetical absence. In this regard, it is your taste in women, specifically those with guns. If you were crippled in your masculinity, you might find this sexy.

Being a reader of your blog, I have to tell you, there is nothing wrong with your taste in gun toting women. Why you would need redemption, in either the religious or economic sense, is beyond me. Keep window shopping. When you find the right store, right in all respects, I would enjoy the heads up.


How can I be a Christian and a conservative and still be a teacher?

And..if Wyatt is married, why is he asking for advice on women? Wouldn't his wife be a little unhappy about it?


That is a no-brainer. Work for a private Christian school.

Seeing that you are from New Jersey and are asking me this question, I can only assume that that last sentence does not apply to you. Even if you are working for a public school in New Jersey, it is quite easy to be a Christian conservative. Why? Because it is highly unlikely that you engage in behavior which will get you into trouble. Being a conservative probably means you practice a moral civilized brand of teaching, where the kids get to stay kids, while learning about reading, writing and arithmetic.

Liberals are the ones who can't help themselves, in their pursuit to mold the future. Instead of getting the basics, the kids wind up studying each other's budding sexuality, while reading excerpts from Trotsky, Mao and Karl Marx.

Here in Lexington MA, they send homework back with the kids, describing the virtues of having two mommies or two daddies. They might send the children home with an assignment to write anti-war hate mail to President Bush.

The fact that they are the ones who bring their atheism and politics into the classroom, along with the fact that they know it is wrong, along with the high probability that they are smoking a really potent marijuana blend, fills them with the petrified paranoia that conservative Christians just might do the same. They also know the minds of children are the best canvas to paint their insanity on, since it is not coated with the Teflon or wax of rational thought, which is capable of sloughing off that paint.

Now... If you want to wiggle the trigger of the bear trap, you could try sending an assignment home, to write support letters to injured soldiers, or heaven forbid, president Bush. In America past, when we had an institutional sense of national pride, that activity would have been encouraged. Today? Well, just remember Insolublog does not provide any expressed or implied warranty of merchantability, on fitness of his advice, for any purpose whatsoever.


About Wyatt. Remember that window shopping comment I mentioned? That's something married guys do all the time. As long as you don't walk into the store and order takeout, it's Ok. Of course, I am a bachelor, so it's easy to be liberal (wince) with my comments in this area. As for Wyatt's wife, maybe she encourages the existence of his steam valve. Stranger truths are in evidence, in this wonderful world of ours.


Am I too late to ask a question of Insolublog the Omniscient?

If not, what form of ritual suicide should be employed if the Democrats take the house and senate? Seppuku? Hara-Kari? Jim Jones flavored Kool-Aid?

Insolublog:It is never too late, fm, when I am being preoccupied with the ritual of collecting automated test data. That suicide thing is sounding good about now, but for the alleviation of petrifying boredom.

Speaking of gathering data, I think that would be the approach to take, should moonbats take the House and Senate. Even if they win the political battle, they do not have the entire battlefield of opinion anymore. They will never get it back; unless they try to legislate it out of existence.

That would be a dark day.

That would require serious consequences.

There is no honor, in the liberal land of moral sin, gin and political spin. This enemy does not play the field with honor. They do not treat their foes with honor. Ritual suicide is not on the table, under these circumstances. Where would the honor be, in killing oneself, in full Japanese regalia, under the spreading cherry blossoms for a dishonorable, unwashed, unprincipled moonbat? All they would do is laugh and tell their media manequins to put your obituary amidst the personal ads of the NYT, on page sixty-something.

In this case, you treat the political situation like a chess game. They took the Queen. They took the rook. They think they have you. They put those dark shades of arrogance over their eyes.

Then you quietly move your pawn into the backfield. You do it, while they are gyrating, in the popular emotional rant. You do it when they are too stupid to see you position it. Then, you have your Queen back; maybe several, along with a gleaming, razor edged Katana of sound bites and hypocrisy, which you bring down with a stealthy, visceral slash of bloodletting victory.

Republican warlords would not be in this weakened position, had they not dulled that graceful blade, with rampant pork barrel spending, illegal pandering and general Democrat like behavior.

A loss would be a harsh lesson. Bring back the contract. Of course, while you suffer the slings and arrows of their outrageous world view, you might also suffer death by entitlement, or terrorist attack. At least you can go down fighting, with honor.


Weel, since it's never too late, what impact, if any, do you think the election of Calderon in Mexico will have on illegal immigration? Well, he is officially the "president elect," so I'm guessing he's the next president, but then again this is Mexico.

Insolublog:If by impact, you mean reduction, I do not think any Mexican candidate will take any action to reduce the illegal problem. The whole situation is a win for Mexico. As long as we do nothing, Mexicans get tax free jobs, free health care, free education and free beer. They may even collect social security. Their money just flows back to the home country, since they are not experiencing any real assimilation pressure here in Amurca. Left wing activists tell them that we are just a long lost extension of Mexico anyway. Improving the conditions in Mexico would require money and work. There is no pressure on the Mexican bureaucratic elites to lift a finger whatsoever.

An Obrador election would have made the exodus of illegals far worse. Socialism tends to bankrupt countries. Communism destroys them. A totally business hostile Mexico would make the scent of American prosperity irresistible.

In summary, the overall impact looks like more of the same.


Does a Wifi signal operate at the same wavelength as say a, 2.4GHz cordless phone?



It looks like cordless phones share the 2.4GHz-2.4835GHz band with computer Wifi standards 802.11b and 802.11g, which are the popular frequencies used by the public. Cordless phones also share the 5.725GHz to 5.850GHz range with the computer Wifi standard 802.11a.

Computer Wi-fi

Most people use Wireless-G (802.11g) for computer networking. 802.11b is slowly losing popularity for its lower data rate. Several modulation protocols can be used to transmit your data, but OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) is used for the high data rates. It is a mouthful.

This method would be impossible to achieve with the old transmitter technology grandpa used to use in his ham radio shack.

Modern digital signal processing makes this possible, by using a special computer processor to calculate the rates, timing and intensity of the many simultaneous carrier signals.

A very stripped down argument for vector orthogonality can be seen on the axes of a graph. You can carefully vary X only, with no effect on Y. You can carefully vary Y, with no effect on X. X and Y must be orthogonal (perpendicular) and independent. If this is true, you can simultaneously send data out on both X and Y without affecting each other. Now, multiply the number of signals to dozens or more. It might be hard, if not impossible for us to visualize this in more than two or three dimensions, but not to the math, or the computer that is putting it all together.

There are also wireless G-phones that use computer wifi directly and Voip (Voice over IP) to talk over a computer network.

Freq Hopping Spread Spectrum

If you use Bluetooth devices, they also share the 2.4GHz band. Bluetooth is somewhat more robust in it's immunity to interference. It uses frequency hopping spread sprectrum.

A very stripped down argument for this is that noise is random. If you generate a modulated data signal that 'looks' like noise, using a random function to spread your data over the frequency band, to everything but another device that knows precisely where the carrier frequencies will be, you can use the band efficiently. This can be achieved, while making the instrument immune to interference from other sources.

A good cordless phone with Spread Spectrum will also be more immune to interference.

A Busy Band

The news is even more interesting. Garage door openers and microwaves also operate at 2.45GHz, and are probably noisy beasts, without good shielding. There is a lot of stuff on this unlicensed FCC band.

You too, can build a canntena for your neighbor, to boost 802.11g wifi.

Gee. Maybe I don't need to kill myself out of boredom.


What is the meaning of life? And should we trust people who say they hate cats?

Insolublog:I always love simple, meticulously crafted questions. The answer to this one depends on your view of the metaphysical world. Most people adopt a complex blend of the possibilities. So, I will summarize a few of the purebreds.

If you are a solid, unyielding atheist, you might believe that life is the universe's way of neatly stitching fine Belgian lace between the boundaries of physical extremes. After all, look how fragile we are. We live in a very tight range of temperature tolerance. The universe starts at close to zero Kelvin and ends at millions of degrees. If there wasn't somebody playing basketball between Heat miser and Jack Frost, life would just be an asphalt driveway. So, we take low entropy energy and convert it to high entropy energy, by dribbling molecular reactions, sticking our noses into the molecular reactions of people we like and hate and then bitching about how that reaction over there didn't react like we wanted it to. Then we collapse with a sigh and a huff, giving our molecules back to the pagan god Calgon, which takes us away. Eventually life will burn up all the low entropy Orange Tang in the universe, and it will all end in a glorious pool of unenthusiastic grey goo.

If you are a Christian, you might believe in God and all his glory. You might believe that the meaning of life is to discover how your place on this earth serves the will of God. You might believe in a destiny and soul. You might feel a need to place a stake in the ground, serving the enrichment of humanity, by helping yourself and your fellow man.

If you are an Islamic terrorist, the meaning of life is... well... Can we talk about death instead?

If you are a Buddhist, you might believe that life is a chain of reincarnated life experiences, vectored to the pursuit of a God free state of personal perfection. You get there, by studying and experiencing the suffering of the universe, in all its physical, philisophical and biological incarnations.

The list could go on, but the life in my fingers is getting mean.

The meaning of life just might be to learn how to read the book of creation. It is a book, written in the substance of the universe. This is the one thing all these guys can agree on. The universe is a marvelous place, whether you were placed here by an act of God or and act of probabilistic atomic gamesmanship. As you learn how to read that book, you use the knowledge to improve your life and the lives of the people around you. This frees up more precious time for sports, shopping, theatre, procreation and, of course, reading more of that awesome book.

You are here. You are capable of observation. You can't help it. Your curiosity can never be fully sated. Of course the goal of learning how to read that book, changes with every new discovery. Every new discovery, is another enormous set of unanswered questions; more fuel for that hungry curiosity about all things, physical and metaphysical. The answers to those questions become more difficult and challenging, every time. If we ever turn that last turn on the big Rubik's cube, well... we might just have to commit suicide, plant the American flag, salute and perhaps walk into the embrace of a creator.

Cats are people too...

They like Guinness. (It's a Google harvest. So, no PETArds need cry)

They like hot tubs.

So you either trust them or you don't.