Friday, September 22, 2006

A Boston Landmark

This corporate sign has been a landmark of the Boston skyline, for several decades.

Since hurricane Hugo visited the northeast, a movement has sprung up, to remove the icon. I say cover it up, until his sudden unexpected demise.

Now, there is no rush here. I am basking in the satisfaction of watching all the crazy moonbats, defend the icon of an evil oil company, because they hate Bush more than anything on the face of the planet.

The million dollar question is: What do we put in it's place?


If Boston has to keep the sign, at least they should label it appropriately:

We would not want anyone to mistake who is behind the oil company's political maneuvering.


Anonymous said...


Insolublog said...

Sorry, Anon. I was unable to view your link, due to server permissions.

a4g said...

This would be a cheap way to convert the sign, but on the down side, it would attract trekkies.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, it's the flag in the right frame.

fmragtops said...

Chavez's head on a pike?

Insolublog said...

a4g - It's better than attracting Chomskies.

Anon, sorry but I'm getting a message like:
You do not have access to /diagonal/animated_flag_small.gif on this server."

fm - We could add Noam Chomsky on a neighboring pike. He's only a short distance away. Just kidding. He's far more valuable to our cause alive.

Insolublog said...

I take it back. Now I can see it.