Friday, September 15, 2006

Give it up, Mr. Peanut

Former United States President Jimmy Carter has criticised the British Government's "subservient" attitude towards the White House.

Mr Carter told BBC's Newsnight he believed Tony Blair was a good man, but that he could have used his influence more wisely.

Perhaps, on this one item, Jimmy has a point.

When the honorable Prime Minister Blair first heard this guy, on the floor of the British Parliament...

[ That stogie must be loaded with something other than tobacco.]

He should have wisely influenced him with a real Texas argument, like this one.

I suggest the influence be applied directly between the eyes; hopefully while he is lighting one of those smelly ropes.

The 81-year-old[Carter] said: "There had once been a very strong voice from London in the shaping of a common policy.

Yeah, Jimmy, her name was Margaret Thatcher. As I recall, she also exercised a strong voice. She was also capaple of thinking straight, when she reached 81. That common policy, with president Reagan, ended the cold war. When you say common policy, you mean communist policy.

Being prime minister is a lonely job... you cannot lead from the crowd.
- Margaret Thatcher

As for leading from the crowd, let's continue on with more pap from the desk of the former president.

"I have been really disappointed in the apparent subservience of the British government's policies related to many of the serious mistakes that have originated in Washington."

Uhhh... Many of the mistakes originating in Washington, originated from British intelligence. Of course, I don't expect Jimmy to actually find a wagging tail, and assume that the dog attached to it is anything special.

Mr Carter, an opponent of the war in Iraq, continued: "No matter what kind of radical or ill-advised policy was proposed from the White House, it seems to me that almost automatically the Government of Great Britain would adopt the same policy without exerting its influence.

Jimmy's morning checklist, sitting next to the glass of soluble fiber:

British subservience to U.N. pedophiles. [

British subservience to political correctness, in the handling of naturalized radicals. [OK]

Subservience of a retired U.S. president,
to the Euro-trash press, against a sitting war time president. [OK]
Jews defending themselves [Not OK].

George Bush and anything related [
Not OK]Elevating a soggy old rotten peanut, sitting at the bottom of the tank, who desperately wants to float to the top of the cesspool. [Top Priority]

"We, therefore, here in Britain stand shoulder to shoulder with our American friends in this hour of tragedy, and we, like them, will not rest until this evil is driven from our world." - Prime Minister Tony Blair

I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that was sincere.

I know it is hard to believe.

I know it is tempting to accuse Mr. Blair of just fanning the flames of his desire, to throw president Bush a party, and shred all the invitations to fine Democrats like Jimmy Carter.

After all, who really wants to destroy misunderstood youths, stumbling around with a hungry wriggling maggot of an ideology, chewing away at their brain tissue?

Once the brain has been vacated, we should open up a dialogue with the maggot, right Jimmy?

"This was the case in the Middle East peace process, in the case of the Lebanese/Israeli war in the recent past and certainly in the ill-advised abandonment of the war against terrorism to substitute the war in Iraq."

What peace process, you fool? When has there ever been anything resembling a peace process? Real peace does not consist of letting hyenas nip at your calves, until you drop to your knees.

Maybe our soldiers should abandon the process of churning all those dead terrorists, into the soil of Iraq?

Maybe it would be better to let the locusts cross our threshold and enter our kitchen. Then we can meticulously pick them out of our dry goods, one by one, with the insect killing power of the liberal judiciary.

That would be about as effective as that 'green' laundry detergent. Reading the label might make you feel all warm and fuzzy, then your clothes get all fuzzy and you chuck that crap into the garbage.


Squish them in the yard, with the big, roaring toys that only men with testicles can appreciate.

Asked if he thought Britain was exerting its influence behind the scenes, he replied he had seen no evidence of that.
"I haven't seen the corrective effect of British disagreement with what the White House has proposed. It may be there, it hasn't been evident to the public," he said.

What Jimmy means by public, are the twin engine meat grinders called the Guardian and the BBC. Sorry, Jimmy. Tony Blair has a genuine multitasking computer in his upstairs attic. He does not think with a lightly salted, dry roasted brain, like someone, who we won't mention, with the intials JC, who was the 39th president of the U.S.A.

Tony knows the stove is hot. He knows that the heat has to stay on high, to deal with a domestic problem that might kill him.

I hope to see the corrective effect of guys like you, on Republican voter turnout.

A Downing Street spokesman told the BBC Number 10 had nothing to say about Mr Carters comments, adding that Mr Blair had made clear why he thought the transatlantic relationship was important.

As far as I am concerned, every BBC is number 2. It is not the public, driving the reporting of the BBC. It is the BBC reporting their own politics, hoping to shape the opinion of the public.

In 1976 Mr Carter unseated the incumbent Gerald Ford to become the 39th US president, serving until 1981. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002, when he was cited for his decades of work seeking peaceful solutions and promoting social and economic justice.

What a trophy to hold up. Jimmy shares the same distinction as Yasser Arafat, who pretty much did the same thing as Jimmy. He sat on his ass, collecting a paycheck, by paying lip service to the suffering of his own people. With Jimmy the meek, I cite Americans being held hostage and Americans wallowing in double digit stagflation. Welcome to the talk-is-cheap Nobel club.

Is there any way I can get Tony Blair an appointment as an honorary ex-president of the United States? Is there some Federal form I can fill out? I nominate the vacancy of the 39th slot. Jimmy can keep the Swiss plastic trophy. We will give Tony a heavy gold one, which can use as a bookend for that Churchill collection.

Please, Mr. Carter, do us all a favor. I have been listening to your latest commercial for Red Cross blood donation. The next time you go to donate blood, save a few more lives here, and many more lives over in the mideast, by thoughtfully donating your entire supply.



Peakah said...

...and keep all those genes a'float in the gene pool to contaminate the innocent and intelligent? It's not like the Red Cross has been doing a great job lately of keeping the supply clean as it is!

Before you know it, there'll be drooling appeasers walking around with lifeless eyes and southern drawls with wet chins. *shudder* His sort of mental disorder sure seems to be highly contagious...

...those afflicted will be assigned to regularly read here for their slow therapeudic reentry into reality...

Insolublog said...

Well, we can thank our lucky stars that red blood cells don't have a nucleus.( That is nu-kew-lus in the president's lexicon).

But, your right Josh. I'll bet there is plenty of mitochondrial falafel, floating around with Jimmy's signature.

The Red Cross should just accept the gift, in the way people accept fruit cake. Maybe they can save it for a celebrity drug inspired swap-out.

Wyatt Earp said...

Long gas lines, the Iran hostage crisis - that Iran's now-President "Tom" was involved in - and disco music.

Hasn't anyone told Carter that he is history's greatest joke?

RT said...

Awesome, yet again. Great imagery, by the way.

I cannot believe they allowed that putz into the Naval Academy.

He was a joke when I was 11 and I can honestly say, I've thought as much about him ever since.

Insolublog said...


It just bothers me that the left is propping this man up as a great figure, with a great voice. He is a joke. A bad one. Nobody is laughing. The rest of the world likes him for the same reason they liked Clinton. He projects American weakness.

Ssssteve said...

"Squish them in the yard, with the big, roaring toys that only men with testicles can appreciate"

Insol, that is just genius! Loved the whole thing!

Morris said...

I love your 'pictorials' Insol. Great stuff as usual.

"Before you know it, there'll be drooling appeasers walking around with lifeless eyes and southern drawls with wet chins"
What, you mean there's not already?? :P

a4g said...

My seven year old is learning the Presidents right now. One of her favorite pursuits is catching me on the weekend with a few beers in me, and then ask me with a pasted-on innocence, "Was Jimmy Carter a good president, or a bad president, Daddy?"

Later, I've proudly heard her say, "I learned that word from my Daddy, when he was yelling about President Carter."

Insolublog said...

Thanks Morris. They can drool all they want. As long as they don't dribble in the voting booth.

a4g, It looks like the little one is receiving the proper education about the hippie culture, and it's preferred leadership.

Damian G. said...

Margaret Thatcher couldn't stand Carter:

When Thatcher first encountered President Carter, she lectured him on foreign policy, according to Carter's aides. Carter subsequently told his staff never again to schedule him to meet with a foreign opposition leader. For her part, Thatcher found Carter "personally ill-suited for the Presidency, agonising over big decisions and too concerned with detail.... [I]n leading a great Nation decency and assiduousness are not enough." (Taken from The Real Jimmy Carter, Page 235.)

linda said...

This is one of many who cannot die too soon! I don't believe in being rude to the elderly......but, shut-up, shut-up you old stupid old man!

Insolublog said...

Damian/linda - Thatcher should have been respected in the way Reagan was. I think the socialist european culture and it's advocates, like Carter, have put everyone over there in mortal danger. The Islamists knew Reagan was a leader with strength. If they did not, the Iranians would not have released those hostages on the day of his inauguration. Real strength brings peace. For the europeans, real weakness brings peace prizes.