Tuesday, September 19, 2006

It's a Tired Reflex

Well, it is primary day in the Gay state. As I was walking past the strictly Democratic sign bearers, one of them urged me to vote for Deval Patrick. I told him that in the state of Mass, there is plenty of time to vote for a communist, after you register on the obituary page. He laughed! Ok. So not all of them are completely humorless.

I checked off Ken Chase for the senate. He is running against the senator who is responsible for the fatal Chappaquiddick water-boarding torture technique. It is too bad Mary Jo was not wearing the uniform of her country, when she was sequestered in Teddy's secret DUI prison.

Some extensions to Patrick's familiar slogan "Together We Can."

  • Together we can raise his taxes.
  • Together we can raise her taxes.
  • Together we can raise the gender-in-transition person's taxes
  • Together we can bring back the Mike Stanley Dukakis prison furloughs.
  • Together we can usher illegal aliens through college, on those tax increases.
  • Together we can move the liberal judiciary into your kid's underwear.
  • Together we can bring government and business together.
  • Together we can run a liberal black guy against the evil white Republican woman, using his skin color as cool, hip racist leverage against her. I pledge to withdraw this bullet, if the liberals don't use the race card; Yeah, right.


FIAR said...

Together we can impeach Bush

RT said...

Ahhh...togetherness is such a bonding experience.

Together we can flip off France, Iran, Russia, Syria, Chavez, Castro, Annan, etc...

Insolublog said...

It's official; He has the nod. Together we can... watch him crash and burn in the general election. I have a feeling this illegal alien thing is going to be big; unless Mass somehow manages to let them all vote like citizens.