Monday, August 08, 2005

Sick of The Culture Argument

There are evil people in this world. That is a fact. No amount of analysis and application of understanding and sympathy will change this. It is not in the nature of true evil that
it be transformed.

Suicide bombers are religiously programmed automatons. They cannot be reasoned with by compassion, love and understanding. They are evil by design, often crafted during the tender years of youth. Once gestated, these meticulously pruned flora drift from their trunks on thin threads of loose relationships, cultivated rage and misdirected passion. They bob about, waiting for an infusion of political pollen to trigger their deadly blossom. We must rage against these machines.

Being told we need to analyze the problem within ourselves, makes me ill. We have problems like everybody else. That's life. All human beings have to live with it, or take action to change it. It is a false belief that someday all human beings will live in a social utopia. This impossible ideal completely negates the truth that human beings learn relevant life lessons by suffering through those lessons. Take away the suffering, takes away the learning. It's a simple, elegant analysis. Our total suffering is the sum of good and evil.

We need the suffering that teaches us good lessons and enhances our creativity and community. We need to remove the suffering that does not serve this purpose. When a subset of the human community decides that the formula for action is to terrorize and murder those they disagree with, instead of engaging in peacefully protest, That problem does not stem from us. It stems from them. Terror only serves the terrorists, for the brief time they live amongst us.

Our freedoms, our indulgences, our creative energy and the might of our civilization are a threat to those who govern their people with fear, misery and the suppression of free thought. These are the tools of these terror driven theocracies. Our creative energies may solicit these responses, they can never serve to soothe these beasts. Beating and suppressing the basic human rights of women, children and animals are part of the formula for governance in these nations. They rule by fear. When their people wail from their burdens, these same rulers blame America for the woes of their people, convincing them through propaganda that our decadent culture is the hungry monster consuming their lives and livelihoods, not the bestiality and greed of their own leadership. This is not unhealthy social tissue to be healed by compassion. It is a brutal aggressive carcinoma to be excised surgically by a policy of action and post-action triage.

Finally, freedom is not a self-renewing resource. It is a fragile crop, which requires careful tending and cultivation. If I have the choice of a fragile peace, fraught with suspicion and fear, or the destruction of these terror merchants, I choose the latter. I choose it unilaterally. Some of the worst decisions in history are made by poor compromise of committee, when conditions scream and beg for justice and honor, but actual decisions and actions become diluted and dispersed by misguided diplomacy.


Dr. Phat Tony said...

Well written essay. This belongs in a museum or at least on a large blog to be viewed by everyone.

Insolublog said...

Thanks Dr. Maybe I will get linked.

Dr. Phat Tony said...

I have to think of some kind of funny spin, but give me a few and I'll come up with something. Of course I'm no Puppy Blender.

HydroplaningCulture said...

OK, so what if the bad guys have just not gone far enough to convince everybody that they are really bad?

How long did it take Hitler?

Maybe we have been desensitized since Pearl Harbor.

Insolublog said...

I wonder what today's modern media complex and the apathetic European population would have said about us, if we had removed Hitler before he murdered millions of people; Probably the same hand wringing garbage I see in the news every day.

Uber said...

Exactly right Insolu, I'm certain that it is with that thought the Bush Admin drudges on amid the hand wringing arguments.

I think the "apathetic European population" seem to despise the U.S. *because* of the military success on their behalf more than *despite* that success. Could be it throws light on the impossible idiology of appeasement, in my opinion.

Very eloquently written essay by the way. :)

Insolublog said...

Right Uber. Another thing I here up here in MA is the constant drone about how the Europeans are so much more compassionate with their heavy taxes. Make note of their heavy burdens, without the large self defense component. Why? Because we provide the defense, through our taxes; The ONLY tax I see as essential.