Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Impending Travel and Freedom

The Centcom site is reporting the near...

Completion of Kandahar to Tarin Kowt Road

None of us should forget how much we depend on our roads for commerce and the health of our economy. Hats off to the Army engineers for completing this task ahead of schedule.
Over in Venezuela, 300 US students, probably paying their tuition with your hard earned tax scratch, were snuggling up to Hugo Chavez.
More than 300 students from the United States shouted out their disapproval of President Bush, chanting "Get out Bush!"
The Venezuelan leader said "socialism is the only path," and told the students the collective goal is to "save a world threatened by the voracity of U.S. imperialism."
Afghanistan, free to move away from U.S. imperialism, on a road we built for them. You have got to love the left. Insolublog!


mensa B said...

Oh, I'm so proud of our guys.(^_^)
Excellent, excellent analogy.

They should be made to schedule class on these roads.

Wyatt Earp said...

Unfortunately, this will be a toll road. One barrel of oil per axel!

a4g said...

Is that typical Iraqi traffic? 'Cause those cars are way cooler than my mini-van.

Insolublog said...

There is not too much oil opportunity in Afganistan. However, we could jack up tolls on any pipeline we run.