Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Today on CNN

Take note that most people read the title, the first few paragraphs and often the last paragraph of a news clip.

Autopsy: Toddler hit twice by LAPD

A toddler girl suffered two gunshot wounds from Los Angeles police -- one of them blowing out most of her brain -- during officers' standoff with her father last month, an autopsy report concluded.
Forget the obvious title invective. You actually have to read far into the middle of story above, to find out the father was using his beautiful little girl as a human shield. He emptied his 9mm through the wall, at the police, wounding an officer.

Man holding daughter shot in apparent road rage

A man lifting his infant daughter out of his car was killed in an apparent case of road rage by a motorist "who obviously exploded" and shot him four times at close range in front of dozens of witnesses, authorities said.
The last sentence standing by itself:
Police said Bishop has a valid handgun license.
We all know what the moonbats will say.

Fourteen Marines, civilian killed in bombing

A roadside bomb blast killed 14 Marines and a civilian interpreter Wednesday as they rode in a vehicle near Haditha, Iraq, U.S. military officials said.
The whole story dances around the issue of responsibility.
Where the hell is the bad guy in this story? The bomb was not the evil force here.

Today's CNN summary conclusions:
  • Cops, using guns, to protect themselves, are evil. Here we cite an example.
  • Licensed citizens, owning guns, are evil. Here we cite an example.
  • Bombs, killing marines, are evil. We will reserve our judgment on who was responsible for another time.
One of these subjects is not like the others. We can see quite the interesting play on grammar by the Communist News Network.


Dr. Phat Tony said...

That's what they learn in journalism school, how to subversely dictate oppinion.

fmragtops said...

That was a very good illustration. I will never understand how people are blind to that kind of obvious spin.

a4g said...

I read that very story, with the last sentence as "handgun owner" crap.

If I wasn't so numb from the regular bias, I would have gone out and road-raged somebody.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Great collection!
Please keep up the great work.
This helps the cause of conservatism!

Thanks, yo!

Insolublog said...

Dr. - I thought that was Nazi propaganda school.

fmragtops - It's so hard to see anything with your head spinning.

a4g - The numbness helps you 'live with it' afterwards.

CUG - Just keepin' my sanity, through the same safety valve the rest of the conservatives use.

HydroplaningCulture said...

This is the same reason why I mostly prefer to listen to Michael Savage over Sean Hannity. All your points are true, but banal. There is an endless stream of media stories to expose, should you choose to waste your time on it.

Instead of debating the psychotics, let's bat around possible solutions.

Insolublog said...

I think the deconstruction of the existing media complex is an essential part of the overall solution. It will only be done by eroding the presumed credibility they have erected around themselves. This forum is doing just that. Jason Blair, Dan Rather, Judith Miller... the list goes on and on. How many years have these people been operating unchecked? How many 'papers of record', such as the NYT and The Boston Globe, have had their unchecked bleeding of editorials all over the facts, undermined and exposed by bloggers? How many reporters like Jason Blair, Judith Miller, Dan Rather have finally been brought to account? It's not just about the social issues. It's about the public being informed.