Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This is not News to you, me or anyone else

H.T. American Thinker

Fascists are known as those who try to suppress dissenting views, in favor of an authoritative and autocratic government. By this definition, the liberals in the 'News' media are fascists. They are electronically and surgically burning the books and views of conservatives with the blowtorches of political correctness and intellectual fraud. Those torches are blazing on the campuses of our public schools and universities, to cremate voices of dissent. More fuel is about to be delivered, via the 'Fairness' Doctrine. Without the dissent, these malevolent apparatchiks are emboldened.

Liberal media sources are now engaging in outright, bold lies, refusing to provide sources, running away and slamming the door in the face of accountability. All of the key issues of our time indict these nihilist, morally relative, politically correct Marxists. Their cult obsession, is spearheaded with their own fabricated, artificially nurtured and promoted presidential automaton. This character has been carefully assembled from a thuggish, malevolent pop-culture idiopathy.

Barack Obama is a whirring Rube Goldberg construct of ringing and tinkling sound bites, and strobe flashes of superficial humanist pablum. His hypnotic engine of cliche' charisma has given these sheep a false sense of security, warm feelings and tingling appendages. They really believe this fool is a vehicle for our cultural salvation. They will sacrifice any established dictum of journalistic integrity, scientific objectivity and common sense, to propel their ends toward their goal of justifying their means; even if they cut their own throats.

The entire menu of the most crucial issues of our time, spell out the whole problem.

The Economic Crisis

In spite of mounting evidence, de-laminating the narrative of the evil capitalists, running rampant with greed, murdering our economy, the 'News' media has refused to discredit their garden of liberal politicians, with their social projects. These coveted flora, formed a comfortable green wall, between the forces of accountability and the forces of their own enrichment. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were the creeping vines.

These beautiful people are members the politically protected class. They have Teflon victim skin coloration and Teflon victim sexual preference. It does not matter that average citizens do not judge them on those attributes. The 'News' media has been a ubiquitous, disgusting and partial judge of the average citizen for quite some time. The 'News' media has framed average citizens as intolerant of those things, by their own enlightened decree. Joe plumber's question was the problem, not the answer to that question; therefore, Joe must have his roots torn out and his life thrown into the chipper.

As far as the 'News' media is concerned, the average citizen is banned from the garden of Eden, until a few months before election. It does not matter, that the weeds of government have perverted the time honored principles of risk versus reward and supply versus demand. It does not matter that the thorns of those weeds have recklessly ripped open and bled away the life savings of hard working citizens. It does not matter that those delicate, untouchable wildflowers are being absolved of all responsibility, right before the eyes of cash strapped average American citizens. Hey their pretty, right? They look good and smell good and sound good.

The 'News' media is actively tending that garden full of 'beautiful' Marxist celebrities.

The Energy Crisis

In spite of mounting evidence, rejecting the narrative of evil oil refiners and delivery agents, as primary predators and antagonists, the 'News' media shields the blame. The 'News' media shield state owned oil juggernauts in Russia, the Mideast and Venezuela. They shield the liberal moratorium on domestic drilling, which enslaves us to those entities and ships our wealth into their hands.

We need to get to work every day. We need to drive to the store and buy food, almost every day. We need to carry that furniture to our brother or sister's house, in our car or truck. We need to perform these tasks in rain, snow and ice. We need our packages delivered to our homes. We need our food and products delivered to stores and warehouses. We need to have those stores and warehouses heated. We need those stores and warehouses lighted and connected to the computer and telecommunications networks.

We need electricity. We need heat. We need computers and telecommunications. We need energy. The refiners and pumpers get that stuff to our doors.

What we do not need is a cadre of pampered punk intellectuals incessantly harassing the entities that provide energy. The cost of this energy is a mere fraction of the cost of the mountain of private wealth, being shoveled into the throat of the federal government's blast furnace.

What we do not need, is a cadre of pampered punk intellectuals, spending both chemical and emotional energy, building home made bombs, decapitating their fellow punks, killing police officers, bombing judges houses and blowing up taxpayer property. We do not need pampered elitist, milk-fed punks, topping it all off with a conspiracy to capture the U.S. presidency. These punks should have had their aspirations cut short by the hangman's noose, way before it ever became a reality. Justice for Ayers cannot come to soon for me.

Illegal Immigration

In spite of mounting evidence, rejecting the narrative of undocumented workers, wanting merely to be a part of the American dream, the 'News' media has refused to discredit the enablers of this invasion. Illegal invaders continue to invade, while legal applicants continue to be stifled with crippling bureaucracy and rude institutional arrogance. Illegal invaders continue to drive unlicensed, down our streets, drunk, running over citizens and their children. Illegal invaders continue to foul our emergency rooms and our social services. Our Constitution, our rule of law and our sovereign dignity is being spat upon by congressional apathy, executive complicity and judicial myopia.

We are immersed in a living tale of civilization in crisis, without a responsible party to tell it to the citizens.

Global Warming

In spite of mounting evidence, disassembling the narrative of human invoked climate change, the 'News' media has refused the true principles of science and objectivity. They have refused to give credence to the thousands of degree laden scientists and professionals who reject the narrative. They refuse to observe the mounting correlation to sunspot activity. They refuse to admit that saving our lives, our jobs, our economies and our species is more important than their ephemeral and whimsical musings of hysterical fantasy.

They refuse to publicly admit that we have had nearly a decade of statistical cooling. They actively re-shape the narrative to fit their political agenda. Global warming is only an issue, because it was made into an issue, during interval of low stress news, when its purveyors were able to get the attention of the 'News' media for ratings and profit. Now they have bought and paid for it, by God they will push it down our throats, if it requires a plunger.

Voter Fraud

In spite of a mountain of evidence, destroying the narrative of Bush stealing the 2000 election, by multiple recounts and microscopic visitation of the facts, the 'News' media refuses to report the crimes of ACORN in this election.

This 'News' media spent weeks, more weeks, then months of intensive digestion of hanging chads, swinging chads, dangling chads and Palm Beach centerfolds, during the 2000 election. This 'News' media is now engaged in a feverish pre-election filtration of ACORN, as they engineer a massive subversion of democracy. Their stewardship has already poisoned the well of our political process. If their pet affirmative action candidate is elected, I will never accept it as legitimate. It will be proven, but unreported, as illegitimate.

Once again, our Constitution is being spat upon and marginalized. The 'News' media has no integrity or honor. They have replayed the injustice of the O.J. Simpson trial, at a presidential scale of irresponsibility and sensational ratings. They wasted millions of dollars of our airwaves on that distraction and all we got was injustice. Now they are costing us billions, maybe trillions of dollars in tragedy on a new injustice of epic proportions.

The War

When the 'News' media is looking at our successes in the field, they portray our soldiers as terrorists and everybody else as a civilian victims. When the 'News' media is looking at Guantanamo, they portray our soldiers as terrorists and captured terrorists as victims. When the 'News' media is looking at our failures in the field, ahhh..., now our soldiers get to be the victims, except... wait a minute... they are not victims of terrorists, but of our own foolish national policy that put them there. The 'News' media should be treated as armed enemies in the field. Their propaganda bombs are as devastating to our troops as the real thing, since they encourage the real thing.

The Presidential Race

In spite of mounting evidence, nullifying the narrative, that McCain is congruent with Bush and Palin is congruent with inexperience, the 'News' media has refused to discredit their pet liberal candidate. He has no experience. He can lie with impunity. The 'News' media' has burned Sarah Palin, in effigy. The 'News' media has brutally dissected the past of simple citizen Joe the plumber. The 'News' media has brutally dissected the past of Cindy McCain. The 'News' media has refused to scrutinize Barack Obama's associations with terrorists, bigots, Chicago thugs and graft merchants, while brutally dissecting the past of John McCain. Past associations and judgments must be churned up for Republicans and troweled over for Democrats. There are no associations worse, than the writhing maggots, partying in the porta-potty, under Barack Obama's campaign bus.

This 'News' media must be destroyed

We must seize our right to have objectivity, rational thought and dissemination of real, verifiable facts. It is a survival demand that truth be taught in the institutions that accept our taxes for sustenance, like our schools and universities. We need to survive as a free people. We need to be free to discuss our views and politics without fear of retribution. Most of all, we need our right to freely access young minds, without institutional brain washing. We must demand the freedom to enlighten the unenlightened, with the entire body of Western civilization and thought, not just the sputum of Marx, Chomsky and Ayers.

If this means the forcible cutting of a time honored cultural connection to the university system, so be it. These institutions are responsible for this mocking parody of journalism. They have been actively subverting our culture, our nation and our sovereignty, for years. They started to do it in the sixties and they have institutionalized radicalism and casually dismissed radicalism, ever since. Even John McCain has bought into this crap with his recent waving off of Bill Ayers as 'an old washed up terrorist'. That attitude is dangerously dismissive.

The 'News' media is a product of this overindulged system that has lectured us over and over about how their voices have no ears, because our culture has no value or credibility. Now we know their voices have no ears, because their voices carry a worthless message, with no value or credibility. We need to seriously consider discarding the relevance of that university sheepskin. It would cut their financial umbilical. We need to get back to hiring and promoting people on their ability to produce ideas and products. We need to starve the intellectual cancer that produces a Barack Obama, by choking off those financial blood vessels.

Americans are smart, capable, creative and free. With conservative parental guidance, in their early formative years, and the technological information tools at their disposal, they do not need the political garbage and cult indoctrination. If the kid is gifted, don't submit them to this pipe, to be poisoned. Take them out of the sewer pipe and put them on the path or merit and achievement.

Being better than the next kid, is not a crime. It is a mandate. I thought liberals were pro-choice. I guess pro-choice, in the liberal sense, only applies to abortion, while every other liberal choice in our lives is supposed to be carefully guided by government regulations.

So, if you have a small business, struggling to pay that new tax burden, don't hire that fresh mouthed college punk, who pumped an entire mortgage into a black hole, only to get that lousy Obama T-shirt and a head full of bad wiring. Hire someone who believes in getting everything they work hard for, by delivering hard work. Let them prove it with results and learning on the job. Learning on the job and in the trenches, created many of those in the greatest generation. That is the America that became a superpower.

Am I trying to create a 'super race'? Damn right. But here is the difference: I do not care what skin color the super race is. I do not care what religion the super race is. I am not the one who wants to euthanize the elderly and I am not the one who wants to abort the unborn. In fact, the only thing I demand, is that anybody that shows achievement, not be denied the resources to fully develop that ability for my benefit and the benefit of everybody else. They should not have their their achievements stolen, insulted or accused of being disrespectful to deadbeat non-producers. The fruits of those achievements should not be confiscated by enlightened bureaucrats, for the good of their own state.

'News' media delenda est!


Les James said...

I'm afraid that I have to disagree with you this time.

Not that the evil that is the MSM is indeed not only lurking but acting in concert with the enemies of the US both external and internal, that is fact. Not that they lie, cheat, manufacture and distort the truth for their own ends, this is undeniable.

I think they are a symptom of the disease and not the disease itself. The virus that is killing us is not what we are being told but rather what we as a people believe.

The problem with the country stems back to it's very grass roots. The issue is one of a deep sickness in the soul of America's citizenry.

There will be no cure until we as the ones addicted admit that we are the cause and then become our own cure.

We as a people, not as a government, have the power to change. The question to me is do we have the will?

Tuesday will be very telling. I pray for the the lesser of two bad outcomes.

Insolublog said...

Les -

I'm afraid that we may actually not be in disagreement.

I alluded to the educational system, as the root component, responsible for producing the media, in the latter part of my essay.

I think they are a symptom of the disease and not the disease itself. The virus that is killing us is not what we are being told but rather what we as a people believe.

Again, we do not disagree. What shapes those beliefs? Information and analysis of information. The media are a source of poisoned information and the educational systems are the source of poisoned analysis. This results in what you accurately describe as 'the sickness in the soul of our citizenry'. The sickness produces the bacteria, like Ayers and Obama, who carry the disease to the general population. Extreme sickness produces Hitler Youth, Kamikazis and Muslim religious bombers.

When you have a disease, you still have to treat the symptoms. The media are now snatching the only respirator we have to sustain us, while we try to treat our culture with the antibiotics of conservative and libertarian thought. If the patient dies before you can deliver the medicine, the patient dies, period. We cannot survive without our air or our airwaves.

There will be no cure until we as the ones addicted admit that we are the cause and then become our own cure.

It's hard to admit our guilt, late in the game, wallowing in the delirium of untreated issues. We have not suffered the genuine hardships that forge great people for decades. It has made us hedonist, comfortably arrogant, indolent and ignorant. I am not talking about those of us who care, but the increasing numbers of us who don't care. Bloggers, historians, economists and civics fans like us have been talking about this stuff for years; It is in our pages. The more comfortable and successful people become, the more likely the very children of those beneficiaries will tear down that success, to sate their boredom and irrelevance. Look at Ayers; an affluent white punk. Look at many of the Al Qaida generals; rich pampered Saudi brats. Look at the Muslim radicals in London;rich pampered Muslim brats.

This behavior is reflected in our own government, where the sociopathic narcissism of a candidate takes priority over morals and ideals. Look at Bill Clinton. Look at Barack Obama. These guys were never real Tribunes of the plebes.

Tuesday will be very telling. I pray for the the lesser of two bad outcomes.

Deja Vu.. Is it not? I am almost too afraid to read the thermometer.

Peakah said...

You are right on the money and I had the same surge of emotion while reading this that you had while writing this... I envy your articulation.

JumpOut said...

Dude, you are still the most brilliant blogger I read.

I started writing a comment, but it's too long. I think it needs it's own post as it's not a response to your post, but more of a continuation of the theme. I'll get right on that.

Insolublog said...

peakah - Peak, I am truly frightened about this election. Unlike FIAR, I do not now consider this a lesser of two evils decision. It has become a survival versus dangerous threat to freedom decision. This Obama character is talking about a 'civilian security force' with the same authority and funding as the military. Can you say Hugo Chavez? I am hoping to all sensible and rational observation of things political and spiritual, that this is mere election cycle paranoia.

jumpout - Please jumpout(fm) finish your thoughts and make them public, while we can still enjoy such discourse.

JumpOut said...

My thoughts are up. Here's the link: