Thursday, October 09, 2008


Blogrolling may have been hacked.

I do not know for sure. It is coming up, then going down. When I visit the URL above, then backbutton firefox, my BR links magically appear, then disappear.

SQL injection may have been used on the site. It might be prudent, for vociferous blogs, to recreate your lists and change any other passwords using your blogrolling PW.

A quick fix for blogger (Firefox Linux).
  1. Visit the link above.
  2. Back click.
  3. Drag your cursor over the links and copy with Ctrl-C.
  4. Create a new widget in your layout called Whatever-your-blogrolling-list-was(backup) Use the rich text widget. DO NOT click on the Edit HTML link.
  5. Paste the links and save the layout.
If you have a Wordpress blog:

Follow steps 1-3:

4. Go into Google docs, in a new document (Maybe Word, I wouldn't know since I don't use Windows.)
5. Paste the links from 3 above.
6. Select 'Edit HTML'
7. Recopy the code.
9. Create a Wordpress Text widget.
10. Paste the full HTML into it, giving a title (like the one above).

Wordpress has some words on this subject.
(Although the post is OLD 2003)


To protect your existing Blogrolling script from malware, surround it with <!-- at the beginning and --> at the end to comment it out of your template or widgets.


Wyatt Earp said...

Frakkin' lovely!

Insolublog said...

Blooody Looovehly, in the British vernacular.

Hacker Forums said...

What does have to do with anything?

Insolublog said...

Nothing. There is no indictment here. The URL was one of many links in a Google search on "Blogrolling Hacked". TEXAS SCRIBBLER and Resistance is Futile... somebody put this link in, and I just passed it on.