Friday, October 24, 2008

I always liked Charles Krauthammer

And this is why(link).

If you haven't become an Obama Republican yet, you may need to be exposed to a few Obama Podcasts.

BTW, I am officially declaring my reversal of a previous pledge to never vote for McCain. If the candidate on the DNC side of this equation were anyone but this hideous, politically correct cult figure, I might have stood fast.


Les James said...

I still won't "for" McCain but I will vote against Obama.

Insolublog said...

Well said.

RT said...

I love Krauthammer. I watch Brit Hume during the last 15 minutes or so just to see him. If he isn't on, I change the channel.

He's brilliant.

Insolublog said...

Charles is the classic stoic personality. He puts emotional guys like myself, to shame and admiration, but also stokes my reverence and self-reflection.

Fiar |Conservative Political Humor said...

No way. I will not support the continual slide into degradation of voting for a candidate just because he is not as wholly offensive to the sensibilities as the other guy. I refuse to do it. I am willing to take any and all criticism. If people want to elect Obama, I'll not stand in the way. I will not cast a vote for a man that I find so horribly out of alignment with my ideology just because he is just a mild shade less pungent than the alternative.

I will not vote for McCain. It will not happen. Not for any reason. Ever.

Nice country. Fun while it lasted.

Insolublog said...

Three words brother -

Supreme Court Nominees.

Fiar said...

You really think McCain's nominees will be anything but Liberal, Socialist, Activist scum? Based on what? His track record of staunch conservatism?

It's more like a track record of handjobs for the Democrats. I'm still not convinced.

Insolublog said...

Do not misconstrue my position as one of enthusiastic support. Believe me. I hate this situation.

We are looking at statistics here. At one point in his career, McCain had a very high ACU rating. Over time, he slipped, and he slapped (us), many times.

Obama has never been anything but a radical socialist, a political coward, a racist and a thug. McCain has also been brutally awakened by his 'friends' in the media, over this election. That could also leave a brand on his hide that he would take into the presidency, factoring into his decisions on who to be friends with.

If I am given the choice of shackles and a long shot chance of escape, versus walking the plank with a sword tip in my back, well... I must take what the ugly math offers.

As you know, this will probably all be academic.

Fiar said...

this will probably all be academic

And so it was