Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's All about the Fans

Here's Obama Fan Boy, He's a fine, young educated youth, rootin' for his team.

Here's another fine, young educated youth, rootin' for his team.

Hey; There's no surprise here. When you are a young person, detached from the truth of facts and rational thought, this is the result. So, enjoy your thuggish cult messiah figure, thirsty for the power of world domination. It is historic classical theatre, going back to the amphitheatres of antiquity.

Hey, Obama Boy. You need to work on those bulging eyeballs to really make your point. Study your brother here on this page. I suppose we will have to wait to see how well you have practiced, after the first week in November.


jumpout266 said...

I think we need a cage match between Islamic Rage Boy and Obama Rage Boy with Bas Rutten as special referee. Which one do you think is more full of hate, Insol?

Ssssteve said...

The ironic thing is Obama rage boy would be the first one to die if Islamic rage boy had his way!

Insolublog said...

jumpout - To really test your theory, you need to put a rubber mask of George Bush on Islamic Rage Boy and a cartoon mask of Mohammed on Obama rage boy. Pay per view. You and I split the proceeds.

ssssteve - That could be. Don't forget that Islamic rage boy wants to die so that he can get 72 chances for trim that would be impossible in this reality.

Wyatt Earp said...

I have $50 on Islamic Rage Boy.