Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I am thankful to live in the comfort and security of an American home. So many Americans have made this possible.

I am thankful to the founders for securing my life, my liberty and my tranquility. I can speak freely. I can worship freely. I can protect myself and my family, thanks to the fathers.

I am thankful for the American economy. Economic freedom has given me the means to buy my home, my food and my comforts. I have the freedom to work for a job I enjoy. I am free to save for my retirement.

I am thankful for the Americans who built the home that shelters me from the rain and the snow. I did not have to saw my own lumber, nail my own shingles and plaster my own walls.

I am thankful for the Americans who bring fresh clean water to my home. I do not have to trudge out in freezing weather with a bucket. I can bathe with my water. I can drink my water. I can cook with my water.

I am thankful for the Americans who remove the waste from my home. They keep disease and vermin away. I don't have to trudge out to an outhouse in freezing weather. I don't have to dig my own landfill.

I am thankful for the Americans who bring heat, light and refrigeration to my home. Without this energy, I would have to chop my own wood, light my own lamps and stoke the fire of my own furnace. I have the freedom to cook when I please. I have the freedom to preserve my food.

I am thankful for the Americans who grow, pick and slaughter the food I eat. I do not have to dig for potatoes. I do not have to eviscerate poultry. I do not have to wait in long lines for hours, with hunger in my belly.

I am thankful for the Americans who built my car, deliver my mail and packages and ship all the goods I buy and consume every day. They are the blood in the arteries of the country. They bend the branch of American prosperity to my home, so I can just reach out and pick the fruit.

I am thankful for the Americans who bring electricity and communications to my home. I don't have to wait for letters, send telegraphs or venture out. I have emergency services at my fingertips at all times. Thanks to you, I can rejoice in good news. Thanks to you, in tragedy, I can reach out to my family for comfort.

I am thankful for the Americans who protect me and my home from fire and crime. You see the worst in us all, while you give us your best.

I am thankful for the Americans who protect my home from foreign invaders. They stand between civilization and the barbarians. They protect my life and my rights from tyranny abroad.

I am thankful for the Americans who will take me from my home when I die. They will let me pass with dignity and grace. My family will not have to dig my grave.

I am thankful for the Americans who fix my body when it fails. They provide the skills, the medicine, the machines and the science, to help me live a long life.

I am thankful for animal companions. They bring comfort and loyalty into our homes. We may live and work in places of steel, concrete and glass. Our pets remind us we always have a foot in the natural world.

I am thankful for the hands of the American family. I am thankful for every small questing hand that grows to the old experienced hand. I thank those hands that span many years, by bearing arms, turning wrenches and shifting gears. Hands that touch young shoulders to calm young fears. Hands that lift up cloths to wipe away tears.

Our founders, who lived in the past, never experienced the wonders of their future. They still gave thanks during this holiday. America gives us so much. The least we can do, is give thanks.

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Peakah said...

I'm thankful for humble reminders of our prosperity.

Thanks bud...
Have an awesome Thanksgiving my friend.

kateykakes said...


Thank you.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving. :)

Uber said...

That was beautiful, Insolu.

Hope you've a wonderful Thanksgiving. :)

a4g said...

And remarkably, none of these things we are thankful for had to be compelled, none done under threat of violence.

The genius of our forefathers was to allow men to live in an environment of respectful self-interest-- and what bloomed? For the first time in history, a brotherhood of equals. Imperfect, halting, with painful detours and hard-fought corrections-- even now a journey whose end is uncertain.

Yet it is a bounty. And to think all these wonderful things we are thankful for have really been done only peripherally for our benefit.

THAT is something to be thankful for as well.

Outstanding post, once again.

GunnNutt said...

I'm thankful for really talented people who share their industry on blogs. You never cease to amaze me, Insol!

Happy Thanksgiving.

Fiar said...

Great tribute Insol. I especially liked the part with my dogs, and JimmB's and Gunnnut's, etc.

We live in a great country, at a great time, and have much to be thankful for.

FIAR = Is Fitch Always Right? Or something like that.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Just beautiful.
Thanks, Insol!

The animals were a nice touch, too...

Dr. Phat Tony said...

I'm thankful that you continue to post wonderful and thought provoking articles, Insolublog. God bless.

Pandy said...

Awesome post.

I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving.

Insolublog said...

I appreciate all of your compliments.

I hope all of you have a great Thanksgiving holiday. It is one of my personal favorites.

One of my fellow engineers poked fun at me for not mentioning our craft. I wanted to keep the thanks restricted to the basic needs we all seem to take for granted.

This wonderful system has freed the time and the hands of engineers, scientists, artists, musicians, entertainers, athletes, novelists etc. to seek interests and careers which enrich themselves and others. Our basic physical needs are taken care of by our fellow citizens. Sometimes our activity is fed back to the ocean of support we get from our fellow Americans to make their lives better. You could put things like mathematics, physics, biology, computer science, movies and music all in the list.

I can't even imagine what it would be like to have strep throat without antibiotics, or an abcessed tooth extraction without sedation.

So many things to appreciate, including friends.

Peakah said...

Here Here my friend!
*raises a toast*

mensa B said...

How very, very, touching (tear)
(-, _ -)
I am glad to know someone, as you.

Cathy said...

My first visit to your blog and what a powerful message. I raise my glass in unison with Joshua and toast you. Thank you and have a lovely Thanksgiving.

Insolublog said...

Thanks mensab. I should stop by your place more often.

Nice to meet you Cathy. I tried to visit your blog, but my hideously slow dial-up connection got hung up on something. Stop by anytime.

My toast to you, Peakah and Joshua.

Now for some turkey sleep.

SeanS said...

I know it's a little late but happy Thanksgiving Insolublog!

Peakah said...

I know I kind of have a double life and all, or maybe even a split personality but you don't have to rub it in my face!

Peakah= Joshua!


Insolublog said...

seans - I hope you enjoyed the holiday.

Peakah/Joshua - **duh** I didn't make the connection. My apologies to the both of you.

Ssssteve said...

Man, you are amazing!! What great stuff!! Next time when I want to get all romantic on my anniversary I will send you some high points and you can fill them in. Man I know I would make a great impression then. HA HA. Anyways happy belated Thanksgiving!! I hope you had a wonderful holiday!! As always WELL SAID!!

SK said...

What a lovely and moving post. Thank You.

Insolublog said...

ssssteve - Thanks. I'm not certain I can help you out in the anniversary department. Nothing beats a good present.

sk - Happy to provide. Thanks.