Sunday, July 06, 2008

Galluping Conservative Schizophrenia

Gallup has American freedom defined in full statistical reality.

Gallup is a repectable polling organization. There is an enormous amount of information in this poll. The poll question is simple and unbiased. It is obviously designed to petition a person's basic, heartfelt position, instead of providing the desired opinion, by proxy intimidation.
What does the poll tell us?
It tells us that Americans put their optimum trust and complete faith in the institutions that have either made the country great, or keep the country safe.
The top dogs:
Americans want security. We have shed enough blood for it, to protect every freedom we enjoy. Apparently, the poll shows Americans have the greatest faith in the military and the police, in spite of the relentless media and judicial attack on these institutions, with fabricated venom like the Tawana Brawley case and the Haditha 'massacre'. Wow... As a statistical whole, in spite of Hollywood conspiracy theories, Americans can trust other fellow citizen Americans, who are well trained to control themselves, to act as civilized professionals. We can actually trust them to control Americans and non-Americans who are out of control. Who knew? (Except everyday Americans of course.)
With their vote for small business, Americans value freedom to engage in fair commerce. Everybody who knows this blog, knows I support big business, only when it continues to act in the interest of our freedom. The emergence of large Chinese government subsidized companies, has put crappy, unreliable products on our shelves, without competitive alternative. Large government seized energy interests in the Mideast and Latin America are buying political influcence in both our D and R camps. Together they are stifling and crippling our energy independence. This restricts our flexibility to produce and move forward. The most dangerous big businesses around the world now, are state monopolies. Yes. Government, hand-in-hand with business means long term danger.
Americans agree with me. Small business is great. Some of the big business is terrible. These big businesses would not be in this position, if they did not resemble big government. Some of the big business would not be in this position, if they did not work for, or influence big government to take our hard earned scratch, without competing to produce their product. Americans trust small business. And why shouldn't they? In its freedom to mature and grow. It has given us all that we have. Government driven big business and business driven big government, does not serve the interest of American freedom.
Our founders knew that freedom of religion was first. Americans are religious. That is why the founders put the right of religious expression, in the first amendment. People are free to practice their religion, as long as they do not violate the rights of individuals, like say a woman, who does not wish to have her face caved in, by some insecure Islamic male, with a desire to compensate for his microscopic manhood. Our founders knew that every individual must enjoy every freedom imaginable, not restricted by the very limited range of power given to the government over that freedom. Unlike the UK, we should view radical Islam as a form of government, embedded in a religion. This form of religion has NO place of legal authority in America.
Do you see a freedom theme here? Of course, you do. Of course you should. You are American. Unless you forgot, and became a David Souter or John Kerry 'world citizen'.

Fair to the Middle:

The president would be much higher on the list, somewhere around the military and the police, if he was not thinking about his legacy. He would be higher on the list, if he was thinking like the Commander-In-Chief. The man has American boys in the field. In his twilight presidency,he is floundering around with apologetic platitudes and indecisiveness; unwilling to show us the powerful president in a flight suit. Unwilling to address national security, to the public or deliver more hot Thanksgiving turkey to our troops.

President Bush is the executive of our laws; yet, he will not execute the laws regarding immigration. He has let the main stream media derail his presidency. He has let them define, then destroy his character. He has done this, without challenge. He has let them convince him of their fabricated truths, like global warming and carbon credits. George Bush is a flawed man. Hell; so am I. So are we all. The more power a man has, to affect real substantive change, instead of just talking about it, the more his character will be scrutinized for that ability. He is responsible both for effective and decisive action against terrorism and blundering inaction against the domestic threat of socialism.

Oh well. At least George Bush, President of the United States, is blowing away the Congress, in the eyes of the Americans polled by Gallup.

The SCOTUS is the definitive mixed bag of tricks. One day they are upholding the Constitution, the next day they are pruning it like a Bonsai, to bring it up to our 'modern standards'. So the court sits in the middle ground. With one or two conservative appointments, they could be enjoying military popularity. With one or two liberal appointments, they could be wallowing in the Congressional muck.

The Bottom Feeders:
The Gallup poll tells us that the depressing, relentless MSM narrative has only served to expose them as the drama queens they are. That is something to be proud and optimistic about. If this poll is to be believed, I think they will continue to sink, until they meet their friends, the Congress, at the bottom of the list. The Boston Globe left a 'free paper' on my driveway, in an effort to increase readership. I intend to call them to pick up their trash, or be fined by the police for throwing litter on my property. I encourage others to do the same. For many years now, the MSM has been an outrageous insult to democracy and free thought.
Why are HMO's where they are? Nobody really wishes to look at the medical system in terms of economics. They somehow feel, because it is a physical imperative, that it deserves a market dispensation unlike other free market driven products and services. They could not be more wrong. The HMO's are the business side of a struggling system, trying to provide a service, at a very low cost, in an environment which has been artificially driven to high prices and cost by actors that have no direct consumer connection to the services and the product. Medicare and Medicaid pay out their booty with little or no complaint, since they are not the patient. The government passes laws restricting providers, without consideration or recompense. Tort lawyers sue the system and extract money away from medical services, even when this activity is proven to be fraudulent or based on poor science. Insurance companies raise insurance rates, instead of aggressively pursuing cost reduction, or defending legal cases, since it is easier to pass the burden to the rate payers. All these forces drive the costs up and disconnect the money providers and recipients from the medical system. It exposes all to risk. In essence, we already have the facets of socialized medicine. It is the reason some of the big corporations want socialized medicine. It will make competition and competing innovation difficult or impossible. People do have faith in medicine itself and its providers, which is why the medical system is on the other side of the Gallup poll.

Note that the police are at the top of the poll, but criminal justice is at the bottom. I guess the public really does detest the duplicities, sloth, civil service stagnation and pandering to the ACLU, that defines our criminal and civil court system. Gee. We do not like criminals released to victimize civilization and tire the police, over and over, on technicalities and lenient sentencing. Gee. We do not like judges using obtuse, emotion driven judgement to override public referendum laws, approved by voters. Gee. We do not like judges, who pass sentences for DUI, bankruptcy, lewd behavior and the like, then get caught exhibiting those behaviors themselves. Gee. We do not like having to endure the lifetime appointments of these officials, watching them go slowly insane, with their institutionalized radicalism, spewing it all over us and our kin.

What can I say about Congress? People can detect a serious leadership vacuum when they see it. Congress is polluted with corruption, perversion, nepotism, graft and a general moral decay.
Normally, this would have the people of the founder's day, bringing torches, guillotines, rakes and fresh lumber to Capitol hill. When they are not on the take, they are immersed in sexual scandal. When they are not immersed in sexual scandal. they are superficially patching the issues of our day, with pathetic diversions and excuses, which violate the very laws they pass and swear to uphold. They are disconnected from reality, because they are too lazy to research any controversial topic, deeper than their media mouthpieces, or lobbyist sources, would like them to. They are grossly uninformed and incapable of rational thought and discourse. They are unsympathetic to their consituents. When they are not providing superficial legislative patches, they are embracing and advocating radical solutions, like global warming hysteria, ethanol mandates, bailouts and nationalization of refineries, without any conscience consideration of consequences. They are seriously and dangerously flawed. They have sunk to the bottom of the poll, at an all time low, weighted by the plumbum of their hubris. By the way, both of our presidential nominees this year, come from this 'wonderful' Congress.

An Unfortunate Omission:

I wish Gallup had included our current liberal University system, as a collective institution in the poll. I think the liberal universities are far worse than any public school. They probably take as much money (if not more) and deliver far more civic damage, to the concept of American freedom, than other institutions. They plant the seeds of dissent. By dissent, I do not mean the seeds of freedom or free speech or any of the bullshit paradigms, used by these sophists to mask their destructive behavior. I mean the seeds of mind control and the curtailing of freedom, by truncating debate and thought on their own campuses.

These institutions are polluting young minds, which are just learning to think and reason. They push their shabby theories of some fictitious form of socialism, which if given the right chance, will bring us to utopia. They incessantly push the soft racism of diversity and multiculturalism. They push for government power over all, to enforce their elitist ideals. These institutions, which should be burned to the ground and re-built, are injecting their untested and detestably unacceptable theories, in those young minds. All the civics and American history has been either omitted from the curriculum, or distorted as evil and unacceptable. It is seditious, ugly and may result in the end of our fragile democracy.

If Gallup is to be believed, Americans are still resisting this, even if it is on a collective, subconscience level. If we wake up from our slumber, connect the dots and fill in the paint-by-numbers canvas, things could look quite different, in November, then is speculated by the media.


RT said...

Excellent, well-said and well-thought.

Wyatt Earp said...

And Congress is dead last. Go figure.

Insolublog said...

Thanks RT and Wyatt. What I meant by Schizoprenic, is what the media is reporting as our 'trend' or choice of party, versus the core principles and ideas that we obviously still have. This only continues to reinforce the blatant media bias and manipulation of the cultural trends we see before us.