Friday, October 02, 2009

The 'Evil' of Capitalism

Capitalism gave you every great innovation, that makes modern life worth living, from simple ball point pens (, to the Joint Strike Fighter (

Somehow, Americans have fallen, once again, into a Jimmy Carter style malaise. Once again, they question their greatness and ability.

Who can blame them?

They have been suffering an endless parade of evil capitalist exploiters, who begrudgingly pay competing wages, pay medical expenses, issue stock options, have warm offices and factories, have safety protocols, free e-mail and internet ( and offer flu hots in the company health office. Those expletive bastards!

The legacy of the Carters, the Kennedy's ( Satan wrestle his soul ), the Franks, Dodds and other barbarians at the gates, have torn the idea of exceptional behavior, from our people and replaced it with a lumbering ingrate victim of racism (, a victim of Reaganomics ( or a (gasp) victim of Bush ( (Check BO's record against that last one).

Somebody please call Michael Moore.

He really knows about evil capitalism, having had to suffer, undercover, collecting tens of millions all in the name of freeing the proletariat from the yoke of Goldman Sachs ( What a brilliant, chubby chunk of Toll House goodness. It's amazing how he pulled that off, being financed by the same group of ivy league geniuses, that supported count Barackula, nearly five to one against the GOP guy, who I am having trouble remembering ( \

Of course, we, not Al Gore (sorry Al!) created the internet. This is why I re-assert our greatness and ability over the professional victim culture of our dear leader ( The entire world has benefited from this creation of capitalism. The entire world has benefited from this communication specification, defined by the American military ( WE paid for this freedom and innovation; the rest of the Obama loving world has benefited.

We paid for GPS ( , and the rest of the Obama loving world has benefited. My post is littered with internet research, at the tips of my nimble fingers and search engine. If you know your sources, those links can sting.

So, why is Michael Moore's capitalism evil?. Why is Barry constantly apologizing for us?

I guess because they are not really bitching about capitalism, since that is privately controlled.

They are really bitching about a financial cartel, ( formed between a government agency, the FED, and the big private firms that benefited. If you have parties meeting to fix prices, and the supply of money, that is not competition. That is NOT capitalism. That is financial oligarchy or fascism, as practiced by the Chinese and the Russians. Decisions are not made to provide the best products and services. Decisions are made to shut out competitors and maximize theft by stealth.

Here in Mass. it produced a project called the 'Big Dig'. Friendly government and private entities walked away with billions of taxpayer dollars, leaving an inferior product (

It may be good for short term profit, but it is severely detrimental to long term freedom and innovation. It is NOT capitalism. True capitalism, in the spirit of Adam Smith, Thomas Sowell and Thomas Friedman means competition for your dollar and your patronage. Even the government is capable of this, which is why I mentioned the JSF, at the top of this post ( Competing forces produce superior quality and value.

That is the solution to our ills, even healthcare.

The argument that health care is a totally different market, with inelastic demand (, is a canard. I do not buy it. Why? Because it is a human need, like all needs. You need food to live don't you? Do you not benefit greatly from market competition, giving you choices beyond compare? If competition is fostered, and supported completely, without government intervention, miracles will happen.

The intervention of goverment money and the gradual movement from insurance as a risk moderator into a full service, carefree provider, have allowed the same cost overruns and litigious tort abuse to corrupt the system as they have with the Boston Big Dig. Private companies lobby your reps and senators, for plumb payouts, instead of competing for your service dollar.

Obamacare would institutionalize this failure, forever or until complete financial collapse, whichever came first. You can guess the outcome, from there.


RT said...

I miss the days where anything but hard work and self-reliance were seen as evil.

You know, that's is when people cared, and when people realized that to get anything in life, you had to work for up (not just show up).

Insolublog said...

Yeah. It is too bad that JFK's "Ask not what your country can do for you" has turned into 'Barack Obama's gonna pay my credit cards off, my car off and give me free health care. An' he'd better hurry up; my parents are about to kick my butt out of their house'.