Friday, December 09, 2005

Truths and Consequences

Dutch film maker Theo Van Gogh, was an outspoken, politically brash and abrasive film maker. He frequently excercised his right to free speech. He angered a lot of people with his words. He had praise for the U.S. He also had the courage to identify the real enemy in this world.

Here was his reward:
Van Gogh was shot and stabbed to death as he cycled in broad daylight through an Amsterdam street. Two knives were left in his body, one pinning a note to his chest, said by Dutch media to contain lines from the Koran.

Now we have Harold Pinter, an outspoken, politically brash and abrasive playwright and poet. He frequently excercises his right to free speech. He angered a lot of people with his words. He had defacto praise for Mideast status quo. He also had the cowardice to bash the only country willing to take the lead on doing something about it.

His reward:

Fawning praise from European liberals and a Nobel Peace Prize. There will be much angry mail and writing, but he will not die in the hands of an angry religious jihadist. They will leave him alone; not for his act of free speech, but his act of cheap speech.

Now the killer of Dutch film maker Theo Van Gogh, Mohammed Bouyeri,wants to blame world leaders for his crime. I guess he's taking his cue right from the Harold Pinter Nobel Prize winning political playbook.

I wonder who really has courage here? Rest in peace, Theo. Thanks for your charitable donation of human blood, to keep Mr. Pinter's speech free, along with all those US servicemen and allies.



Peakah said...

The pioneers typically take the arrows... unfortunately, we no longer revere our pioneers...

Ssssteve said...

Peakah's right! How come nobody comes out against these idiots that think it is okay to take another persons life in the name of God! They serve the wrong god! great post as usual! I wish I could write as half as good as you!

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Pinter is a dirty f###ing hippy, just like Churchill and Chomseky.

I realize that is nowhere near as elequent as Insol's overview, but the sentiment is there.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

I meant Chomsky.
But he's an asshat, so I don't care if I spelled it wrong after all...

Insolublog said...

Peakah,Steve - They don't have the courage to defend themselves in any capacity, or identify evil as something to be destroyed instead of negotiated with.

CUG - Noam is one of those guys who lives in that pristine university environment, then lectures everyone about the downtrodden. He does this while the universities continue to exclude the downtrodden at rates far exceeding inflation.

Uber said...

People like Theo Van Gogh (who win that battle with groupthink) are rare enough.

It's very cool that you've shown a light on him as a person as well as the circumstances of his death.

Insolublog said...

Uber - Insolublog! Separate the wheat from the chaff.