Tuesday, October 10, 2006

That's Entertainment

This is one of those perfect comedy relief clips, just when we needed it!
(h.t. Matt Drudge) for a clip to Zucker's too hot to handle GOP political ad. I wonder if Zucker made this recently?


Difster said...

That's an awesome video!

FIAR said...

Check out the idiot comments at YouTube. Man. Stupid is an infectious disease.

Insolublog said...

Difster - Too bad the GOP does not have the stones to use it. That's Ok, it will still make the rounds.

FIAR - Would you recommend radiation treatment?

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

For a while there they had the warning on it that it contained "offensive" material and you had to register (if you went to youtube itself).

Apparently, offensive is good sometimes!