Saturday, October 28, 2006

What's the Difference?

Hmmm. Choices. Choices. Do I choose between Alice the liberal Republican?

Or Alice the liberal Democrat.

As to you Alice the liberal Democrat, I completely understand everything I care to know about you.

However, Alice the liberal Republican, I hate you.

I do not understand, Mr. Voter. I am identical in every way to Alice the liberal Democrat.

Precisely. That is why I hate you.
Of course it would be a tragedy to the galaxy, if I gave command of auxiliary bridge of the Enterprise to the liberals.

I will thus place myself in a deep Vulcan mind trance and vote for you.

I know full well, after the election is over...

Both of you liberals will be found sleeping on the job.

Sigh. Where's that bottle of Romulan Ale?


The Conservative UAW Guy said...

How appropriate that a political commentary uses the episode with weasley, two-faced Harry Mudd.
What was the line that save the day in that episode? Wasn't it, "I'm lying."?

Heh. Classic.

My one small consolation in this is at least I won't have to see or hear anymore of those damned commercials for a while.

How about this for a slogan: If you vote for me, I'll shut up!

Insolublog said...

Heh. Good one Jimmyb. Maybe we need a slogan contest. I'll add:

If you vote for me, smoke will pour out of my ears and I will grind down to a benign state of harmlessness.

Or how about:

I know I have been stumping hard for moderation in goverment. Forget about me and vote for the stump.

RT said...

You have touched on precisely why so many conservatives do not want to vote for the Republican that has been chosen to run for office.

It is especially the case for liberal states. Desperate for a seat the Republicans put up liberal candidadtes.

I refuse to think that it reflects a change in the public's mindset, too.

Damian G. said...

Hard to think that an "R" can hold so much power.

a4g said...

I say we get back-in-time Spock from All Our Yesterdays. He'd have cut with the discussion, bedded both of the girls at once, and run a lirpa through the Gang of 14. All before the second break.

Insolublog said...

RT - It also explains why every election is a 'squeaker'.

Damian - Holding onto it like a fist full of Jello.

a4g - After the lirpa dispatches the twelve, combat continues in the finance committee with the Ahn-woon.