Sunday, June 22, 2008

Target 'Greetings' to Barack Obama Fans

I was walking through the Target Greatland, 10I Commerce Way off route 93, Woburn, Mass. I had picked up a few items and noticed an 'Election Selection' section in the greeting cards. Rank BDS infection and Obamessiah worship have obviously wormed their way into the ranks of the 'artists' who create this overpriced effluent. I counted no less than ten cards, either insulting the president, joyously ushering in Barack, or both.

What was worse, is the fact that Target felt it was good public relations to parade this political drivel in front of the general public and put a price tag on it. I dropped my items on the nearest shelf and walked out.

Apparently, this has happened before, only a few days ago. Apparently the Target staff and their greeting card friends were Targeting Hillary, instead of Bush.

From the article:
The issue of sexism crosses party lines. In a society where women make up a growing part of the workforce, make 80% of the buying decisions in the household, and by some estimates, account for worth of purchasing power, there is no room and no excuses for sexism. Viewed by endless Target shoppers, this card is demoralizing and offensive and does not send an empowering message to young women and men. We ask people to contact their local Target Store Manager and make their voice heard by asking for the removal of the sexist cards from its shelves. People are also asked to call Target Guest Relations at (800) 440-0680 to lodge a complaint.

Well it looks like women are not the only ones offended by Target's friendly political marketing department.


Wyatt Earp said...

First the MSM and now this? Good Lord, do they all have an endless supply of Kool-Aid?

RT said...

Saw an election display of cards and stuffed animals that represent each party at a Hallmark near me. I didn't look at the cards, so I don't know their slant, but one can only guess.

Insolublog said...

Maybe Target's marketing department didn't see the numbers from the last election, showing a clear 50%+ of the population, not inspired by their world view.

Damian G. said...

I work at Target, and I agree that the cards definitely lean anti-Bush as well as anti-Hillary and even anti-Cheney (almost always referring to the shooting incident, but really, how can they not?). However, if memory serves me correctly, I have seen cards either mocking Obama or at least featuring him in a non-adulatory fashion.

And as someone who works at Target, let me say that I am the last person to defend it! Also of note, Target is a pro-Republican company as is WAL*MART.

Costco, however, is Democrat. Go fig'.

Insolublog said...

I would have just lambasted the greeting card company, but Target put the 'special display' up. We are talking about the People.s Republic of MA. Of course I assume you are talking about the People's Republic of NY. Oh, well...