Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chairman Barack We Love You

After watching the inspiring children's video, posted by Wyatt and RT, what can I say?

Trust me. I worked just as hard Googling err.. umm hand crafting this video from the creative fruits of my imagination. I had to pick a metaphor which would protect my work long enough for you to see it.

Just substitue 'Kim Jong Il' with 'Barack Obama' and 'Songun' with 'Chicago' and 'Korean(s)' with 'American(s)'.

Without further a-do, Enjoy.

Just in case you missed it, on RT or others, here's the now famous 'Burning Down The House' video.
Don't let them stop you from posting it:


RT said...

WOW! When Obama is elected people, standing at attention, will direct non-existing traffic! Will wonders never cease?

I'll go practice my goose-step, now. I hear it will be all the rage. No more hip hop.


morrisao said...

I just watched that video of the kids singing for Obama. Gah! Waaay creepy!