Wednesday, September 23, 2009

MAscists at it AGAIN, with Kennedy's old seat

Back when Kerry was slacking off on the people of this state, by running for POTUS, the Massachusetts corruptocrats decided that Mitt Romney might replace him, by Gubernatorial appointment. At the late, not-so-great Ted Kennedy's urging, they altered the law to strip Mitt's power to appoint Senators and put it to the vote of the people.

The whole argument was how it was a far more 'democratic' process.

Today, they voted to hand the interim Senate appointment power, prior to the special election, back to scary, Obamatron Governor Deval Patrick. So much for the democratic process! They are even trying to tack on an emergency preamble, to expedite the process.

Anyone out there in the U.S., who is outraged at the seizure of Coleman's seat by Acorn and Al Franken, should be just as outraged at this latest attempt to seize a crucial Senate vote.

Where is this country going?


RT said...

This country is spinning into a pit.

Insolublog said...

RT - At least there is a sign of America, rubbing the sleep out of its eyes, with the TEA parties and the ACORN scandal.