Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Wiles of Giles and the Relief of O'Keefe

These two are patriots and more important, geniuses. They have used radicalism against the radicals and really pulled off a coup.

They dug up all the dirt, calmly and quietly, ahead of time, putting it in nice bundles. It's way too late to lock down the situation back at the Acorn offices.

They did not dump the entire load, in one big scandal. They are treating it like a bottle of antibiotics, trickling it in medicinal batches. They release the first batch, watch it kill off the vermin, or make them scamper away. Then they release another batch, making the resistant bacteria wish they hadn't stuck around for the party. Brilliant!

Now there are so many feet in so many mouths, from the MSM, NYT, House and Senate, that they all gellin' like felons.

No matter what they do to this guy, with their usual Joe Plumber formula, it will reflect poorly on them. Joe the Plumber was rendering an opinion. These two have the goods. They have the skeletons. Nobody knows how many more they have to rattle around.

I am in awe. Sun Tzu would love this stuff. It is the application of minimal energy, to effect maximum results.


RT said...

Kudos to them. I wish more folks would find dirt on corrupt organizations that benefit from federal funding.

Insolublog said...

Yes, RT. I actually feel relief at the participation of Americans on truth versus manipulation. With 9/12 and this recent development, I can see genuine 'Hope and Change".