Monday, February 20, 2006

Fire Marshall Bill

What does our current 'evil' conservative President have to say about free speech?

Let's see. George Bush calls the Danish Prime Minister to express his support over the violence perpetrated by criminal Muslims. This sounds like a patriotic, free speech loving American citizen to me. (Now do the right thing and shut down that port deal, Mr. President.)

So how does the fine, internationally respected, upstanding former President rally his support for freedom loving free speech?

Let's see. Bill Clinton urges EU to convict 'cartoonists'

Way to go Bill.

It gets better...

"..But that is very different, that is very different from what is going on when people come into the political system and they say that anybody that doesn't agree with them is godless, anyone who doesn't agree with them is not a good Christian, anyone who doesn't agree with them is fair game for any wild charge, no matter how false, for any kind of personal, demeaning attack."

-- Bill Clinton Interview With Kevin Horrigan and Charles Brennan of KMOX Radio, St. Louis, Missouri, 24 June 1994

So I guess I am not permitted to replace Christian with Muslim, in Bill's quote here. Because doing so, would put Clinton at odds with his current position on cartoonists who disagree with Islam. Why the hell would anyone want to put this man near the White House again?

I thought Al Gore's act of deplorable apologism, bought and paid by our Arab Enemies was bad, but this puts the hypocrisy icing on the cake.



Ssssteve said...

Right as always!! Nice post Insol!!!

Ssssteve said...

I looked again and that pic of billy boy proves that he Blows!!!

Insolublog said...

It also proves, by the laws of physics, that he inhaled.

FIAR said...

Lemme tell you something! That depends on what your definition of "is" is.

GunnNutt said...

The world has gone mad! Mad I tell ya.

Dr. Phat Tony said...

Is this one of those "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer" deals?

Insolublog said...

fiar - Reagan was the great communicator. Clinton was the great obfuscator.

gunnnutt - But it's so entertaining! Who needs Hollywood, when you have 21st century politics?

DPT - Between Bubba and Gore, the enemies are just snuggling up.