Thursday, April 06, 2006

Pandora's Pandering Box

Everybody, please stand up from your theater seats and applaud your felonious criminal politicians, both Democrat and Republican, for doing the job they do best.

Your elected leadership simply excels at their well-pruned habit of sitting on your congressional pay toilet, spending your money, swelling your government, lavishing themselves with perks and pandering to the squawking of party interests.

It is simply awe-inspiring.

Cue the ring master.

"See how they deftly bob to-and-fro, for camera and comrade!"

"See how they pay unrepentant, unrelenting lip service to the unrequited love of their law-abiding, tax paying citizen base!"

"See how they dodge every issue they never intended to lift a finger on!"

This issue was just another wonderful game piece they occasionally shuffle across the D.C. game board, to entertain our sensibilities. It is 1986, all over again. More excuses about the same problem, unaddressed with the same dismissive shoulder shrug.

"See how they balance the obese elephant of more amnesty, on the razor sharp needle of American citizen rage!

See how they split the difference between insanity and insanity-lite, calling it compromise!


Well, there will be future border enforcement over this issue.

Insolublog will be vigorously protecting the volatile border between his wallet and the RNC treasury. Nothing short of direct, verifiable action, at the point of delivery, for all promises made, will pierce the membrane of that financial border. The existing D.C. culture is sour with the bacteria of pandering. All future donation solicitations will be returned to the RNC, empty, so they can pay the postage. All future donations will be directed to conservative, libertarian and charitable causes for both veterans and civilians. I might as well get a tax break on the charities, and focus my energy on real results.



Ssssteve said...

Well said again Insol!!! Those morons just make me sick!!

fmragtops said...

They are putting on some kinda show, aren't they.

Insolublog said...

ssssteve - When will the border bleeding stop? When we fire the D.C. bureaucracy.

fmragtops - That is the problem. It's nothing but a show.