Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Pearl

American citizenship is a pearl of inestimable value.

Huddled masses of future patriots wrestled each other to view that pearl.

People have extended themselves to the point of failure, to grasp for that pearl, through the bars and chains of the legal process.

New citizens covet and embrace that pearl, when it finally falls into their possession.

Patriots bleed for that pearl, to keep it safe and to keep it strong.

The pearl of American citizenship is a treasure beyond price.

That pearl is a product of meticulous construction; by the industrious oyster of many patriotic generations of legal citizens and immigrants, who put that pearl of citizenship and the ship of the American state, above their own interests, in both life and liberty.

Amnesty makes our citizenship pearl as worthless to the American citizen, as a ticket to Woodstock was, for the paying Woodstock patron. The Woodstock concert fence was trampled by uninvited punks, wanting to join the party without admission. The American citizen and legal immigrant are the patrons, paying for this political Amnesty concert, as our Mexican border fence is trampled and disrespected by uninvited 'guests'. This free love party, at the expense of others, is just what the politicians live for.

I will not see that citizenship pearl devalued for globalist, socio-economic and socio-political pandering.

That pearl is spoiled by the hands of unchecked criminals, thieves, felons, drug dealers, trespassers and the criminal employers who chip away at the pearl with a false excuse about cheap labor.

Patriotic American citizens and legal immigrants do not want to see the cheap politics and the cheap politicians associated with this cheap labor, destroy the value of our pearl.

The cheap politicians who pander to cheap employers, with their cheap politics, have devalued and destroyed the currencies of so many corrupt flags abroad, fueling this illegal exodus over our border.

Patriotic American citizens and legal immigrants do not want to see the destruction of this grand old nation, for the pandering Pandora's box of cheap, illegal immigration.

In the long run, it is way too expensive.



The Conservative UAW Guy said...

It's been a while. ;)

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

a treasure beyond price

Amen, brother.
And being sullied by our politicians.

Insolublog said...

CUG - I am glad your mom is ok and recovering. So there is some good news, after all!

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Thanks, bro.

Ssssteve said...

That is soooo right!! I read it to my wife and all she had to say was a convincing "that's right!"

Insolublog said...

CUG - You're welcome.

Ssssteve - I guess as long as I stay to the right, this will continue.