Thursday, June 15, 2006

Emergency Gloom

Report faults ER care
U.S. system is ill-prepared to deal with a large-scale crisis, according to a panel of experts.

Cox News Service

“Being forced to provide unlimited amounts of unfunded care can put a doctor and even a hospital out of business.”
Arthur Kellermann, Emory University

WASHINGTON | - WASHINGTON | American emergency rooms are stretched to the breaking point and are “ill-prepared to handle large-scale emergencies,” the National Academies’ Institute of Medicine reported Wednesday.

Do we need a serious flu-epidemic in this country, to drive our citizens to those emergency rooms?

If that happened, would they realize how these facilities are being used to provide state subsidized welfare to illegal aliens?

Not once, in the ridiculous article above, does the author mention that a large part of those uninsured services, are not for Americans, but illegal criminals. All that is mentioned, is 46 million uninsured Americans. I guess that includes South Americans and Mexicans.

I am so glad we are benefitting from all of those illegal aliens, making us pay for the emergency medical services U.S. citizens can't be bothered to use. So should we pay the millions they are asking for, or just let it break?


Ssssteve said...

Right on Insol! I'm not insured and I gotta pay for all ours with cash. But we do it. NO FREE RIDES!

SK said...

My comment would be waaaay too long if I listed all the details, but I spent 2 years basically unable to walk because my private insurance would not cover "a pre-existing condition". I was lucky to have a hubby who stood by me and helped in every way, going so far as to get a different job with group insurance. Then it was a matter of waiting some more til I was covered, then months for the required testing before surgery. ALL of my bills to that point were paid by us, although we almost lost everything and were many thousands in debt. I live in AZ and see the illegals treated for free every day. And folks wonder about those of us who go Postal.

Insolublog said...

Ssssteve - That is real American liberty at work. The right to pay or not to pay and opt for the consequences of your decision.

SK - As a citizen of the commie-wealth of Mass. I can tell you that illegal aliens have more rights than citizens. They get free health care, they get to drive uninsured, they get to work without paying taxes, politicians want to give them in-state tuition rates, on and on and on. Who pays? I do. You do. Felon employers walk away with the profits, then use those profits to line the pockets of political conspirators.

It's outrageous!