Thursday, June 01, 2006

Shave the Whales

I was perusing Amazon for some EE books yesterday. There was an ad, featured prominently on the front of the site pushing for this new men's grooming product. The banner slogan on the front of the ad extols the virtues of shaving Everywhere. The video is amusing.

I just cannot possibly imagine the irritation of razor stubble, everywhere, including the nether regions.

My father said, when he was on leave in Tokyo, during the Korean war, that Japanese women were fascinated by body hair. Why would I want to remove that potential advantage, Everywhere? Would Naomi Watts love King Kong, if he was shaved everywhere? He would be busy scratching the stubble on his jewels, and checking his manicure, while some big reptile swallows her up.



fmragtops said...

Uhhhh, okay. Though I come to this blog for information and marching orders from the one and only Insol. That was more information than I needed.

Insolublog said...

It was certainly more info than I needed. I was shopping for books.