Saturday, June 10, 2006

Fail to the Chief

I had another one of those discussions today, regarding the building of a wall, along the southern border. My liberal counterpart was touting the same rhetoric recently delivered by the president and Colin Powell. The basic reasoning, without genuine reason, was that a wall cannot work, is too big to build, the problem is too large... therefore, should not be attempted.


Recently, I looked into this effort by private citizens, to do what the government refuses to do (link). The more I thought about it, the better it sounded.

We know that a wall will work. It is common sense. We also know that domestic governance and leadership is a total failure.

  • Liberal government has failed us in domestic security, resulting in 9/11.
  • Liberal government has failed us in border security, resulting in a foreign invasion.
  • Liberal government has failed us in the war on poverty, creating a victim class.
  • Liberal government has failed us in public and higher education, with rampant political proselytizing, shameless begging and dilution of quality with an emphasis on worthless self-esteem.
  • Liberal government has failed us in emergency management, by destroying accountability in government and its officials. It openly excuses the reckless actions of individual citizens.
  • Liberal government has failed us in money management. It overspends on every project. It always and settles on substandard results.
  • Liberal government has failed us in its respect for the law. Justice is not applied equally. Justice is for sale.
  • Liberal government has failed to protect our constitutional property rights.
  • Liberal government has failed to protect the first amendment rights of students in public schools. Conservative dissidents are open to the politically correct predations of government employed public school thought police.
  • Liberal government has failed to eliminate skin color in public affairs. It continues to amplify race based policy, in violation of the fourteenth amendment, choosing color over both content of character and social class. Sorry, MLK, but your dream has yet to be realized.
  • Liberal government, touted by liberal Democrats or liberal Republicans is a total, abject abysmal failure at every issue. It poisons every issue with its superficial, emotional brand of feel good logic.
  • Worst of all, liberal government and liberal politicians have failed to protect our military service men. When liberal politicians insert themselves into wartime military affairs, with political correctness and propaganda posturing, our soldiers pay the price with their lives.

Liberal governance is a governance of total failure. It is a belief in failure. It embraces, applauds, sooths and medicates all of its failures, at every level of its existence. Failure is not just ok; failure is an excuse to label yourself with a new syndrome, then go out and get a prescription. We should all just fail, be satisfied that nothing can be accomplished, then collapse into the huge community pile of pacifist liberal failures over in Europe and the U.N. We should discard our constitutional law, in favor of international law. We should discard our culture. We should discard our borders. We should discard our economic future. We should discard our individuality and our property. We should discard our ability to think for ourselves and determine our own destiny.

Communist rubbish!
When I hear the liberal argument that something will not work, I know it will be a total success.

We should build that wall. We should build it with private donations. We no longer have a government that can cut canals through continents. We no longer have a government that can build enormous hydroelectric walls across raging rivers, on time and on budget.

If private citizens succeed in protecting themselves at that border, without the government, they will have the biggest weapon of all. They will have the finger of truth and success. They can point that finger at every single nay-saying Jimmy Carter operating in government. and then they can say yea, you are out of here loser! While they are building that wall, protecting our country and culture, they can tear down that wall of failure, erected by years of liberal governance.



FIAR said...

Thus the reason for the effort to impede the minutemen. If they show that a few volunteers can do it, it just makes the government look bad, and also proves that it CAN be done.

Ssssteve said...

So true!! Well said Professor!!

Insolublog said...

FIAR - Their resistance to patriotic citizens, protecting their neighbors and property, is a most poignant self-indictment.

ssssteve - Thanks!

gunny said...

Oh man you are so right ! Here's an idea, dig a moat the length of the border, use the dirt to build the levy's in La. Take the dangerouse alligators in florida and fill the moat. Check out my blog, I think you'll like it. Titled "Liberals Beware"

SeanS said...

I think you stumbled upon the best policy for a strong America: Do everything that the liberals say not to.


Insolublog said...

Right on gunny. Ann Coulter is my dream date.

SeanS, it is a policy that has will restore this country to its self-sufficient greatness. End this victim society, I say.

linda said...

Amen to that!

And I really like GN's idea! Make those gators worth saving!

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

If we just enforced the laws we have regarding immigrants and employers, would we even need a wall?

Sadly, the gov't fails us again and again there, so maybe a private endeavor is the only realistic answer.

Insolublog said...

linda - Amen again.

CUG - Nobody in government is going to enforce the law. They don't care about the law, their duty or anything but their patronage.