Tuesday, July 11, 2006

It is all Fun and Games

...until someone loses their life. Gubernatorial independent candidate Christi Mihos has been warning the people of Massachusetts about the problems on the Big Dig for years. He has been at it, since Jane Swift fired him and threw him overboard from the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority. I wrote about the technical shortcomings of the Big Drip, somewhat humorously, back in this fisk.

It doesn't seem so funny now.

Not So Private Business

Moonbats would be quick to point out only the complicity and greed of private businesses, involved in Big Dig construction. This doesn't fool anybody. All of these contracts are procured by political public sector palm greasing. State agencies and not-so-private private interests create a multi-billion dollar legalistic paper Hydra, which insulates everyone, both public and private from accountability. Much like our federal government bureaucracy, there is tongue wagging abound, with very little jail time for anyone. This was a marriage that could only be made by government shaking hands with government connected businessmen, instead of keeping its grubby hands out and contributing to checks and balances.

The Authority

For anyone, who lives in a state without the curse of one or more state authorities; a state authority is a bureaucratic construct. It is an automaton, without control. Authorities were an ill-conceived attempt to provide private style business efficiency to government, after WWII. Without market checks and fiscal responsibility, there is nothing to prevent the inevitable bureaucratic meltdown. Authorities become expensive warehouses, to shelve the recipients of political nepotism and favoritism. They mercilessly draw off the resources of taxpayers and ratepayers. They do this without supply and demand control. They give politicians a convenient excuse to blame something other than themselves for undesirable graft driven behavior. The Massachusetts Turnpike Authority killed a young woman last night, by negligent homicide.

Matt Amorello
Matt is the quintessential bureaucrat. He grabs all the glory and headlines, when he thinks things are going well, putting his name everywhere, at the ratepayer's expense. He instantly becomes a divergent singularity of blame, pointing to all outward directions from the space he occupies, when his own folly comes home to roost. Mitt Romney has been desperately trying to rid the state of this arrogant blob for several years now. But in an authority, the Governor has little authority. Matt's criminal negligence may change this situation.

Tom Reilly

This person is running for Governor of Massachusetts on the Democrat primary ticket. He is supposed to be the Attorney General for the state. Attorney general is the chief law enforcement officer. Here is how Tom has been diligently enforcing the law:

Guess what Tom? You have sub-zero credibility, when it comes to justice and law enforcement.

This is just the type of politician Massachusetts is famous for. ( Cue fat Teddy ).

Yes. Tom Reilly wants to be Governor.

The Wrapped Sandwich

Congratulate all of the shrimp cocktail, caviar and champagne bureaucrats, folks. They all cost a young woman, her life. They all cost the taxpayers of the United States over fourteen billion dollars for a defective, leaky and crumbling boondoggle.

Just think. If we vote Democrat in November, we can have the same type of government, a synchronous harmony of public graft, private pandering and main stream media propaganda, to fill the leaks in the seams of public opinion. Then we can watch education, immigration and national security go straight to hell.



The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Here in Ohiya, we build constructs that go OVER the water, instead of under it.
These "bridges" only seem to get wet when it rains.

Great fisking, Insol.
What a tragedy these jerks cost another person thier life.

a4g said...

I'd chide you for living in Mass, Insolublog, but, of course, I live in California. Let me tell you a story about corruption, shady deals, and the 91 freeway...

FIAR said...

Not only does everything you write hit the nail square on the head, but it's always a thing of beauty. I don't know how much it's an effort, and how much it just comes naturally, but what you write is not just mere commentary, it's art.

Wyatt Earp said...

The irony of all of this is that Reilly will probably win in a landslide.

It is also amazing that the Big Dig ever got off the ground. Who in their right mind could have supported such a ridiculous plan?

Ssssteve said...

Fiar is right! Your writinh is amazing and right on the money!! Great job!

TheStonehamMuse said...

Who supported such a ridiculous plan??? Teddy Kennedy - a prime example of Massachusetts' best...so what do you expect?

Insolublog said...

CUG – We used to have one above ground. It wasn't perfect, but it was paid for and it didn't leak.

a4g - From the crucible of suffering, great change (and satire) are forged. You and I both know this is not an endorsement of the blue state blues.

FIAR – Thanks FIAR. It seems to come pretty naturally to you. My posts are few and far between. Sometimes it takes a great deal of work. Other times it seems natural.

Wyatt – God, I hope not. The plan started with Thomas P. O'Neill; back in the heyday of liberal federal politics. It has been a ride ever since. The Big Dig is not an engineering project. It is a huge ugly mammary gland, with a thousand nipples. Just think of Hillarycare, without the tunnel.

Ssssteve – Thanks for the complement.

Stoneham – Take note that neither Senator horse-face nor Senator gin-blossom have shown up for the tragedy. They were certainly quick to cash in on the politics of Katrina and the Mass. flood emergency.