Saturday, November 04, 2006

Pre-emptive Strike

Robert Hodiern is about to release several copies of the same call for Rumsfeld's resignation, in several Military publications. Army Times, Navy Times, Marine Corps Times, Air Force Times.

Of course he will try to make out this is not an election ploy.

Well... Go read his on-line resume.

It looks like he is a regular contributor to the BBC, The Washington Post etc.

He also edited a book titled: Drive-By Journalism: The Assault on Your Need to Know

Judging by the Amazon comments, the book tries to argue that the liberal bias in the media is a myth. Rigggght. This is not a chorus of criticism. It is a smarmy of one.

Feel free to read this freelance paper, in it's entirety, just in case you don't like my treatment of context. From the conclusions:

For the military, telling the truth is not a moral imperative, it’s a tactic. For the media truth is not a means to an end, it is the end. To be sure, it is a goal the media often misses for any number of reasons -- deadline pressures, financial restraints, competitive pressures and -- never underestimate this one -- incompetence. But Among America’s major media it is seldom the result of a conscious decision to lie.

Somebody tell that to CNN, the NYT, Reuters, AP ... The next time they get caught photo-shopping war coverage or undermining national security.

Artificial amplification of your political opinion, by controlling the editorial context of several military newspapers is also not a conscious decision to be truthful.

Nice try Bob.

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