Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Uber Snow Princess

An Uber Inspired Christmas Poem by Insolublog

We ring at the store
We sing about yore
We bring to our floors
Our dances and chores

With brothers and sisters
With ills on the mend
We talk of fresh blisters
With workers and friends

A much needed pause
Soon arrives in the year
It gives us good cause
To embrace some good cheer

A wonderful night
Quickly approaches
We rush about town
In our metal glass coaches

Lulled by our dreaming
Oft we forget
Rapt by our scheming
We lapse in regret

A jeweled northern star
On a crisp Christmas night
From a journey so far
We see the bright light

In a night with no wind
Serene and subdued
Our eyes cast above
To drink in her mood

A glitter cascade
Of soft crystal grace
Each touch a bright kiss
As she brushes our face

She plays every note
And then it is gone
On the warmth of our skin
Every note in her song

Each feather so light
In each angel wing
Her song sung so silent
With respect to the King

Calm fills our souls
With each melting note
As it rolls down each cheek
Wicking into each coat

Our gaze moves away
From the heavenly dome
We arrive at our doors
Into the arms of our homes

Mom clears the wet chorus
Away from our face
And puts her own kiss
Right there in its place

We gather at home
And bundle ourselves
With warm food and drink
With our Santas and elves

Christmas spirit smites us
Holiday ignites us
With eager submission
The tradition unites us

The perfume of egg nog
Of pumpkin and pine
The flavor of cider
Of mellow sweet wine

All wrapped in our family
We warm to the glow
And sail through the evening
On the holiday flow

Exulted and sated
We rest in our beds
As the gentle Snow Princess
Sings over our heads



RT said...

Very nice!

Uber said...

Wow, beautiful message. Almost felt that snow too (which is great because it's 70+ here). Yeah, I love it.

Thank you. ;)

Insolublog said...

Thanks, RT.

Uber, I felt the snow in your image. The words just came after.

linda said...

Congrats, Insol!

kateykakes said...

That was beautiful. :)