Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Project Ownership

One of the things I fear, over the Katrina disaster, is the creation of a plethora of LBJ style welfare projects. This would be a cultural disaster. This would be a horrifying reversal of the healing march, toward the destruction of the welfare state.

We now have a property vacuum created by a natural disaster. That vacuum will be filled, one way, or another. The last thing we need is to create another army of government dependents; An army replete with a liberal voting bias. Sheltered citizens must be educated to embrace the concept of self reliance. The Professional Victim advocates will be working feverishly against this goal. There will be a power struggle over hearts and minds. Compassionate conservatives must win this struggle. Welfare projects destroy families and encourage the abrogation of personal responsibility. They plant the seeds of urban blight and suffering.

The most compelling element of President Bush's speech at the RNC convention was the concept of the ownership society. America is stronger, with people owning their own homes. Homeowners guard their own neighborhoods and watch each others children. Homeowners protect their own homes. They work in concert with police, instead of betraying their trust and aide. They are more likely than not, to hold honest jobs, live honest lives and participate in a healthy economy. All of these conditions raise the standard of living in neighborhoods and nurture the health of families. The most powerful nation on earth, was built on this foundation. The welfare state has brought nothing but an ideological plague of rot and termites to attack the foundation, in the guise of liberal compassion.

Please donate your time, money or whatever you can, to Katrina victim relief:
Red Cross
Salvation Army
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FIAR said...

One of the things I fear, over the Katrina disaster, is the creation of a plethora of LBJ style welfare projects. Thanks for planting more ugly thoughts in my head. I'm pretty sure I already had enough, but now this will be FIRST! on my list of new nightmares.

Insolublog said...

My apologies Fitch. But it will be worse if we see life imitating nightmare here.

GunnNutt said...

I've been delighted by your commentary long enough without paying you your due! You are on my list of Good Guys. Have you checked out Social Sense yet? You two might have a lot of pleasant conversations. I sit in the back and listen.

Insolublog said...

Thanks Gunnut. You are now one of the Unemulsified. I will check out Social Sense!