Friday, September 02, 2005

The Third Wave

The people of New Orleans have been the victims of three tragic waves.

The First Wave

Both the government of Louisiana, and the main stream media are complicit in this wave.

Many decades of stifling, corrupt and impotent government bureaucracy have left the state without the conditions, logistics and infrastructure to deal with an event, which they have been warned about for as long as I have lived. I don't remember a severe hurricane season passing, without hearing the meat puppets in the media doing a what-if? analysis of all the possible tragedies. New Orleans was always on that list.

The second major factor is a sensationalist main stream media. They have desensitized the public towards the danger of powerful hurricanes by sensationalizing every puff of air that wafts over the Gulf. Many people, who should have heeded mandatory evacuation, thought Chicken Little was back. They ignored their duty to keep themselves safe, and put themselves in harm's way.

The Second Wave

Hurricane Katrina came in and devastated the region.

The Third Wave

The same government officials responsible for years of Solon looting and functional recalcitrance, are now exercising their first priority, which is fixing blame, in every direction but the mirror.

The main stream media is now amplifying the tragedy; A tragedy they helped to create in the first wave. They have cranked the volume control on their political amplifier, until the knob has broken off. They are giving the microphone to race baiting politicians. They are giving the camera to gun toting looters. They are vocalizing their own Anti-American brand of analytical invective. They are wringing hands over the junk science of global warming. They are positing ridiculous assertions, that our culture is somehow more lawless and violent, than the victims of the recent tsunami. They are inciting hysteria and heaping criticism on the administration and relief agencies, mere days after the tragedy. They are whipping all this up into a lofty froth, all without any effort to gather real statistics.

All of this despicable behavior is hampering relief. All of the supply speculation hysteria is driving oil futures and gas prices up, for everyone in the country.

The Invisible Army

The Americans, who whine about the government, are only standing in the way of the relief. When you want to find out who has the answers, look to those taking action, not those who are fixing blame. Wasting the national bandwidth on this dreadful haze of malaise only masks the heroic efforts of private citizens and organizations.

Patriotic Americans are people who roll their sleeves up financially, physically or both. Patriotic Americans identify priorities, take action and move toward progress. Patriotic Americans heal their broken brethren, with optimism and the spirit of brotherhood. They are the builders, not wasting valuable energy wallowing in pessimism and self pity. An optimist sees the shiny new opportunities here. New homes, new telecommunications and utility infrastructure, new industry, commerce and jobs will all come from the efforts of optimistic citizens. Americans have always turned tragedy into wealth and opportunity; Always.

We should keep healing and building, with national pride and charity in our hearts. The media, the left and the criminals on the ground are only dangerous, expensive distractions. We need to expunge the mentality of government dependency and restore the mentality of self reliance and pride. All it takes is the right frame of mind, not the left.

Please donate your time, money or whatever you can, to Katrina victim relief:
Red Cross
Salvation Army
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a4g said...

You said it all, buddy. Brilliant.

Insolublog! F*** YEAH!

Insolublog said...

Thanks a4g. Somebody had to say it.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Great compilation and explanation.
An what a4g said!

Insolublog said...

Thanks CUG. Keep shopping at Wal-Mart.

HydroplaningCulture said...

But W (and probably Rove) were BRILLIANT today. W shows up and the aid starts flowing. W goes everywhere. W meets with mayor Nagin and quiets him up.

My admiration for W (and Rove) has gone up much higher because of the direct way he handled this!

Insolublog said...

Whenever the President appears, I have a nagging desire to see him act more aggressively toward critics. I have to remind myself this trait is probably effective, disarming leadership style.

Dr. Phat Tony said...

That would be awesome if Bush would just back hand a stupid critic and just say "no" after they made some crazy accusation. I would laugh uncontrolably