Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Party is Over

I am talking about the recent Lieberman defeat. It needed to happen.

Extremism exposes Hypocrisy

What happens when you let emotional hysteria rule your decision process? You begin to compromise your core moral principles for a single goal, instead of making your single goal the selling of your core moral principles. It is that simple.

That is what the liberals did to Joe Lieberman. Respect for race and culture, was always a stated principle of liberal philosophy. They black-faced Joe, using an insulting racial metaphor, intending the racially denigrating component of that metaphor. Chris Matthews, Jesse Jackson etc. spew unchallenged anti-Semitic bile with casual flair. It is all for the cause of securing the support of an unpalatable base. Shed one moral principle.

The liberals are supposed to be for fairness and free speech. They replace a person, who was a consistent, intelligent advocate of liberal philosophy, for his position on a single issue. The only mistake the man made was to stand by his decision, instead of flipping like a beached fish on hot political sand. Then they hacked into Joe Lieberman's web site, shutting it down. Shed another moral principle, maybe two.

WAL-MART is probably frequented by more of the Democrat constituency, than any other company. They replace Joe with a proven hypocrite, who bashed the evil big business of WAL-MART, while owning stock in the company, which he purchased first hand. There goes another core principle.

Lanny Davis, who has probably never listened to five continuous, unedited minutes of Limbaugh with his own ears, tries to attach the reprehensible behavior of his own comrades, to people on the conservative side. I am sure his opinions about conservatives, are routinely vended by that very same reprehensible constituency. Oh well. So much for intelligent analysis.

Now they are begging Joe to stay out of the race as an independent. They want him to bow out, for the good of the Democrat party.

Let's see.
  • They drug Joe at the Democrat party.
  • They haul him out of the party, into a back alley.
  • They beat him up.
  • They laugh at him.
  • They spit on him.
  • They take his wallet.
What a fun party! Now they are begging him not to call the police, because it might be bad for the party. The party is over. Run, Joe, run. Do it on your principles, not your party.

Polarity Breeds Decision
Why do we hate Washington? They are all the same crooks right?

Well this is the other gift. If the liberals push the far left and the conservatives push the far right, then the people will finally have a decision to make. The polarity will make those poles visible.

You cannot win a culture war, when your combatants are hopelessly blended into a large sea of indecisive mediocrity. There is a significant difference between these poles. Most conservative politicians sell their principles, and argue against liberal principles, hoping you will accept the result. Most liberal politicians, sell their hate of conservatives and conservatism as their principle product for sale, even at the expense of their principles.



Ssssteve said...

Well written Insol! Those guys remind me of a bunch of Coyotes. They will turn on each other as fast as anything!!

FIAR said...

#1 What's that Churchill quote? Something like, "You've made enemies. Good. That means you've stood for something.

#2 You're right about the polarization. I don't want moderates, and I don't want civility. I want politicians that go out there, say what they stand for, and mean it. I don't want to have to dig to figure out the difference between one candidate and another, as I would in order to differentiate between a moderate Republican and a moderate Democrat. I want to see them fight over their core values.

Insolublog said...

Ssssteve - Just like any mindless animal, foraging for its own selfish interest.

FIAR - One of my favorite Churchill quips. I want to see a fight myself, big strong and earth shattering. Tough times require strong positions.