Saturday, August 05, 2006

Warmest Regards

With every turn, they desperately re-tool the details of the Faberge veneer they have crafted over the shell of their fermented rotten egg.

If it's too cold, it's global warming. If it's too hot, it's global warming. If there are too many storms, it's global warming. If there are too few storms, well, the sudden change in the accuracy of the storm predictability must be due to global warming. Ugly Paris fashions? It must be global warming. Rage in the Arab street? Nope. That's a clever combination of George Bush, the Jews and global warming.

Back during the beginning of the season, you could see the spittle, forming at the corners of their mouths, as they insisted that last year's storm statistics were an Oracle, predicting our impending doom.

"Is this global warming? From now on will we see only active hurricane seasons? That's the big question," says Canadian weather guru Dave Phillips of Environment Canada.

While there is no scientific proof that the buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is breeding more hurricanes, Phillips says global warming could be contributing to the unusual power of the big storms, like last year's Katrina.

"We are seeing stronger hurricanes - almost a 100 per cent increase in category fours and fives," he says.

Then we saw the testimony of actual weather experts. You know; the type of people that really analyze numbers, without steeping them in green hallucinogenic tea beforehand. Boring. They came out and predicted that the storm patterns were part of a cyclical pattern.

These cycles, called the tropical multi-decadal signal, typically last several decades (20 to 30 years or even longer). As a result, the North Atlantic experiences alternating decades long (20 to 30 year periods or even longer) of above normal or below normal hurricane seasons.


Once again, simple, easy to understand, patiently collected data was ruining that perfectly timed political synergy of Hollywood, Democrat has-been hysteria, a statistical peak in the weather and the comfort of being a cool, hip, environmentally sensitive Paul Revere, saving the planet from the raging, category five, racist, neocon storm.

Didn't they get Al Gore's memo?

Didn't they see the temper tantrum thrown by Katrina, smashing and drowning the planet in aromatic hydrocarbons, tax cuts for the rich and volatile hostility towards the poor and infirmed?

Of course, The NOAA folks were razed by the warming climate.

We predict that this year's hurricane season will be more like last year's, or worse: 28 named storms, 15 of them hurricanes and four of them Category 5 hurricanes. We can make this prediction because we are not motivated by a political agenda as is the leadership of NOAA.

Their agenda is to cover up the growing scientific evidence that links global warming to more destructive and more frequent Category 4 and 5 storms.
Yes, the NOAA folks are driven by an evil agenda. I am sure it was orchestrated by the same caustic cabal of corporate globalist apparatchiks that brought the 9/11 towers down with government drones and blamed it on Muslim terrorists.
Yeah, that's the ticket. Then the NOAA team was criticized for being one-sided and closed-minded.

Last year NOAA put out misleading, one-sided information about the state of knowledge on the connection between global warming and increased hurricane intensity. That cannot be allowed to happen again this year. Climate Science Watch challenges the CCSP leadership to insist on credible government communications on this subject.
Yeah. We never see that behavior coming from the chicken little crowd, do we?

Just look at the state of knowledge at the college campus, or the public schools or Wikipedia or Cannes or the UN. It is a gleeful fascist state of knowledge, willing to listen to all sides, then obliterate the unfashionable. After all, any opinion unwilling to endorse the collective guilt of western civilization, is a Sophist weed, corrupting the pristine garden of liberal thought.

Well, watch out. Another unforgivable barbarian horde of university number crunchers have stormed over the intellectual waters of the restless Rubicon, to raise their swords and challenge the entrenched warming fuzzy wisdom, by downgrading the prophecy, as testified in Big Gay Al's book of Rovelations.

MIAMI, Aug 3 (Reuters) - A noted hurricane research team on Thursday reduced its forecast for the Atlantic hurricane season but said it would still be above average with 15 tropical storms, seven of which would become hurricanes.

In May, the Colorado State University team formed by pioneer forecaster William Gray had predicted the 2006 season would bring 17 storms and that nine would become hurricanes.

By not prostrating themselves to the will of the enlightened consensus, these guys risk wrathful summary judgment by the Earth mother, Gaia.

You mean, yet another group is keeping Al's memo at arm's length?

Gasp. To be sure, the season is not over, so the bet is hedged.

"What occurs in June and July has very little correlation with what occurs later in the season," he said. "I have a bell I ring on Aug. 20, because that is the real start of the active season. For the next 50 or 60 days up until about Oct. 20, that is the active season. "
One thing is for sure; It will be a stormy season. Stock up on candles, batteries and back issues of National Review. I predict a whopper moving in on or about the first tuesday in November.



a4g said...


Sounds OT, but bear with me:

There's no one more convinced of big-E Evolution than I. I've never once been even the slightest bit intrigued by the ID crowd, or the Creationist crowd, etc. I never saw a reason why science and religion should be in the same room, much less crowd each other.

But I just got through reading Godless, and what an entire lifetime of anti- evolution rhetoric was unable to do, Ann Coulter did in 3 chapters; got me to maybe think again about the "Law of Natural Selection."

She didn't do it with her watchmaker arguments, or the complexity of the cell. Bah. God of the Gaps. Rather, it was the thrust of the entire book which led inexorably to a verdict of guilt... by association.

The hysteria is the tell. The dogmatic, shrieking, drown- out- any- voice- that- isn't- part- of- the- chorus lockstep homogeny.

My ears prick up now-- the BS detector pegs its needle-- when I hear these "Oracles, predicting our impending doom", differing only from Heaven's Gate by the lack of a purple shroud and the courage of their convictions.

With every pronouncement, I doubt them more.

With every warm day, I listen to their shrill warnings less.

By trying to appeal to my basest fears, they have earned the scorn of my intellect.

Unmoored from the virtue of hardship, addicted to their leisure, and suckling at the teats of plenty, they gorge themselves on a banquet of their own indulgence. What is vomited out is the twisted digesta of their fear: that the feast may end.

"Global Warming" tells us nothing about the climate, but everything about the climatologist.

Insolublog said...

Thanks for that, a4g. I hear you brother.

I have not read Godless yet. I am still wading through a re-read of Thomas Sowell's 'Conflict of Visions'.

Two things happened during my brief link research for this post. I found Garret's review of 'A Simple Truth', which I found humorously inspiring. Next, I also saw the recent poll of American's actually buying into the absurdity of the Loose Change 9/11 conspiracy. That would be a pin hitting my bubble, if I actually conferred some appreciable sum of trust to polls.

Still, it had a deflating effect.

My ears, much like yours, pass most of the bleating dogma through the neurological filter responsible for attenuating the nagging rusty nail chalkboard screech of the liberal relative, spouse or junior Senator from NY. But that is you and me.

We are seeing the raw philisophical prime-movers of the radical left, exposed. It has been exposed by world shaping events and the fact that their power has not played a single note on this instrument of change, other than the occassional dischord.

Their media monopoly has been unceremoniously smashed and stripped from them. The raw tools of their craft are emotional criteria, like fear, unqualified sympathy, moral relativism and a belief that they are the sole arbiters of moral justice, in the affairs of human suffering.

But the emotion strips the rational reflecting mirror of introspection, from their hand, smashing it to shards on the vanity. Without a moral anchor, it is a shallow plastic drama, on a poorly constructed Hollywood set. If they cannot control the script writers, than they damn the entire engine of justice, unfolding beneath their eyes.

Look at what they are doing to Joe Lieberman. I disagree with the lion's share of the senator's political views. He does share one key attribute with president Bush. He has a solid moral foundation and the courage to anchor himself there. You have seen me roundly criticize the president in one post, then praise him in another. The president has his beliefs. He generally has the courage to stand by them. The current emotional base, on the left side of the aisle cannot countenance Joe Leiberman's stalwart position. They want the ever swinging wind sock, that they get from the John Kerrys and the Hillary Clintons of this world.

The banquet is an apt and timely observation. So much is learned by a taste of suffering, to put real punctuation on those necessary conflicts. We knew we were in WWII, because we had to ration gas, chocolate, steel and all of the things that flow from our Cornucopia. We are just too damn good at protecting it these days. So good, that we have bred the slothful arrogance of imperviousness. Rather than embracing that bounty and spreading the liberty that created it, they lay a guilt trip on all of us, blaming our success as undeserved hubris. Tell that to the Chinese and the Indians.

This global warming issue is just another emotional wind sock. I guess I still languish in my concern, over the number of people who will raise their sails to that wind, and pull a voting lever.

a4g said...

And liberals stink, too.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Given the preponderance of deep, insightful thought, impeccably executed research, and even serious, selfless and discerning introspection, and the fact that I am in agreement, I seemingly have a pronounced lack cogent thoughts to add to this discourse.

Except that global warming alarmists are totally gay.

Great post, Isol.
Your words are art.

And you ain't no slouch yourself, a4g.
BTW, I used to be an evolutionist myself; but no more...

Insolublog said...

a4g - How could I have left that out?

CUG - Except that global warming alarmists are totally gay.

An observation demonstrated by Al Gore at every opportunity.