Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Way to Bleedin'

There is nothing more satisfying, than saving a bunch of hippies from their own exploding space ship, just to have them insult you in your own house.

Naturally, we try to reach out. Of course this will be a fruitless exercise. The modern liberal is not interested in participating in solutions to difficult world problems. They are only interested in one goal. Wallowing in their own pessimistic failure, insisting that the worlds problems are the result of the greedy capitalist military complex.

To be sure, there are still powerful political operatives on the the left. The military continues to walk on eggshells, just because they are worried about the political backlash. They would love to shove the little creep into the brig, but you know... Daddy's got connections in D.C.

It is all about peace, love and brotherhood right? That's the Hollywood goal. As long as you agree with their philosophy, the party will be fun, civilized, cordial and musical. Everyone will sing, dance and redistribute the wealth of the universe.

But then there is that moody, somber university professor, who has managed to pollute his brain with years of thinking too hard, while languishing in guilt ridden self analysis. Only getting in touch with the primitives can cleanse him, or so he says. So he decides to reject everything in his world, and embrace the struggle of the terrorists.

The young left wing wildflower, ponders for a moment, knowing in his heart that he is about to participate in the murder of everyone on the good ship America.
In a brief moment of ideological intervention, by Professor Chomsky, he gets over his mild attack of conscience. He continues to twiddle the deadly knobs of political correctness. Not to be killed off easily, the conservatives will recover from this sabotage.

Unfortunately, an aggressive enemy does not easily suffer the will of fools. They can only watch them consume their own bowl of hemlock.

Even the bleeding intellectual insists on remaining blind to the facts of the situation. Why... Eden is right there! Why can't we all just follow the cleansing plan, and ignore the poison planet, trying to kill us at every turn? Maybe if we just ignore the problem, rush out and grab the fruit, we can continue to live in paradise.

Too bad it does not work that way. Incessantly bashing the people who are saving the world from terrorism, while leading them into enemy territory, will not turn your cyanide laced kool-aide into fine California wine.

It will still kill you.


RT said...


The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Well done, Insol!

And that was a great episode of Star Trek too.

"Headin' out to Eden
Yeah, brother"

Where do you get your screen captures, BTW?

Insolublog said...

Thanks, RT!

You too jimmyb. The screenshots were courtesy of an Alchemy television card, fitted to my Mac.

FIAR said...

Where do you come up with this stuff?

Outstanding as usual.

Peakah said...

superkool hippy chic post that was way far out brah...

Dr. Phat Tony said...

Your post has given me a wonderful idea that I would like to get funding for. Send a hippy to space, or the more appropriate title Launch a Loser, could be a wonderful way of saving both oxygen and keeping the cannabis plant from being smoked into extinction.

Anonymous said...

Why just one? Can't we launch them all into space?

Way cool, Insol.

Insolublog said...

FIAR – Usually a small bit of cold potato, or whatever else I was eating when Marley started to rattle his chains.

Peakah – How's it going Peak? It's good to hear from ya.

DPT – You could do an adopt a hippie from space signup campaign, hooked into paypal. Make sure you sign up at least a hundred people for every hippie, like the hippies do with starving children on TV.

Anon – We should launch as many as the market will bear.

Ssssteve said...

Hey, If I had ears like that, I might eat poisonous fruit too! HA!

Insol, another master piece!!

Insolublog said...

The size of the liberal ear, does not make them hear anyone better.