Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I want my Pie, and I want to eat it too

Update: Good stuff in the comments. Feel free to add.

Here is how many in the conservative base feel right now. They can smell the, juicy, nutritious, all-American hot apple pie, sitting on a window sill, somewhere on Capitol hill. But they cannot get to that slice of pie.

They are now barred, in their prison of conscience. Those bars are the hard steel of the Agriculture lobby, the Bankers and Real Estate lobby, the trial lawyers etc.

We can smell that Apple pie, but the actual menu available to us is limited. The prison wardens of the lobbies and the MSM have only given us two choices.

We can choose to dine on a nice slice of dead Jackass. This will sustain us for the brief moment of Mexican socialism, immediately proceeded by the loss of our war on terror, Islamic dhimmitude and decapitation in the prison yard.

We can choose to dine on a slice of dead Elephant. This will sustain us until we are completely immersed in Mexican socialism. The chant will go from 'jobs Americans won't do' to 'jobs no longer available to stupid suicidal gringos'. So, while we are in prison, we had better learn Spanish.

Here is our voting booth. Once again, We will need to hold our face over the ballot basin and regurgitate our stomachs to empty out the dead Elephant. We will then pull the handle, so at least we can sit in a cell that is not full of the stench of either dead beast.

It does not have to be this way.

Here is the Republican we want to see. A Republican that is alive and full of leadership charge. A Republican who will take that conservative leadership and those conservative principles, into his powerful Republican trunk, grasp the bars on our prison, and pull the entire cage assembly out of the Washington concrete. We need a person that will charge into battle and trample the opposition, then bring legal American citizens in, to sweep up the mess and fix the landscaping.

We need to bring a genuine war of ideologies to the voting booth. It is a war we will win, by the virtues of genuine truth, genuine justice and prosperity. I want a Republican who will let us walk out, and quench our hunger for a piece of that American pie.

All of the dead carcasses must be swept away. You must support this live, vital and strong Republican Elephant, in the election primaries, any way you can.



fmragtops said...

Dude, if I ever get elected to any national office, you are soooo writing my speeches.

Great analogy, and that picture of TR and the elephant is awesome.

FIAR said...

I agree entirely. Great again, Insol. The Republicans are suffering a great malady right now, and blind support for them because "the other side is even worse," will only lead to the death of the conservative cause in it's entirety.

a4g said...

Listen, I fundamentally agree with you, Insolublog.

We can all smell the elephant, and are beginning to wonder if what we thought was the usual flatulence is really putrescence.

But I wonder what Insolujournal would have said in 1906, as TR betrayed the base with his anti-capitalist rhetoric, business regulation, intervention in the coal strike of 1902, and entanglement in the Russian-Japanese conflict (and many others).

This is not to besmirch one of my favorite Presidents, but rather point out that perhaps the old wrinkly gray beast isn't quite as dead as she seems.

Insolublog said...

fm - Thanks, I would be honored.

FIAR - Blind support before we see how many incumbent liberal Republicans and Democrats can be replaced with conservative Republicans, would be the death of our conservative republic.

a4g - I do not think you are seeing it, the way I do. My Insolujournal would be in full support of TR. We had child textile mill wage slavery in 1902, before meaningful labor laws. There was no job safety. There was no food safety. There were no national parks. TR brought all those things to the American people. Most of all, he brought them national security, with naval power and the Panama canal.

We might not be suffering the bureaucratic abuse of liberal union lobbies today, if the monopolistic trusts of the time, recognized the need to treat their labor as their greatest capital asset. Those solons were what are known today, as the 'country club Republicans'.

TR was for the American people and the American nation first, above all things. Today's conservative Republican party, are the Bull moose of TR's time.

If my American family were poisoned by bacteria infested meat, I would demand regulation of food safety. If my American children were forced to work sixteen hour shifts, with no education and hope, I would demand labor laws. If a company was strip mining, next to my property and my family's drinking water was being polluted, I would demand action.

The dead and festering beasts of Washington, which do NOT represent ALL of them, have detached themselves from the American people; specifically the hard working taxpaying people, who want fiscal responsibility and domestic security.

I see the same push to support an underclass of invading wage slaves in this country, in this ridiculous TGWP. It is the same country club mentality of TR's time. I do not want American children to live through the civil strife of a French style democracy; where an increasingly violent and restless underclass, pressures nervous elites into pandering political action. Massachusetts is turning into France. It is not good for the Mexicans either; it only delays the necessary reformation of their nation.

TR broke the negative, destructive capitalist trend. He restored positive American competitive capitalist spirit, and the health of average American people. He broke that suicidal trend, with a single dynamic presidency. He was the charging Elephant, trampling the injustice of his time.

Washington is not the entire grey beast. This is why I emphasize the primary process. Moderates do not represent strength. They do not broadcast strength. They broadcast weakness, indecision, capitulation and a poor legislative product.

That is what my 1906 journal would say. I can stay in the Republican party and demand beneficial reform. That is the message I am presenting.

I think we do fundamentally agree. I am just more of a purist, while you lean towards strategy. Both elements are valuable.

Insolublog said...

One more thing a4g.

I do recognize that TR was a stealth candidate. He fooled the powers of the caucuses of his time.

I am torn by the idea that me might be lucky enough to get another stealth candidate. My main concern is that the current state of the union, saturated with information technology and its intense microscopic capability, is strong enough to preclude this possibility.

If TR had not come along, the U.S. might have backlashed into communism. Instead of accelerating to world super-power status, we might have slumped into oppression.

I consider the Democratic party of today, A threat of this type. They want that huge entitlement victim-voter base, fixed on big government. They have institutionalized the victim mentality into a power tool.

I do not take losing at the polls lightly. But I struggle with a variable that is not black and white. How much hair does a person need to lose, before you call him bald? The answer is quite subjective. How much of the American liberty minded nature of our political party must be compromised, before we declare both parties hopeless losers?

When the primaries are over, I will jump in for the big win. Until then, I wan't my pie. I would be glad to post our discussion and talk about it.

a4g said...

Hey, I tread a delicate line criticizing TR. I acknowledge that there's a reason he's on Rushmore that many have forgotten-- and most simply don't know.


I think it's easy to look back in horror at the contemporary abuses in 1906 without appreciating them in the context of their time.

And compared to the fat luxury we live in now, they were indeed hard times. I don't want kids working in factories for 14 hours a day-- but thirty years earlier they were working on farms just as hard.

How much of the change that came about in working conditions was from force-fed government policy, and how much from the natural transition from agricultural poverty to industrial wealth?

If government involvement today screws everything up-- and it almost always does-- what was so magical about goverment involvement then?

With a media that called the businessmen that built the American Empire "robber barons" and depicted them as vampires, baby eaters, and worse-- are you so sure that the Insolujournal of old would not have resisted calls to emotionalism and pity on the "underclass willing to do the work most Americans don't want to do", and demanded a more pure, more principled Republican party with the discipline to hold fast and wait for capitalism to self-correct?

Oh great, you've made me come out in favor of child labor and filthy food handling. Thanks a lot, Insolu.

a4g said...

Oh, and as to your second point-- aaron posted a comment over at MyVRWC that I suspect sums things up for a lot of the 'Republican revolt' contingent.

Short version: It's all about tactics: bitching is good.

Yeah, I get it.

It's just I got so damn many kids to worry about and the Dems scare the crap out of me.

Insolublog said...

First of all, I don't give a flying ball of excrement, about any poll taken by CNN. These are the guys who toned down their reporting, so they wouldn't lose access to the Saddam regime. They also moderated their reporting in Iran recently, for the same reason. They gave us the wonderful Peter Arnett. Their pro-illegal spin and their media constituency means nothing to me. I like the Rasmussen poll better, which, at least, resembles something scientific.

The concept of Mexican socialism, taking over this country, in three decades, scares me more than anything. Republicans like Hagel and Bush are trying to make that happen. They want to push it through right now, as fast as they can, to lessen the impact in November. If that happens, it will be all over.

If it were not for the 'FAKE' base bitching, the amnesty program would be flying through the House, right now, like crap through a goose. That is what the liberals want. I hope they do not get it.

How I came out putting you in favor of child labor and filthy food handling is a stretch. Maybe we should enumerate all of the reasons that TR's face is on Mount Rushmore. We can then pluck out the one's that are offensive to self-correcting capitalism and see what is left.
I have never been a fan of bureaucracy, but standards are an important, but necessary role for government. Would everybody feel comfortable, completely abolishing the USDA, OSHA, the FAA etc?

I would curtail much of the vast bureaucratic pork in these institutions, but I would not feel comfortable without a set of minimum safety standards and the enforcement behind them. I have flown chicken crate airlines, over in Asia, where capitalism has not yet self-corrected. I suppose when the planes and their passengers start plummeting to earth, they will get... what? ... standards and enforcement. I don't want to be one of those test cases, factoring into a correction equation.

As an example, I think we need a tough standard for education. I would abolish the entire educational system, then challenge private institutions to compete on meeting the tough standard, based on minimum set of necessary skills. Without it, those private institutions might optimize their product on price instead of quality. It will produce a generation of idiots, worse than the current system, before they get corrective religion. With a standard, we get both.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

What if the elephant in one's state is really a rino?

Insolublog said...

CUG - Easy. If there is an elephant, challenging him on the field, root for the Elephant. Otherwise, you vote RINO.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Already did that.
The Rino won by a mile, sadly.

However, the underdog for governor did win, and he is (so far) conservative.

But isn't voting for the lesser of two evils still voting for evil?

Insolublog said...

CUG - I'm glad you got a partial victory. When you have the lesser of two evils, you can only choose the first derivative. (- being good)

I just do not want the Hagels and McCains to feel comfortable in their seats, passing any concensus garbage they want, to grab some votes from across the aisle, because we have openly announced our unwaivering commitment to them. If they feel they might be challenged, by more conservative opposition, they might behave like a majority party, in control of the government. I don't care about the MSM. The liberals are for open borders, lax national security, gay marriage, etc.

They are losers! They are going to lose.

a4g said...

Aaack! Humblest apologies, Insolublog!

I was so focused on the content of the comment I was referencing that I didn't read back over the post above it. I did not mean to attack your character, Insolu.

I certainly do not consider you to be a fake-- far from it. Your position, as you correctly identify, is the one of purity. Mine-- of cynicism. (My word; you, as gracious host, called me strategic.)

Rather, I thought aaron's observation that putting feet to the fire over real issues that have real consquences-- but not actually sinking the ship in November-- was a good reminder to those like me that strategize too much.

Now, that having been said, I'm going to think of some more ways to challenge your argument.

('Cause you know I like reading your answers.)

Insolublog said...

I welcome your debating skills a4g.

No apologies are necessary. I might have improperly skimmed over some of your commentary, as well.

The most interesting posts in this blog, contain rational debate over the issues that stir us.

(I remember the Harriet Miers nomination)