Wednesday, May 24, 2006

That's McCain, spelled with a D

“I have never seen Democrats flock to a Republican candidate like they did to McCain,” said Guy Molinari, the former Staten Island Borough President who split with the state party to chair Mr. McCain’s New York campaign in 2000. “I think he’ll do very well in New York.” (link)
That makes him such a big winner over in red country. Have fun doing well in NY, Senator quisling.

He cautioned against ghettoizing immigrants, which he noted has brought about disastrous results in France, and criticized elements in his own party as “nativist” before lambasting the punditry of Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs and Michael Savage for helping to “fuel the problem,” according to two of the sources.

So, while you forge ahead, to ghettoize illegal invaders, through a vast new welfare state, turning America into France, just keep bashing the people, who are calling for rule of law. If you were not cutting our throats too, Senator, we wouldn't bother to pull the knife from your hand.


a4g said...

Do well in New York?

Good luck with that, McCain. There's a brutal 6 weeks of repeatedly having your ass kicked between Iowa and the first Tuesday in March.

You MIGHT have a AZ win in there, but I wouldn't hold your breath. Especially when you find out the media that "has your back" is suddenly having its way with your back.

Enjoy the ride, McCandidate.

SK said...

He'll get votes from the transplanted Dems in AZ. Repubs here don't feel like they have a choice in voting as it's usually either him or someone as nuts as Howard Dean. What to do? And that is exactly what he's counting on. I personally will not vote for him no matter who else is running.

Ssssteve said...

I don't think he could get the Repub. nomination. But what scares me is when he doesn't get it and tries to run as an independent!

Insolublog said...

a4g - Yes sir. It is going to be a wonderful reality show. Maybe we can call it Mr. Smith leaves Washington.

sk - That might get him on the ballot in AZ. The dems will have to write him in on the primary. Good luck getting any of them to lift a finger.

ssssteve - I would love to see Senator quisling run as an independent; providing the Republican challenger is fitted with a large pair of testicles. It would be Perot in reverse. Sen Quisling would steal the moderate moonbat vote away from the Democrat, while Americans who want to preserve the country vote Republican.

That top blockquote is entirely accurate. The guy is a Demagnet.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Demagnet, indeed.
And he gets worse the older he gets.
Must be all the kudos he gets from the press going to his head...

Insolublog said...

The guy is either totally ignorant or a total sellout. Either way, he is a write off.