Saturday, May 06, 2006

Lost in Disgrace

First, there is the Washington Democrat. He is a pseudo-intellectual bureaucrat, with a doctorate from a liberal university. He spends all his time complaining about his sore back and explaining why he can't pull his own weight. He constantly hides behind rhetoric, designed to frame himself in the role of the victim.

He walks around, openly vocalizing his plight and plotting with foreign powers, to take anything and everything that enriches him or increases his power. When he caught in a lie, he finds every excuse to blame another. When he is put in a position of authority and makes a decision, it is usually reckless, poorly thought out policy, causing more damage than good. He is always tinkering with the programming of the Constitution, trying to force it to suit his purpose.

When he feels threatened, by the failure of his own social policies, or by being caught in a scandalous act, he hides behind the nearest child.

Here is the Washington moderate Republican. He is morally sound, pragmatic and intelligent. He is way too tolerant of the Democrat's behavior. The result is a continuous stream of near fatal misses. He keeps on risking the family's survival, by spending scarce and crucial resources to save the Democrat. He tries to tell the family that this is compassionate conservative behavior, owing to the moral high ground.

Then we have the Washington conservative. He is a gun toting military man. He knows in his heart what is right and true. However, out of loyalty and respect for the RINO leadership, he is always falling precipitously short of delivering the savage political beating the Democrat so richly deserves.

Of course, the moment the Republicans fall into a sinking pit of political cosmic dust, the Democrat immediately leaves them to fend for themselves, wandering off to look for more selfish booty. That's what they get for trying to engage in concensus politics.

Then there is the Constitution. It was constructed by human geniuses. Since it is not a human being, it cannot be motivated by it's own internal selfish ambitions and prejudices. Every time it warns of impending danger to the family, it is insulted by the Democrat and sometimes ignored by the others. When the danger actually arrives, the Democrat runs to it for protection. When it relies on its original, uncorrupted programming, it is always right.

You can always rely on an appearance by Sen. Schumer, demanding another entitlement program.

As long as the conditions remain unchanged, in the hostile alien world of Washington D.C., where the laws of the physical world are ignored, the pioneer families of the United States will continue to remain lost in disgrace.


HydroplaningCulture said...

Oh, man. You score!

fmragtops said...

Danger, Americans! Danger! Danger!

a4g said...


But, Insolublog, they are not lost in disgrace. Neither John Robinson or even Don West can pull the trigger on Dr. Smith-- not because they would "become like him," but because it is not in their nature.

Good characters-- even the deeply flawed ones-- will never definitively triumph over sniveling villains except in the final episode. And in network TV, it is not the mere players who decide this, but a much higher authority.

That's why, despite each week's narrow victory, the same formula will play out again and again, a brand new planet with rock formations that to the viewer look strangely... recycled. The show's Creators have set it up this way for a reason.

No matter how much we wish they'd finally give Dr. Smith what was coming to him, Robinson and West are not there to win the battle at any cost, but to fight it with honor.

And there's no disgrace in that.

Insolublog said...

Hydro - Thanks man.

fm - Will the robot still be ignored? Probably.


I would agree that shows like 'Leave it to Beaver' and 'Lost in Space' represent a moral goal. I would also posit that these shows were good for kids, for that very reason; Not because they represent reality, but because they represent an apex model of social independence, responsibility and character. People, who say that those characters do not represent real life, miss the point entirely. The nuclear family model is a good thing. It is an ideal model, that does not represent any real family, but it is still a good thing.

Much of the modern television fare, display the dysfunctional, flawed realities, which appeal to people for an entirely different reason. Suffering and misery love company, and comedy can always be found in misery, prejudice and imperfection. Start with 'All in the Family' and move up to shows like 'Roseanne'. They are not models. They are the real thing, to which we can all sympathize.

I think kids should be oriented, through models first. Without a compass, how can you appreciate the flawed realities and strive to fix the bad things?

That being said, my Lost in Space metaphor put the real feeling everybody felt about the Dr. Smith character into a political perspective. We all felt that way, probably because none of us can really be the John Robinson or the Major West.

A real Major West character might have restrained himself from lasering Dr. Smith, or ejecting him from an airlock, but he sure would have given him a midnight soap and towel party, the first time he was caught wasting water rations, or trading crucial equipment for selfish gain. But then the kids would not have been so entertained by the good and evil nature of character contrast you speak of.

Characters with the model purity of the Don West or the John Robinson simply cannot survive the political reality hardball of Washington. Perhaps you are right in that there is no disgrace in that goal, but the situation, in totality, where nothing can progress, seems disgracefully dysfunctional.

Ssssteve said...

Niiiiiiice!! Loved it Insol!!

a4g said...

The fun thing about a conversation with you, Insolublog, is that your responses continually surprise me. That is a very rare commodity in the usually predictable fare of discourse. (And not one which I'm claiming to possess.)

While I was attempting to extend your Lost In Space analogy to argue that the conservative cause is intimately tied to an eternal holiness more important than the day to day of politics, your soap + towel (just add moonbat) point is well taken. A bit of reality is not a bad thing to inject into a debate, especially for creatures living in a tragically real world.

As a (strategic) Bootlicker of the Republican Party®, I can still appreciate your Pure Conservatism-- just so long as you don't go Perot on me, and promise to come around in November so we can stand side by side to whump the Dems.

Insolublog said...

Ssssteve - I'm glad you enjoyed it.


I hope it was a good surprise, rare as it was ;)

It looks like we are in agreement, from slightly skewed directions. Whereas I didn't use the term holiness, I state, without reservation, that I absolutely believe that high goal posts for moral models are more important than day to day politics. Maybe we should redefine the soap and towel, as the moonbat-bat.

I will also say, with metaphysical certitude (h.t. John McLaughlin) that I will never, ever pull a Perot at the voting booth. My mission in life, is to help increase the conservative density of the universe and ignite the Republican activism of the Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan Presidencies. I want the contract with America revitalized. Facilitating victory for communist hippies, is not in the Insolublog plan.

We will stand side by side and kick their a$$es in November.

fmragtops said...

Why do you always have talk so damn smart, and make me think and stuff?

FIAR said...

FM, Think? What's that. I look to Insolumaster to tell me what to think.

Insolublog said...

Sheesh, guys. I'm blushing here ;)

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Brilliant, just like a4g said.

I'm all for kicking ass in November, but is there going to be a conservative running in either party?

I don't think I can vote for McCain or Guilianni...

Insolublog said...

Thanks JimmyB. If it is McCain or Guilliani versus Hillary Clinton, I will pull that lever for the Republican every day and twice on Tuesday.

It has to be hard core gladiator hero conservative for the primary battle and the final Republican nominee for the general election, even if he's Democrat lite.

If Hillary becomes president, you can really say goodbye to those civil liberties.