Friday, May 19, 2006

A Simple Trampling Itinerary

Update: Good stuff in the comments. Feel free to add.

Get on the Right Side

Blame the conservative base if you want. We like that anyway. Strength and consistency is something most cultures respect. When the Democrats complain about the conservative base, that is a badge of honor. It is a badge to be flaunted, not feared. It is a flag to waive proudly, like the American flag.

These untethered, unprincipled poll sniffing pols, have put themselves in so many hypocritical situations by constantly reshaping their non-existent, anti-establishment platform, that they have turned themselves into an ideological joke. They are a pathetic porrige of undisciplined conflict.

The Senate Republicans are following them, into the pit! Do what is right. Lay the blame on us. We will gladly accept it.

The MSM and the liberals have thrown the entire kitchen sink of rhetoric, passive aggressive media shots, celebrity tantrums etc. at you. You still won those elections. You won them on conservative principles of tax-cuts, marriage, etc.

When they accuse you of pandering to us, ask yourself a question. What is another drop of liberal whine, in an ocean of liberal whine, which is now turning to vinegar?

It is nothing.

Steal their Voting Base

It's simple. The Democrats have used Mediscare and entitlement fear to shackle their base for years. It doesn't matter that we have never taken those benefits away. It does not matter that the economic boom of tax-reduction is actually beginning to swell the tax coffers. Use their own big stick to beat them up. Sun Tsu would be proud.

The illegals already have that entitlement mentality. The liberals have already installed it, into their brains. When they are given political power, job security and citizenship, they will demand those liberal entitlements. The wage slave handlers, will then wander off, shopping for new illegal slaves, leaving behind an enormous new welfare state, pandered to by the Democrats.

Tell the current voting Democrat base of elderly Democrats and minority welfare recipients, that the Democrats want to give their entitlement money away to illegal criminal invaders. Tell them that all of the Democrats and the Rino Republicans want to steal their jobs. Tell them that the tax increase to support the illegals, will destroy the economy. All of their drugs, heat and emergency room money will dry up.

They will finally get the truth for a change. Push the point hard and all the way into those poor homes. Tell those people, that the Democrats have used them for political cannon fodder.

Tell them the Democrats see greener pastures now and are now abandoning them, like a discarded dish rag. Tell them those liberals are not looking back.

Replace the Democrat lie, with the ugly truth.

Hit the Home Run

Tell them conservative means conservation. It means the conservancy of America, for them and their children. Then you have the base, all of the Republicans and a large chunk of concerned American voting citizens adding all their voices to solid, conservative Republican Victories at the polls.

Truth, security and national pride are always a recipe for success in America.

It can be done, with courage and conviction!



fmragtops said...

Now, how do we get someone to champion this message?

Insolublog said...

Grass roots, fm. Grassroots. Just spread it around. We live in a wonderful technology age, where the small blades of grass, in numbers, can make big cracks in stubborn asphalt.

Ssssteve said...

fmragtops, I wonder too!

"Truth, security and national pride are always a recipe for success in America."

Wow, a politician telling the truth.... I wish!! your right though, I would take courage!!!

Ssssteve said...

Insol, the ASSphalt already has big CRACKS in it!! Ha!!

Insolublog said...

Damn. I should have spotted that one! Err. Uhm. I meant that metaphor. Yeah ;)

a4g said...

Using the scare tactics of the left feels dirty to the average conservative, because we associate it with the lies of the left. But fear is undeniably effective-- and there are real monsters that should be feared. Saying these facts out loud should not stop us just because the effect is the same as the Dem lies.

One conservative who uses the methods of the left is Hannity-- and he pays the price by being called a lightweight-- usually by fellow conservatives (yes, myself included).

Pick two or three themes like they were sledgehammers, and then start pounding away. Over and over and over again.

The technique works. His show is the first place I heard the "liberals are the real racists" meme, which has spread quite nicely and is proving an effective weapon. It may not actually win any arguments, but it has brought equal weaponry to the battlefield, and at the end there is nothing left but scorched earth...

Luckily for conservatives, scorched earth is where the new shoots grow. And we hold all the seeds.

(And a big dump of elephant dung don't hurt either.)

FIAR said...

"Using the scare tactics of the left feels dirty to the average conservative"

And it's just as transparent to the average conservative as well. I can see right through the current demagoguery of the Right, that the world will end if we don't blindly support all Republicans, no caveats.

Thanks for admitting that's all it is, a4g.

Insolublog said...

I would emphasize that it's a scare tactic, when it's a lie. The Dems have proven, by historical example, that their scare mongering is just a dirty tactic.

When it is a genuine, truthful threat, it is more like Paul Revere, charging with the lamp.

Hannity always whines about how the left is engaging in the politics of personal destruction, mean-spirited blah, blah, blah. It grates on my nerves. I call him a lightweight, because the material he pulls out of his toolbox is, frankly, light on substance and analysis.

Sigh. We know the enemy. Tell us something we can use, Sean. Playing the victim, sounds sort of liberalesque.

One of the great things about hard core Heritage and Rush style conservatives, is they have an enemy, constantly smashing them in the press. As a result, they have built a serious toolbox and a callous to boot. The ridiculous and mindless Dean sound bites and Jackson race baiting just falls away. The libs have grown fat and stupid, on the luxuries of MSM concensus and public sector intellectual hermits.

Repetition is very effective. It is most effective, when you have the truth embedded in the refrain, for your political lyrics.

A lie, told often enough, is passed off as fact, until a mountain of accumulated garbage, posturing, cosmetic repairs, hypocritical rhetoric and aloof snobbery just bring it all crashing down on top of the liar.

The Dems have cried wolf so many times, the wavering public has started to move elsewhere.

Who is left? (Pardon the pun)

The hard left base and the poor, uninformed people who actually believe that scare crap, every time. Leveraging that psychology, to communicate a genuine threat, based on real analysis of the political demographics, seems morally plausible.

So, let's put on the farmer's hat and start planting!

fmragtops said...

I have always been one that believes fear is our friend. Like you said insol, there are real threats out there worthy of fear. The downward spiral of our country into socialsim, or worse, communism. The destruction of our culture from within (The non-assimilating illegal invaders, moral relativism, and the marginalization of the family) and from without (pressure from the EU and UN to be more like them, the rise of marxism in Latin America, and of course, the islamofascits).

People need to be afraid of these things. It was barbarians much like the islamofascists that cracked the outer shell of the mighty Roman Empire while the chewy nuget center melted because of the conquered civilizations made part of the empire that were not interested in perserving the empire.

Well, my next (future) presidential address to the nation will help spread this message. Maybe it'll catch on while I'm receiving all that glorious CoC traffic. Looky there! I made one of them long posts!

fmragtops said...

One more thing, when I get all presidential again, can I borrow your nifty image with TR and the elephant?

a4g said...

Actually, Fitch, the point is that it only feels like scare tactics. Our knee-jerk reaction is to recoil from anything that sounds like the sewer that is the left wing.

But Insolu's call to arms is that we engage the rough fight, because there are real things to be afraid of.

Listen, we all want the same thing, and it's sure as hell not "The Frist Plan".

All the rest of this stuff is just about tactics.

Insolublog said...

If the Republicans pass amnesty, in any form, it may be a mortal blow to the conscience of the nation. They may receive victory in the polls, because of the two evils principle. However, it will be a victory that will make King Pyrrhus look like Hannibal. It will not be a long march of years, before conservatism goes extinct.

If we start electing Hugo Chavez and Vincente Fox politicians in America, rational constitutional argument will be destroyed. The current, criminal political structure is already ignoring the constitution, in all things adjudicated, legislated and enforced.

American is still a very young nation.

If we don't stop the bleeding of our rule of law, the bleeding of our nation borders and the bleeding of our cultural history, we will collapse. When socialists, like the lying Hillary Clinton, regain political power, free speech will be labeled hate speech and it will be banished. There are teachers in public schools and universities, advocating this right now. That is not an fantastic supposition. All you need is a generation, ignorant of the constitution and addicted to entitlement. This is a defining issue. I would not be endlessly blogging about it, if I did not think it was crucial.

I heard Senator McCain accuse us of treating the invaders like we treated the Irish immigrants of yore. This despicable quisling, is pouring the same venomous propaganda, generated by the liberals, onto people in his own party.

We are struggling hard, against an enormous MSM tide, to prevent propagandists from squashing the distinction between legal and illegal, and these (expletive deleted) RINOs are pulling our sandbags away.

This issue is a call to arms, a4g. I know we all want the same thing.

The thing that angers me the most, is being put into a position of having to strategically save a party that has squandered many years of efficient execution of political power. Whenever real, solid ideological decisions are necessary, the base comes out and starts exerting their displeasure. Then the solons wrench TR's big stick out of the hands of the minority party, and beat out some ingratiating compromise. Then they hand the stick back to the minority party and the bully press, who resume the process of sodomizing the majority party, with it. The only thing we can do is force their hand.

Feel free to use the image fm. I guess I have to credit Google for the original sources.

fmragtops said...

Well, it's been used. I hope I did you and TR proud.

FIAR said...

the point is that it only feels like scare tactics.

No. That is all it is. Perhaps you believe it. Maybe you feel every bit of the fear yourself, and you probably think it's well justified. I don't.

There's not much difference between the Rs and the Ds. Take Arlen Specter. THe fear that a Dem might win kept a real conservative from beating him in the Primary, because it was feared that Toomey couldn't win in November.

So, instead, Specter keeps his seat. Yay for the Republican Party. Let's take a look at his rhetoric, his agenda, and most importantly, his voting record.

I can't tell. Did the Democrat win? It's exactly the same. The only difference that we would have if Wofford (D) had won in November is that he would have a "D" next to his name.

Big... Whoop.

So, I refuse to support anyone who is not conservative. Party affiliation is irrelavent. It means NOTHING. The difference between a RINO and a Democrat is the letter next to their name, ergo, Republican in name only.

So why would you support them?

Insolublog said...

Good points, FIAR.

The only strategic value in the RINO is the fact that the majority party sets the agenda and the committee chairs. If that power is lost, then the conservatives lose any control they might have.

Those chairs and that schedule control is vital.

I would agree that if a RINO is in a unstable position and they can be confidently destroyed by a competitor, it should be done without remorse.

I cannot think of a better, more pungent issue, than this one, to stir the provincials from their slumber. They need only be given the trampling itinerary.

FIAR said...

Yes, it's a difference in tactics.

I'd like someone who actually represents my beliefs. The Republicans don't.

I'd like someone who actually upholds the Constitution. The Republicans won't.

My tactic is not to reward people who don't represent my beleifs, and won't uphold the Constitution.

Your tactic is to keep the Democrats out of power, but to do so by keeping or putting in place people who behave no differently than the Democrats serves no useful purpose.

You have kids, right? I don't know, and if you do, I don't know what ages they are. Let's say you have a teenage kid, who begins to push the limits a bit. Do you let it go? His grades are slipping, but at least he's not doing drugs like the neighbor boy. She stays out past curfew, but at least she's not having sex like the girl down the street.

How far do you let it go before they are like the neigbor boy, and the girl down the street?

When do you say enough is enough? "You are to be home when I say you are to be home. You are to put your schoolwork first."

How long do you rationalize that at least they aren't as bad as they could be?

FIAR said...

Heh. I was ranting more when you posted a reponse, Insol.

Insolublog said...

I'd like someone who actually represents my beliefs. The Republicans don't.

Suggest a strategy to achieve this. I think you, a4g and I would be enamored by a party that respected our core beliefs. That ideal has not been realized. As a reader of my stuff, you know I am no fan of the current liberal domestic policy, being smeared in our faces by both parties.

Your teenager analogy is very poignant, and I feel for you, brother. But your kids are like ships of state, with a wind direction you hope you can shape to their greatest benefit, but the storms of culture and peer pressure and the realities of their independent experiences will prod them into directions and ports of call, you might not like.

The Republican ship of state is like that. We must increase that pressure and the winds of our storm back on that ship, to guide it back to the port of our core beliefs. The Democrat ship is sinking. It cannot be saved. There are no other ships, being built in the shipyard.

I would love to punish that ship, by denying any wind for its sails, but then it would begin to sink. If that happens the unprincipled public will be left with a decision. Do we save the sinking red ship, or the blue ship?

Insolublog said...

Heh. I was ranting more when you posted a reponse, Insol.

So was I! ;)

FIAR said...

Suggest a strategy. I say stop buying the fear of Democrats, and form our own Bull Moose party. Don't save either ship. Climb aboard the rescue vessel that's right in front of our eyes, but we ignore it out of fear that the blue ship won't actually sink.

Insolublog said...

I have no fear of the Democrats. That is why I am advocating the use of conservative principles. It is in the post.

The great TR, with all his charisma, was unable to rally the third Moose into power. But that was then.

I believe we can transform the Republican party, with genuine pressure. They need a not-so-gentle reminder.

When the Republicans did not have their power, we wrested the government from the Democrats. They have been rankled ever since. That has to count for something.

Bitch-slapping the RINOs is a closer goal post, than establishing a new party. Yes it is tactical. It is also practical.

Besides, there are genuine congressmen, on the right side of the invader issue, in congress. They are pretty much exclusively Republican. Tom Tancredo, JD Hayworth etc.

Convince me we can succeed with a new party.

I will listen to anything. Look at the fragmented minority governments and their lack of success in places like Canada etc.

Believe me, if there was a real alternative...

SeanS said...


The words that you, FIAR, fmragtops, and others have posted here are the words that those in Washington should be listening to. We are the voters. We want that which is good for our nation. Our demands are simple.

The question remains: Is anyone listening?

It seems like they are not. The border issue has not been resolved. Spending is still out of control. How do we go about getting our elected leaders to listen?

Insolublog said...

SeanS -

I am afraid the only thing we have is the threat of replacement. This is why I cannot put both my feet entirely in the victorious Republican tactical camp, or the pure conservative, throw-the-bums out camp. We cannot burn down the ship, without a new ship. We just have to try and kill all the rats, eating our rations.

This morning I was helping my neighbor build a new shed. He is not a real political type, but he and his wife both vote. He brought up this issue of illegal immigration, and his anger about it.
I did not even have to speak a word.

We then talked about it, in the same framework, we are discussing here. That is a very encouraging sign. This issue is beginning to imbue the general public with rage.

What else can we do, than spread it around the water cooler, our blogs, our e-mails and phone calls? Relentless attrition is our only weapon. It has worked in the past.

If this dire issue of national identity does not convince people, of the folly of career and concensus politics, I do not know what will.