Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Bureaucratic Slopthink

This may be generalizing, but I find the most common contemporary liberal mind-set is sloppy with the facts, loose with analysis, driven by emotion and corrupted by the aliasing of groupthink. They accuse others of the very thing they are guilty of to a fault; Thinking which is built upon junk science and hasty, shallow conclusions. Many contemporary liberals are not classical liberals. They are functional Marxists.

I blame the self-congratulatory back slapping attitudes of the public education pundits and college intellectuals. None of these people live in a universe of reality and consequences. They do not understand the concept of finite resources. They do not engage in true (not artificial) competition for those resources and the requisite demands for excellence and performance. They have spent their entire lives in a PC world of nebulous ethical apology and the dismissal of individual achievement. They play endless academic games erecting barriers to personal progress and opening sewer pipes for flattery and administrative graft.

The law of diminishing returns does not exist for them and their ilk. The public teat is a never ending cornucopia. The concepts of good and evil do not exist. Somehow, they have this pervasive vision of a fictitious miracle bureaucracy, which will be capable of regulating and controlling everybody's life and financial security, by making life fair through the re-distribution of wealth. There is this mystical omniscient bureaucratic collective, which will be magically impervious to the corruption and inefficiency that has plagued every such creature, since the dawn of civilization.

It's not possible. It never has been. It doesn't exist anywhere now. It is impossible to construct, by all the metaphysical laws of human biology.

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